Wednesday, July 20, 2011

7/20/11 Good-bye Golden Family...

thanks for the email dad slash bishop bergquist slash grandpa brad. haha!
weird. everything seems to be changing. but sounds like its all for the
better so its good to hear. i am really glad weston is doing well, i had
been praying for that a lot. flag football league huh? who put that
together? whos the athletic director guy or whatever its called? ha sounds
fun, with the turkey bowl and all. but i love you pops. ate next week!
Elder Bergquist (your favorite son) hahaha

Olá gente! como tá?? well 'm writing this letter from BH again, but this time its to stay. im in my new area in BH leste stake. My area is called guarani. Its in the city but looks like kinda on the outskirts and i dont know much about it. or how big it is or anything... but it will be good. i'm serving the children of God here in Guarani with my new comp elder bonfonte. brasileiro as you probably could have guessed. he is the LD and arrived the same day as i got here with the other 20 elders ha. he seems like a really hard worker and doesnt like to lose time.

i cant believe weston is already here! thats legit. im excited for you guys! p.s today is wednesday, but its july 20th....and unless im mistaken the dates and days are the same on both sides of the equator... im assuming you meant tuesday though because 4:01 pm hasnt happened yet today on wednesday...hahah

jeff is crazy. haha good luck with that. he'll have to date her and baptize her first...haha parabéns para blake. sounds like hes doing excited for that...hes hanging out with paige and katelyn and addie now huh? haha interessante. crazy what happened with elder brambila. ha crazy honurians hha

mas pelas perguntas:

Well, you told us last week that your week had been "kinda crazy" but you didn't tell us why it was crazy! You have got to give us more details son!!! because we had no money. like zero. i had to pay for everything out of my home account.

What happened this week with transfers? well i got transferred to guarani, an area in BH leste with elder bonfonte, the LD

Did you guys get reimbursed? yeah, well partway...theyre comin

Pics??? (okay, I KNOW you sent me a couple for your plaque but, they are not good enough! :) Send a few more of you out on the streets!!! why? they are perfectly fine, i just looked at them yesterday, just crop them. and i dont have the pics of angelitas baptism

Did Livaldo get the Priesthood? no not yet. things have been crazy with him, he will be confirmed this week though

Any funny tracting stories? not that i can think of when pressed like this hha but we did find one family, a mom and 7 kids, 5 of 8 or older and they are all doing really well to be baptized this week. when we got into the house and sat down she made all the kids come in and said pay attention, these are representatives of Christ and ive been praying for them to come. she had drank every day of her life she said since the day she was 13 and the day we came she stopped and hasnt drank since and stopped making coffee (everyone in the house drank coffee every day) so nobody could have it. that is an elect if ive ever seen one.

How was your church attendance this week? (just hoping you guys get a building) about average, around 60-65

Speaking of building, you need to take a pic of the "building" you have church in! too late. haha. sorry....

How did the Spirit guide you this week? i cant think of a specific time, but ive been focusing on waiting for him to give me things to say or questions to ask before i just talk, i think its been helping but i still have a ways to go

Do you guys ever do service? If so, what? never, but we did this week. last night, we were going to nathaly's house to say bye and they were moving, so we helped them move their guarda roupa fridge and this cabinet thing...rare service opp here in the BH mission ha

Did you guys have a baptism this week? last sunday no

Do you have any baptisms scheduled? this week we have 6 dates set with Marisa and her kids there in Alfenas, but it doesnt sound like we have any here in Guarani as far as i know... But i love you all! including you Weston! ha the reunion looked like a lot of fun. but i think thats it for this week. ate mais!
Elder Bergquist

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