Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2/7/11 i LIVE in a GARAGE

hey fam!! and everyone else! how are you! i'm here in the billings mission finally, and yes i do still have a timer haha its 45 minutes now though!! movin up in the world haha. So i'll answer the questions first:

Did you fly to Billings alone? yes i did, but i sat next to like a 26 year old guy that is a returned missionary and he was like i'll be your companion until someone comes and gets you. he was coming up for some job interview....

Who picked you up? president gardner was there when i came down the escalator with his wife. he is a really nice guy

How did your interview with the MP go? i didnt have one, unless you count the 2 hour drive to my area haha. he just told me all about the mission and all the history behind every town we passed through and stuff. he is a really nice guy and seems to be really focused on member missionary work, so does this whole area, so thats really good.

What did he tell you? see above question. then he asked if i had any questions and i was just thinking, i'm tired and want to sleep and i'm excited and lost haha i wasnt sure which of those to feel.

Did you stay at the mission home over night or did you go straight into the field? we got to the mission home, met the aps and had some lunch (cafe rio that sister gardner had made the night before) then headed out. When i got in the mission home i told them about elder horspool, miller and hughes, so the assistants called them as soon as i said anything and i got to talk to all three of them on the phone haha it was pretty cool, but none of them are anywhere near me haha and i guess its about 11 hours from one end of this mission to the other haha so i dont think i'll be seeing any of them unless i'm here another transfer and get moved ha. But it was cool to get to talk to them. Our stake conference was this weekend and president had to be there and so did we for the 4 oclock leadership session. So he took me down to lovell and met up with my companion, who has been in a threesome the last week waiting for me, and got in with him, went to our garage, i mean house haha and then grabbed our stuff and headed to stake conference which was about an hour away.

Tell us about your companion/trainer! his name is elder trujillo, he's from phoenix az and was inactive most of his life until about 6 months before the mission.

What town are you in? i am in wyoming, a town of about 4500 called powell.its funny because i flew into billing(the biggest town in montana at 100,000 haha) and then on the 2 hour drive from there to my area we went through about 8 towns. probably 6 of them were less than 200 population and then we came to powell

How did you get there? i drove with the president and his wife. see previous answers hahah

Tell us about your ward! we actually have 4 wards that were covering, and i have met a few people but we had stake conference so i didnt attend any of our wards this week. but one of them is a college ward and the other three are family wards. seems like mostly older people but we had dinner with a young family of 5 ( the kids were 6, 4, and 1,) so there are some younger families and supposedly our town is the highest concentration of mormons in the mission or something, so thats good i think, not sure yet haha

Are you freezing? yeah its pretty cold, but i have enough stuff to keep me as warm as i can be, if thats what you're asking, but i have a pretty good story for you, so pay attention haha

Do you live in an apt. or a house? we live in a garage haha. It has a sink and a bathroom and washer and dryer, but its a garage ha. And when i first walked in i thought i might die because its pretty unorganized and dirty and i have slight OCD as you probably know haha but after the first night i started unpacking and i think i'll be okay :) haha

Did you send the sd card home? not yet. i probably will today, i'll see if i can get a pic with comp first and then send it.

Was your luggage over 50 lbs? yup, but somehow i wasnt charged any extra for it haha. I guess the guys heart was softened by the spirit or something. packing was ridiculous, i kept thinking i was done and then finding other stuff i needed to pack. and that big coat was fun to try to fit in haha but it all worked out, and i didnt have to pay extra. but i'm pretty sure i left my hoodie at the mtc :( i'll email kyle and tell him to get it for me haha

Do you need anything?(more warm socks? anything?) no. haha thanks though

Well now that thats over with, ill tell you my stories. yesterday after stake conf we had an appointment with our main investigators, so we drove to the church, about 3 blocks from their house and walked there. of course they werent home haha so we walked back, and i was already cold enough in the 20 degree windy weather, and i left my gloves at the garage because i figured we wouldnt be outside too much and i couldnt remember where i packed them. (NOT A GOOD IDEA!!) haha but we got back to the car and it was definitely stuck in like 4 inches of snow, i dont know how that happened ha. so we got shovels from in the church and shoveled it out. my hands have never been that cold in my life, but i think what hurt worse was getting in the car with the heat on and having them thaw out haha it felt like they were on fire. So that was the first nice thing my trainer did for me haha, then we went to a sacrament meeting at the nursing home and there were about 5 elderly folks there and a couple other people to help. The lady that was there came up to us and asked would you mind leading the music, HA i'm sure you can already see where this is going, and you all know how musically talented i am haha. so my comp goes HE WOULD LOVE TO DO IT! :D and i was like but she was like ok thank you haha. so i get up there and i'm like i dont know 3/4 but i was like oh well theyre all old, nobody will actually be paying attention, well they did. The one guy in the front row was trying to show me how to do it, which i figured out the pattern it was just going the wrong direction on the wrong beat or whatever haha so the guy in the front row was trying to show me but i couldnt get it, so he finally gave up and just started laughing. i felt dumb already, but then the icing on the cake! the lady that asked me, came up after the meeting and goes, "i wont ask you to do that again" and i have nothing left to say about that. it was a funny experience haha. other than that i guess i'll talk to you next week i love you all! oh and here's my real address:

1174 Rd. 9
Powell, Wyoming

you can go ahead and put that one on fb if you want so stuff doent go to the mission home because its like 2 hours away and i dont know how i would get anything haha. but i love you all. have a good week! until next time!
Elder bergquist
and i may have lied about the 45 minute thing, the thing just popped up and asked if i wanted to extend haha but i gotta write a couple other things haha so tchau for now

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