Monday, February 28, 2011

2/28/11 doesn't want to get our hopes up

Elder Bergquist's brother, Derek, served his mission in Brasil also, so they write back and forth each week in Portuguese... here is what Elder Bergquist wrote to Derek...

Voce tinha uma semana boa na casa? Ouviu assim...e achou que o all-star jogo foi bom tambem. estou uma poca pena porque nao vi, mas talvez possa ver quando volto...espero sim (i hope so...? rara nao sei como se diz...) tambem nao sei como fazer os assentos? (sp?) nao gosto o dunk contest ainda...fica mais chato cada ano. como foi o jogo? acho que e a mesmo jogo que eu vi am ano atras na epoca de natal. e a mesma coisa aconteceu, lakers mataram os hawks rara. mas ainda foi muito divertido, apena(?) estar la e ver um jogo. hoje jogamos raquetball rara foi legal. mas ainda tenho que escrever a familia entao tenho que terminar. falou! te amo. feliz aniversario!

And, here is his email to me...

oi gente! alright so this is going to be hard without any questions haha, but i'll try. it might be short. i only have like 20 more minutes or so. first of all, i did find that recording of kaitlin and janae haha. and speaking of kaitlin, tell her to write me back...ha now that i think about it i'm not sure if i wrote her back yet hahah i think i sounds like everything at home is good. sounds like derek had a pretty good birthday, getting to go to a game and all...i'm pretty sure thats the same game i got to see in person a few years ago, the lakers and hawks, and the lakers killed them haha. it was supposed to snow at home dad?? its really that cold?? wow, its been up to like 35 the last couple days here ha i never thought i'd be this happy to see temperatures in the 30's, its weird. especially when i was expecting to go to brasil haha, but its all good, hopefully i'll get there soon. as for now, wyoming is treating me just fine haha. I like meu companheiro. he's really sarcastic too, so we get to fight with each other all day and just like mess around with each other.
lets see....this week...well, it started off really slow it seemed, well average i guess...idk but then we had zone conference on thursday and after that it picked up. but we were down in cody like all day thursday, it was pretty good. one thing i really liked that was said was that "all plans are already made in heaven." and so i guess we have plans made for us and plans made for our investigators to be brought to Christ, its our job to be in tune with the spirit so we can figure out what those plans are and help carry them out. That was a pretty cool though. and we talked about this talk called the inconvenient messiah by elder holland. it was really good, you should all look it up! and then uhh...lets see...well we got a new investigator this week, his name is lee, he's 26. pretty cool guy. he had a lot of questions for us, he was referred to us by a guy in our ward, and he had talked to him about it a bit and he already had a bom but hadnt read from it or we aanswered his questions (which were really interesting) we talked about the bible and how it has been interpreted so many different ways, and he asked how do we know if we're interpreting the bom right, so we talked about prayer and personal revelation and the footnotes too...i dunno just a lot of interesting questions like that or how do we know the prophet isnt being swayed by any outside sources, that was kinda hard to answer but we kinda answered it the same with personal revelation and prayer and comparing it to whats in the scriptures. but we committed him to come to church but then he called sunday morning at like 8:30 and said he was just going to read and kinda get a judgement from that and then he'll decide if he wants to come, so at least he's going to read. but we were devastated all morning, it was sad, we were praying so much and so hard for him, then i realized, thinking how bad we wanted him to come and see how great the gospel was, how much more the Lord wants him to...and everything is in his hands. so Its strengthening my faith that we have to trust in the Lord and in the power and spirit of th Book of Mormon. I know everything will work out if lee puts in his effort which i think he will. i think he just doesnt want to get our hopes up he even told us that, he said "i'm just researching it, i dont know if i'm gonna get baptized or anything yet" oh he also asked why the book of mormon stopped at 600 ad and doesnt go til present times haha it was kinda cool the questions he asked. ok wow this is already really long, but also, we had an investigator at church finally! Norma. it was so exciting haha. but kinda stressful...sacrament meeting went okay...gospel principles was really good! and then the member that we had bring her tripped in relief society and scraped her knee and they had to leave early i guess haha it was kinda ridiculous, but then Kaiden, this member's son, who we have been teaching to prepare him for baptism because they have been inactive for a while, anyway, his baptism was yesterday, and Norma came to that too! she said she really enjoyed it all and wants to come again and she kept saying stuff to Kaiden like, "so when i get baptized like you did......" haha it was cool, but her family is really anti so its kinda hard. and other than that, we had a less active (Jake- i think i told you about him) come to church, we made a deal with him that if he did we would play racketball with him today so we did haha it was pretty fun. and we had a referral for a family too but we showed up for our appointment and got shut down by a note on the door haha but it did say to come back! so thats good! so we'll keep trying them. and i'm lovin it here! I love the people here, especially the members, they do really good missionary work. so you should all work on that too! haha because it helps a lot, i know you do pretty well with fhe and institute and stuff so keep up the good work. amo todos voces! hope you like this book i wrote haha. have a good week and keep strengthening your testimonies! ate logo!
Elder Bergquist
oh and i was going to send this to okazaki and irmao brough too, but i dont have their emails with me, so mom, i'm sure you can get them :) thank you! tchau!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

