Sunday, July 31, 2011

7/27/11 No email this week...

I am sure Elder Bergquist is okay, but we didn't get an email this week. I was sad, I live for Wednesdays! I look forward to hearing how his week went... AND, he was just transferred the week before so I was anxious to hear about his new companion and his new area...

oh, well... till next week...

We love you Elder Bergquist and pray for you EVERY day!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

7/20/11 Good-bye Golden Family...

thanks for the email dad slash bishop bergquist slash grandpa brad. haha!
weird. everything seems to be changing. but sounds like its all for the
better so its good to hear. i am really glad weston is doing well, i had
been praying for that a lot. flag football league huh? who put that
together? whos the athletic director guy or whatever its called? ha sounds
fun, with the turkey bowl and all. but i love you pops. ate next week!
Elder Bergquist (your favorite son) hahaha

Olá gente! como tá?? well 'm writing this letter from BH again, but this time its to stay. im in my new area in BH leste stake. My area is called guarani. Its in the city but looks like kinda on the outskirts and i dont know much about it. or how big it is or anything... but it will be good. i'm serving the children of God here in Guarani with my new comp elder bonfonte. brasileiro as you probably could have guessed. he is the LD and arrived the same day as i got here with the other 20 elders ha. he seems like a really hard worker and doesnt like to lose time.

i cant believe weston is already here! thats legit. im excited for you guys! p.s today is wednesday, but its july 20th....and unless im mistaken the dates and days are the same on both sides of the equator... im assuming you meant tuesday though because 4:01 pm hasnt happened yet today on wednesday...hahah

jeff is crazy. haha good luck with that. he'll have to date her and baptize her first...haha parabéns para blake. sounds like hes doing excited for that...hes hanging out with paige and katelyn and addie now huh? haha interessante. crazy what happened with elder brambila. ha crazy honurians hha

mas pelas perguntas:

Well, you told us last week that your week had been "kinda crazy" but you didn't tell us why it was crazy! You have got to give us more details son!!! because we had no money. like zero. i had to pay for everything out of my home account.

What happened this week with transfers? well i got transferred to guarani, an area in BH leste with elder bonfonte, the LD

Did you guys get reimbursed? yeah, well partway...theyre comin

Pics??? (okay, I KNOW you sent me a couple for your plaque but, they are not good enough! :) Send a few more of you out on the streets!!! why? they are perfectly fine, i just looked at them yesterday, just crop them. and i dont have the pics of angelitas baptism

Did Livaldo get the Priesthood? no not yet. things have been crazy with him, he will be confirmed this week though

Any funny tracting stories? not that i can think of when pressed like this hha but we did find one family, a mom and 7 kids, 5 of 8 or older and they are all doing really well to be baptized this week. when we got into the house and sat down she made all the kids come in and said pay attention, these are representatives of Christ and ive been praying for them to come. she had drank every day of her life she said since the day she was 13 and the day we came she stopped and hasnt drank since and stopped making coffee (everyone in the house drank coffee every day) so nobody could have it. that is an elect if ive ever seen one.

How was your church attendance this week? (just hoping you guys get a building) about average, around 60-65

Speaking of building, you need to take a pic of the "building" you have church in! too late. haha. sorry....

How did the Spirit guide you this week? i cant think of a specific time, but ive been focusing on waiting for him to give me things to say or questions to ask before i just talk, i think its been helping but i still have a ways to go

Do you guys ever do service? If so, what? never, but we did this week. last night, we were going to nathaly's house to say bye and they were moving, so we helped them move their guarda roupa fridge and this cabinet thing...rare service opp here in the BH mission ha

Did you guys have a baptism this week? last sunday no

Do you have any baptisms scheduled? this week we have 6 dates set with Marisa and her kids there in Alfenas, but it doesnt sound like we have any here in Guarani as far as i know... But i love you all! including you Weston! ha the reunion looked like a lot of fun. but i think thats it for this week. ate mais!
Elder Bergquist

Thursday, July 14, 2011

7/13/11 She started screaming because the water was "so cold"

Well this week has kinda been crazy. we dont have much money as far as i know, unless reimbursements im not sure exactly what were doing today, but i only have a half hour to its not gonna be much and you'll have to wait for pictures...sorry haha i know you're probably freaking out.
it sounds like the reunion is still going in the same direction... but thats crazy larson really went to Africa to deliver that stuff!! whats up with eagle projects nowadays theyre like more fun than projects ha. dutch oven pizza is bomb by the way. so good job on starting that, but that better not take away from the other dutch oven cooking because anything thats cooked in one of those is amazing haha.

It sounds like your house is nice... pics? nope ha

Did Livaldo get the Priesthood? no not yet, kinda a sad story, but his brother took his car saturday night drunk and didnt come back til sunday not yet, but he will ha

Did Angeita get baptized? yes she did, it was a really good baptism, even though she was freaking out and like really really nervous and like started screaming when she got in the water because it was "so cold" haha but it wasnt even that bad...idk, she will be a good member though, the members were giving her all kinds of good moral support.

How old is she? Pics? she just turned 20 and i think i told you but she has a little 3 year old boy, kauan (she decided to change it, its an indigenous name haha kinda cool normally its cauã...)

How about the lady that lost her hubby that you were teaching? :( i dunno she didnt come to church. but shes in the area book. shell get baptized one day

Do you have any progressing? ha..umm yeah i think so, i dunno you know how that goes here it changes everyday...

Are you spending a lot of time tracting? yeah. pretty much most of the time is spent tracting ha. its great though i am starting to love tracting...

