Thursday, July 14, 2011

7/13/11 She started screaming because the water was "so cold"

Well this week has kinda been crazy. we dont have much money as far as i know, unless reimbursements im not sure exactly what were doing today, but i only have a half hour to its not gonna be much and you'll have to wait for pictures...sorry haha i know you're probably freaking out.
it sounds like the reunion is still going in the same direction... but thats crazy larson really went to Africa to deliver that stuff!! whats up with eagle projects nowadays theyre like more fun than projects ha. dutch oven pizza is bomb by the way. so good job on starting that, but that better not take away from the other dutch oven cooking because anything thats cooked in one of those is amazing haha.

It sounds like your house is nice... pics? nope ha

Did Livaldo get the Priesthood? no not yet, kinda a sad story, but his brother took his car saturday night drunk and didnt come back til sunday not yet, but he will ha

Did Angeita get baptized? yes she did, it was a really good baptism, even though she was freaking out and like really really nervous and like started screaming when she got in the water because it was "so cold" haha but it wasnt even that bad...idk, she will be a good member though, the members were giving her all kinds of good moral support.

How old is she? Pics? she just turned 20 and i think i told you but she has a little 3 year old boy, kauan (she decided to change it, its an indigenous name haha kinda cool normally its cauã...)

How about the lady that lost her hubby that you were teaching? :( i dunno she didnt come to church. but shes in the area book. shell get baptized one day

Do you have any progressing? ha..umm yeah i think so, i dunno you know how that goes here it changes everyday...

Are you spending a lot of time tracting? yeah. pretty much most of the time is spent tracting ha. its great though i am starting to love tracting...

How many were in attendance at church? i didnt count it was about average 60

Transfers must be coming up... have ya'll heard anything? Do you think ya'll will get to stay there together? yeah i think like the 20th... no we dont hear until 2 days before....and id love to stay here, its all i know haha so i dunno id also like a change... but i think we're staying together for some reason...

How was your week? really good...just like all of them hahaha

How is teaching going? its slowly getting better haha, we have our weaknesses (the language) hahaha but we're improving everyday

How about the language? its getting better still...i grew a lot at the beginning of the transfer because i had to, i just have to keep finding ways to keep learning.

When did you feel the Spirit this week? pretty much everyday ha. but there was one day when i went a out of my study time without studying the book of mormon, but i decided i needed to, so i did, and we went to teach one of our recent converts and i could tell it was the spirit that told me i had to read because the chapter i studied was exactly what i needed to be able to share with her. i felt the spirit really strong and i hope she did too. she was at church and seemed really happy. hopefully she learned from the spirit too :) thats the only way to learn about the gospel and have it stick. its seems to have come up a lot this week that we need to not only do the right things, but in order to do them we need to remember them and have them on our mind, that is why we need to study the scriptures everyday, especially the book of mormon. but i love you all! sorry i didnt write you dad. have a good week! talk to you na próxima! tchau!
Um abraço!
Elder Bergquist

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