JACKPOT! The sd card arrived in the mail today!

I am going to start with the pictures of Dallin and Kyle. Kyle is a good friend from home, he is going to the Bogota Columbia mission! Dallin was blessed to not only be a host the day Kyle came to the MTC but he actually got to be the one to welcome Kyle to the MTC. You can go HERE to see pics of that day!!!

Here is a picture of Elder Deaton and Elder Bergquist standing in front of the Provo Temple

In the hall way at the MTC...

I wish I knew what this was about... I have a feeling but... not sure...

Deaton, Tullis, and Bergquist

Silly Boys!

Moreno Vally boys! Elder Sal Gonzalez, Elder Dallin Bergquist, Elder Kyle Deaton!

Elder Bergquist and Elder Gonzalez

SO glad that Santa made it to the MTC! (Santa is Elder Dillon Pierson)

The laundry room, its hard to tell but there on the long tables between the pillars are computers, this is on Pday (preparation day) where they do their laundry, study and email their moms!♥

Elder Rudolphi (Dallin's companion in the MTC) and Elder Bergquist

Dallin's district: Elder Rudolphi, Elder Bergquist, Sister Roy, Sister Taylor, and Sister Enszer.

Elder Bergquist and Elder Snyder

A group of GQ Elders °Ü°
Rudolphi, Bergquist, Pierson, Snyder, and Walker

A beautiful picture of the Provo temple!

Elder Rudolphi, Elder Snyder and Elder Berquist

Rudolphi, Snyder, Bergquist, and Walker

Not the best pic but these 2 are the ONLY pictures he got by the big map! :(

Berguist and Rudolphi... both headed to Brasil (eventually! ...when the visas come!) Both to different missions...

Elder Tullis and Elder Berguist

Johnston and Bergquist

Tullis, Bergquist, and Johnston

Their district... Sis. Taylor, Sis Roy, Sis Enszer, Elder Rudolphi, Elder Bergquist

Comp's in class...

haha, look at his teachers expression in the background!

One of Dallin's teachers

The district and the teachers

Purple shirts... Go Lakers!

oh my goodness...

Saying good-bye to some of his newly made friends...

Getting on the bus to the airport...

In Montana! Elder Trujillo, Dallin's trainer!

Their apartment (a garage) Beds on one side and a "kitchen" on the other!

The kitchen side of the garage, haha...

And, check out the heaters! BBBBRRRRR....

Another Picture!!!

I got another picture today from my new friend, Cami Snyder. Our boys were in the MTC together! Her son is currently serving in the Birmingham, Alabama mission waiting for his visa... Anyway, thank you Cami for the pic!

Elder Bergquist and Elder Snyder

Dallin told me in his last email that he sent home his sd card so I hope to have lots of new pics soon!

Monday, February 21, 2011

2/21/11 Call it a coincidence if you want, but i think the Lord's hand was in that.

Dallin's email to his dad...

Sounds like a sweet all star game! Kobe's the man! i hope you save that one on the dvr for me for when i get home! hahaha. I'm so happy he dunked on lebron! good stuff! sounds like a good time for dereks birthday! tell Kobe i said hi haha and the ranch haha. Hows the weather down there? just curious, i cant really remember when "winter" ends down there and whatnot, because we still have like 2 months of it up here ha. And i dont care if its a boy or a girl! i just want to meet him/her! haha we were with a family the other night and their kid wanted me to hold him so bad haha he loved me! (he's like 6 months old) but i couldn't! it kinda sucked i hope Derek and Brit's loves me that much also i hope he decides to not be born until like december of next year hahahah, that would be fun for brittany! haha anyway, thanks for the letter and the updates! i love you
pops! tchau!
Love, your son,
Elder Bergquist

And his other email...

Dear Family!
How is everybody doing?? Before i forget, happy birthday Derek! Other than that, i'll answer your questions first.