How many were in attendance at church? i didnt count it was about average 60

Transfers must be coming up... have ya'll heard anything? Do you think ya'll will get to stay there together? yeah i think like the 20th... no we dont hear until 2 days before....and id love to stay here, its all i know haha so i dunno id also like a change... but i think we're staying together for some reason...

How was your week? really good...just like all of them hahaha

How is teaching going? its slowly getting better haha, we have our weaknesses (the language) hahaha but we're improving everyday

How about the language? its getting better still...i grew a lot at the beginning of the transfer because i had to, i just have to keep finding ways to keep learning.

When did you feel the Spirit this week? pretty much everyday ha. but there was one day when i went a out of my study time without studying the book of mormon, but i decided i needed to, so i did, and we went to teach one of our recent converts and i could tell it was the spirit that told me i had to read because the chapter i studied was exactly what i needed to be able to share with her. i felt the spirit really strong and i hope she did too. she was at church and seemed really happy. hopefully she learned from the spirit too :) thats the only way to learn about the gospel and have it stick. its seems to have come up a lot this week that we need to not only do the right things, but in order to do them we need to remember them and have them on our mind, that is why we need to study the scriptures everyday, especially the book of mormon. but i love you all! sorry i didnt write you dad. have a good week! talk to you na próxima! tchau!
Um abraço!
Elder Bergquist

7/6/11 Miracles do happen...

You're the man! I love you. so you're 54 this year huh? haha and 52 years at
the reunion. good stuff. thats comedy what chad said too haha, what a little
flipper. Hes gone for two weeks and thats how hes gonna text you... yup were
all moved in. and it definitely does feel good. having a room for study
slash workout, a room to sleep, a room for our clothes and luggage, a
bathroom and a kitchen all to ourselves. i feel like we live in a mansion
haha compared to our one room and a kitchen and bathroom we had before to
share with another guy. sounds like we finally got some good elders. i
remember going out with the ones we had. they had some interesting teaching
methods, im sure theyre still improving with time though... sounds like a
pretty legit 4th of july for them too, id like to go hit some balls...but
looks like ive got a little while to wait, you'll have to reteach me
when i get home. the nba and nfl players are psychos. they want more money?!
seriously? oh and by the way i literally laughed out loud when i read you're
"i'll have to meet the neighbor, or do some missionary work" comment haha.
good stuff. i think this bishop position is doing you some good. hahaha
anyway, love ya pops. até o próximo! tchau!
Elder Bergquist

Miracles do happen. oh and to answer your question about when i felt the spirit the strongest this week, thats your answer. seeing the answers to our prayers, to my prayers, seeing the miracles that still happen in todays world, and not just out there in the world, but within our own family. :D
Jake, Honduras? really? is it tegucigalpa? ricky's mission?? thats would be sweet!
Chads staying at he oconnors really? that seems kinda weird...they better keep their eyes on him and kelsey, and on kaitlin too haha we know ow much shes obsessed with chad. im so excited to see weston. brittany is crazy, but thats legit, and that shirt is pretty cool too. looks like Di is actually starting to show a little, maybe the next picture the bump on the front wont be parallel with the arch on her back hahaha. tell the frogs thanks so much and i love them! i'll see what i can do about droppin them a line. and thanks for the addresses.

Yeah, that Livaldo got baptized, did you perform it? How old is he? Did he get the Priesthood yet? look at the pics. ha and hes like 28. no not yet, he was travelling sunday so he gets confirmed this week.

10 investigators at church!!! THAT is awesome!!! Did you go visit them all? Any committed? not all of them, a lot dont live here, they were visiting family. not any committed yet, well one kinda but shes mole, we'll see.

Did you have a baptism this past week? nope

Any set up for this coming week? yeah, i think i told you about angelita, we found her last transfer right at the end and shes been at church like 4 times and suddenly she decided shes ready to be baptized so we moved it up from her mole date of the 20th to this week!

AND, 100 people at church!!! WOW, THAT is awesome!!! How was this week? yeah it was awesome, but uhh...not 100 ha thats for sure.....

BTW, WHERE do you guys meet since you dont' have a building? we talked about this on mothers day, its like a warehouse thing, i dont know how to explain it

How about the guy that you taught at his gold store? he didnt show up at church, he liked that we were american though. ha

When are the next transfers? the 20th or something, por aí

What was the surprise that the sister had for you at your new house? well she cleaned all our stuff, and gave us chairs and a guarda roupa...and all that other stuff i said last week

Tell us about your "new house"... well it has a kitchen, we bought gas for the stove/oven, got the fridge working, a nice bathroom, and three other rooms, one is like our clothes and luggage room, our bedroom, and study slash workout room. it feels so huge. its bigger than most peoples houses around here...

I WANT pics!!! youre gonna have to be patient! ha next week

Did you take another pic of you out in the streets??? (for your plaque) no....i already gave you like 4 choices...what else do you want?? and what scripture should i use???

When did you feel the Spirit this week? (yeah, I know I ask this every week, but I want you to share it with us!!!) another time was in a lesson with a lady who lost her husband like 8 months ago and hardly knew anything about christ or the gospel. its crazy how excited i got inside when she said that and i had the chance to bare testimony about him to her. its cool to see the things you get excited about on the mission that i never would have before. ha and i could see parts of my patriarchal blessing being fulfilled in that lesson :)

I am trying to decide if I should teach the pearl or the Old Testament next fall, what do you think? i have no idea, i know nothing about either, i need to study those more. my comp says old testament and look for apostasy haha.

Feel free to tell us more than what I ask!!! :) no. ha jk...kinda...

I love you all! this was a great email! thank you :) some good news. hope things keep lookin up :) Te amo! Até a próxima semana!
Um abraço!
Elder Bergquist

oh and p.s. no were not having any problems with mosquitoes. i think its too cold for them here right now.