Tuesday, February 22, 2011

JACKPOT! The sd card arrived in the mail today!

I am going to start with the pictures of Dallin and Kyle. Kyle is a good friend from home, he is going to the Bogota Columbia mission! Dallin was blessed to not only be a host the day Kyle came to the MTC but he actually got to be the one to welcome Kyle to the MTC. You can go HERE to see pics of that day!!!

Here is a picture of Elder Deaton and Elder Bergquist standing in front of the Provo Temple

In the hall way at the MTC...

I wish I knew what this was about... I have a feeling but... not sure...

Deaton, Tullis, and Bergquist

Silly Boys!

Moreno Vally boys! Elder Sal Gonzalez, Elder Dallin Bergquist, Elder Kyle Deaton!

Elder Bergquist and Elder Gonzalez

SO glad that Santa made it to the MTC! (Santa is Elder Dillon Pierson)

The laundry room, its hard to tell but there on the long tables between the pillars are computers, this is on Pday (preparation day) where they do their laundry, study and email their moms!♥

Elder Rudolphi (Dallin's companion in the MTC) and Elder Bergquist

Dallin's district: Elder Rudolphi, Elder Bergquist, Sister Roy, Sister Taylor, and Sister Enszer.

Elder Bergquist and Elder Snyder

A group of GQ Elders °Ü°
Rudolphi, Bergquist, Pierson, Snyder, and Walker

A beautiful picture of the Provo temple!

Elder Rudolphi, Elder Snyder and Elder Berquist

Rudolphi, Snyder, Bergquist, and Walker

Not the best pic but these 2 are the ONLY pictures he got by the big map! :(

Berguist and Rudolphi... both headed to Brasil (eventually! ...when the visas come!) Both to different missions...

Elder Tullis and Elder Berguist

Johnston and Bergquist

Tullis, Bergquist, and Johnston

Their district... Sis. Taylor, Sis Roy, Sis Enszer, Elder Rudolphi, Elder Bergquist

Comp's in class...

haha, look at his teachers expression in the background!

One of Dallin's teachers

The district and the teachers

Purple shirts... Go Lakers!

oh my goodness...

Saying good-bye to some of his newly made friends...

Getting on the bus to the airport...

In Montana! Elder Trujillo, Dallin's trainer!

Their apartment (a garage) Beds on one side and a "kitchen" on the other!

The kitchen side of the garage, haha...

And, check out the heaters! BBBBRRRRR....

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  1. We are friends of Elder Trujillo's from El Paso and we LOVE him! So glad to see him! We are preparing our oldest son, he is a senior and we are in that last year of prep before he leaves us. I appreciate your blog! I am also the seminary teacher, so I am sharing it with my class and my soon to be missionaries! You have a beautiful family! and THANK YOU, if you and Elder Berquist don't mind, I'd like to have my class peek in on your missionary every now and then!