Have you heard all the songs on your ipod? Did you find the one with Kaitlin and Janae singing? How about the one with Barry? I sure hope we got both of them on there! i have gone through them all, not necessarily listened to them all carefully or anything haha and no i didnt find the one of kaitlin and janae, but i did hear the one with Uncle Barry. it was good. i love that song.

Did you get your car back? yes. it was crazy. Sunday it broke down, ( it was cold and snow on the ground) we pushed it into a parking lot, then found a ride home that night, got a ride into town the next morning by some random non member that drove past us on the way into town (we live like 4 or 5 miles out of town) and walked that whole day because our bikes had a couple of flats so we got some new tubes and fixed them after realizing we had no pump so we had to ask everyone we visited if they had one, then by the end of the night we finally found one so we rode home. (that day was probably 35, which is super warm for february!) then we rode bikes everyday pretty much, but it was crazy because they told us they wouldnt even be able to look at it til the end of the week so we thought we wouldnt get it back tile like this wednesday or something. And so tuesday and thursday it was like 45 both days! it was crazy! and then friday it was supposed to snow, but it didnt and it stayed pretty warm and we got a call in the afternoon that our car was done so we went and got it and were very thankful, then saturday morning we walk outside and theres like 2 inches of snow on the ground. and its been snowing ever since. Call it a coincidence if you want, but i think the Lord's hand was in that. I'm very thankful we had the car back for yesterday. we got a couple (or a couple 3 as they say here) inches of snow and it was like 15 degrees for the high i think.

Where is Elder Short going? I cant remember haha somewhere up more northern than me i think but not like in the amazon...idk haha

Have you met him? yeah, we go hang out with them every p-day pretty much. we stayed the night out there last week because we had no car and district meeting is on tuesdays and we went on exchanges on monday night for a couple hours. it was cool. i went with his comp though, elder hancock

Is he the only other Elder there going to Brasil? in our district yes, but there are like 6 in the mission i guess, and one that has been here like 3 months longer than me, the rumor is that his visa is estimated to come within the next month. ha idk how but thats what i hear.

Which wards did you go to this week? we went to 1 and 3 ha, as if that means anything to you.....

Did you have any investigators come to church? nope :( its frustrating

Did you have any investigators come to institute this week? (did you go?) we went two days, there werent any that we were aware of

Did you get to teach any lessons this week? yeah haha like 15 or something

Did you meet with the "former investigator" you met while out tracting? yeah, she was crazy, she just wanted to tell us what was wrong with the church and what we should improve. she kept bringing up "article 11 as written by joseph smith" (article of faith 11) and how people are forcing her to get baptized and she doesnt want to she just wants to learn and we told her basically that she would understand everything better if she read the book of mormon because she said she hadnt yet but she doesnt want to meet with us, thats what the main thing was i think, that she didnt want us to come back

How about the guy whose best friend is on a mission?? ummmmm.....not sure, we're going to call him back tomorrow and see if he read or anything...the lesson went alright, but they werent very talkative so it was hard to tell. he brought a friend too, she seemed a little more interested, but we'll see...

And, how about the lady that you left a card on her door and she called you?? that was the same lady the "former investigator"

Any thing funny happen this week? just that meeting with her really. she was kinda crazy haha

When did you feel the Spirit the strongest? probably in our lesson with Kelda (one of our investigators) and kevin (her husband and a less active member) we basically just like laid down the law with him and kinda told him that he knows what he needs to do and if he does it will set an example for her and committed him to coming to church this week, but just baring testimony to him about the importance of going to church and whatnot was really good. also we had another guy, less active, named Jake (he kinda reminds me of Blake, not sure why ha) but we ran into him in the store a couple weeks ago and he told us he wanted to come back to church, so we have been meeting with him and we found out he wants to get active because his 6 year old niece wants him to be in the circle when she gets the holy ghost and he promised her he would, so we had a similar experience with him, but he doesnt have a desire to go to church really yet, so we bore testimony that he could get that desire back if he does the little things, so we bore testimony of the importance of prayer and regaining that relationship with his father in heaven first and thats where it all starts, and then we had him say the prayer before we left, and the spirit was just really strong.
Other than that, this weeek wasn't too exciting, i pretty much expanded on your questions to tell you all the the things i wanted to say haha. so, amo todos voces keep doin what you're doing! you're all great. Chad! get your spanish grade up! other than that, good job!
Elder BerGQuist
ps i sent you the sd card...just send back the music on that. and the pics ha...and paul cardall just plays piano. he's on our computer...remember the playlist i made before i left on itunes...? haha just add that to the card when you send it back. no i dont need the cd's, and no i cant find the recording or whatever... oh, and while my comp is working on fb and his blog i do language study! i listen to a lot of talks in portuguese

Monday, February 14, 2011

2/14/11 Zoolander! (of course!)

