Monday, December 10, 2012

12/9/12 2 John 1:12!!!

thanks for the email pops. i dont have a whole lot to say either. love ya.
ate semana que vem! (until next week)

just read 2 john 1:12! (Having many things to write unto you, I would not write with paper and ink: but I trust to come unto you, and speak face to face, that our joy may be full.)
love ya! tell landon and carissa and larson parabéns!! até a semana que vem!

He leaves Belo Horizonte next Monday at 11:15 pm and arrives on Tuesday at 11:10 am!!!!!!!!!!  

Monday, December 3, 2012

12/3/12 the little guys are getting so big! im excited to come home, just to see them!

hey pops. well im here at the choir/violin/piano practice for the Christmas conference on the 19th. id be singing "This is the Christ" as a bass if i were to be here haha. they are practicing right beside me right now. Their also gonna sing "His Hands" and a couple other ones. my comp plays violin

its good to hear that all is well there and the service we will be doing on Christmas  thats what its all about, spending time as a family. im serving with all my heart and strength pops. dont worry about it. love ya.
Elder Bergquist

hey mom. thanks for the pics!! the little guys are getting so big! im excited to come home, just to see them! hahaha questions:

How are you? wonderful!!!

How was your week? great!

Were you transferred? no

Was your companion? no

Why was 2 guys from your zone transferred LAST week? i dunno, because the Lord needed them in another area haha

Any baptisms? yeah!

How is Conceição?  baptized and super excited!

How about Isabella??  (I guess she really got "fellow-shipped"  ;)) she calls us a LOT  but shes working in 6 places so she doesnt have much time to learn with us.

Any set for this week? we have a few that could be baptized, but marked firm, not yet.

Any golden contacts? a lot of silver ones haha but GOLD, not yet haha they only turn gold when they accept baptism

Do you guys get to hear the 1st presidencies Christmas message? no, but last year i watched not knowing that i couldnt haha

You said that last week you didn't work a tons coz you had to travel... why were you traveling?  Where did you travel to? we went to Belo Horizonte for a lz coucil, and then i went to viçosa to teach the zone.

How big is your zone?  I didn't realize that part of it is 8 hours away!  wow. there are now 10 duplas (companionships). there were 9 but we got one more in ponte nova.

Did you do anything fun this week? i played soccer today while my comp practiced here haha thats all i remember.

when did you feel the Spirit the strongest? in the baptism! my comp playes violin too. it was really good. conceiçao is super excited.

good to hear that brittany played violin at the Prelude to Christmas. im excited. i love Christmas music. and what a blessing that you're helping the sisters!! parabéns! love ya mom! gotta go!!

Elder Bergquist
its slow to load pics and everyones waiting sorry!!
some more pics. ok...dont get mad haha. our baptism. our division in sao joao esta semana and our Christmas tree!!!  (I can't get them to upload)