Querido gente!
haha not sure if thats correct but i dont care! anyway, i'll answer your questions first, then i'll get to the good stuff

Where do you email from? the library. we go there every day for my comp to do facebook and i study portuguese. so its good. but we're at the library in lovell today. long story. i'll tell you more later

Did you get an application number (for your on line visa)? you can just go to the web site and just put in my name i think. the other elder here, elder short, checks his like everyday

How do you like your companion? Do you have any of the same interests? yeah, missionary work! hahaha no he's a cool guy though, i like him, he's pretty sarcastic and we joke with each other a lot!! haha

Since you are over 4 wards do you go to 2 each week and then rotate the following week?? (are they in 2 diff buildings?) yeah you pretty much nailed it. but we try to go to the ones we have investigators going to. usually its 1st and 3rd one week and then 2nd and university the other, but we went to 2nd and 1st this week because of our investigators (and none of them showed up!!!) i was pretty upset but its okay, next week. actually this whole week wasnt very good haha but things are already looking up, kinda haha

Is the singles ward very big? Do they bring their nonmember friends like they do here? (I would think they would be good at helping you find investigators!) i havent been to it yet, so i'm not sure how big it is, and i went to institute one day, i guess there was one nonmember there but nobody decided to tell us until after it was over and everyone was gone. but i guess alot of the work has been coming from that ward so yeah i guess they help

Are you freezing? should I send you any thick warm socks or anything? no i'm fine, its actually gotten up to the 40s this week it was really nice. one night we came out of a lesson at like 9 at night and it was 28 degrees, but it felt sooo bomb! i never thought i'd be happy about 28 degree weather haha

Does your garage have a fridge or stove? it has a fridge and we have a little plug in stove and a microwave and a toaster oven and like a george foreman type grill thing

Do the members feed you well? yeah, really well. we had chicken and dumplings with this family from new zealand, it was so bomb! and we have members to eat with every night.

What do you do for breakfast and lunch? umm cereal or toast or eggs or something and then like a sandwich or top ramen or something for lunch

Haha, have you cleaned your garage up, you crazy OCD boy!? yeah, well kinda, i havent gotten it to where i want it yet, but its getting better. the last elder that was here left like half of his stuff here

Did you get the SD card sent home? (I am dying for pics!) not yet, i'm going to today though, i'm going to take a couple more pics and get some stamps and then i'll send it out

Did you write Kyle and tell him to get your hoodie? Is he going to mail it to you there or here? yeah, i just told him to get it. i can get it back from him after the mish or something

Do ya'll have any investigators? haha yeah we have like maybe 2 that are legit right now, and then a couple more we are going to start working with

Alright, so this week: well first of all we're working with this lady who is getting all kinds of crap from her family about investigating the church, she knows its true and wants to join she just doesnt want to join because she doesnt want to lose her family, but we talked to her about the ward family she'd be gaining and how great everyone will be to her, pretty much all she needs to do is come to church and then she'll be ready but the sister we got to bring her had an asthma attack last time and couldnt then this week her phone broke and she had no way to contact her! it was frustrating but it will be alright. then we got a referral from the church and the kid showed up to his appointment and we were all excited and then he goes, oh my friends gonna come too shes like a hardcore christian so i thought you might wanna talk to her so it turned useless, and he "had to leave for work" after like 5 minutes. it was dumb. so that was friday i think, then saturday we went out and went to a couple of appointments and a couple of other houses just to visit and none of them were home (supposedly on the weekends everyone goes to like billings and stuff to see real civilization or whatever haha idk) so it was pretty frustrating, so we decided to just tract in the area we were in, we ran into a former investigator who set up an appt for the next day so we were excited about that. then probably like 3 others answered their doors and nobody wanted to hear about anything. Then sunday comes, none of our investigators show up to church, and the guy we had scheduled cancelled and it was just lookin pretty crappy. So we tried to visit a couple people and a couple less actives on sunday, once again nobody was home, so we went back to the church and we were going to drive to another less actives house, we started driving and the car was being weird, so we pulled into a gas station, and the transmission just like blew. it wouldnt go into gear or anything. So we felt terrible. but then last night we got another referral from the church and this guys best friend is on a mission, so we got a ride from some members back home (like 8 pm) and then we called this guy and he's like way excited to meet with us. then we got a call this morning, one of the houses we tracted and left a card on the door and she wants to meet with us. shes investigated the church before and goes to church still sometimes i guess and wants to meet with us. so its lookin up, but since we dont have a car we're in lovell today and then for district meeting for tomorrow and then we'll go home and probably be car less for at least a week and a half so hopefully it stays warm. wow well this email is like longer than anything i've ever written so i think its time to go haha but i love you all! Keep praying for missionary opportunities at home and doin what you're doin!
Amo voces! tchau!
Elder BerGQuist

And his email to his dad…

Thanks for getting the visa stuff done so fast! my comp is a good guy! I like him, we mess with each other and he actually has a sense of humor and whatnot so thats good. yeah, its pretty snowy right now, this week a lot of it melted though. its gotten up to like 50 i think its weird. i got to see like 3 seconds of the celtics game. we have a less active guy thats like 30 that we're working with and his brother just moved out too he's 24 and his names Dallin haha but they're both huge laker fans, they have lakers stuff all over their house so we talked about them a little and we have a lot of less actives and investigators that want to play basketball so we're trying to get that started up one night a week :) i'm excited for that haha and I heard about jimmer too, we ate dinner with a guy thats a huge byu fan and thats pretty much all we talked about all dinner haha good times. but thanks for the updates and insights. love you dad! you'll have to read my novel that i wrote to mom haha



so most of you probably dont know what this is all about haha. but if you do, you get bonus points........
its a movie.....................

zoolander? anyone? ha you guys all suck! haha talk to you later!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

2/7/11 i LIVE in a GARAGE

hey fam!! and everyone else! how are you! i'm here in the billings mission finally, and yes i do still have a timer haha its 45 minutes now though!! movin up in the world haha. So i'll answer the questions first:

Did you fly to Billings alone? yes i did, but i sat next to like a 26 year old guy that is a returned missionary and he was like i'll be your companion until someone comes and gets you. he was coming up for some job interview....

Who picked you up? president gardner was there when i came down the escalator with his wife. he is a really nice guy

How did your interview with the MP go? i didnt have one, unless you count the 2 hour drive to my area haha. he just told me all about the mission and all the history behind every town we passed through and stuff. he is a really nice guy and seems to be really focused on member missionary work, so does this whole area, so thats really good.

What did he tell you? see above question. then he asked if i had any questions and i was just thinking, i'm tired and want to sleep and i'm excited and lost haha i wasnt sure which of those to feel.

Did you stay at the mission home over night or did you go straight into the field? we got to the mission home, met the aps and had some lunch (cafe rio that sister gardner had made the night before) then headed out. When i got in the mission home i told them about elder horspool, miller and hughes, so the assistants called them as soon as i said anything and i got to talk to all three of them on the phone haha it was pretty cool, but none of them are anywhere near me haha and i guess its about 11 hours from one end of this mission to the other haha so i dont think i'll be seeing any of them unless i'm here another transfer and get moved ha. But it was cool to get to talk to them. Our stake conference was this weekend and president had to be there and so did we for the 4 oclock leadership session. So he took me down to lovell and met up with my companion, who has been in a threesome the last week waiting for me, and got in with him, went to our garage, i mean house haha and then grabbed our stuff and headed to stake conference which was about an hour away.

Tell us about your companion/trainer! his name is elder trujillo, he's from phoenix az and was inactive most of his life until about 6 months before the mission.

What town are you in? i am in wyoming, a town of about 4500 called powell.its funny because i flew into billing(the biggest town in montana at 100,000 haha) and then on the 2 hour drive from there to my area we went through about 8 towns. probably 6 of them were less than 200 population and then we came to powell

How did you get there? i drove with the president and his wife. see previous answers hahah

Tell us about your ward! we actually have 4 wards that were covering, and i have met a few people but we had stake conference so i didnt attend any of our wards this week. but one of them is a college ward and the other three are family wards. seems like mostly older people but we had dinner with a young family of 5 ( the kids were 6, 4, and 1,) so there are some younger families and supposedly our town is the highest concentration of mormons in the mission or something, so thats good i think, not sure yet haha

Are you freezing? yeah its pretty cold, but i have enough stuff to keep me as warm as i can be, if thats what you're asking, but i have a pretty good story for you, so pay attention haha

Do you live in an apt. or a house? we live in a garage haha. It has a sink and a bathroom and washer and dryer, but its a garage ha. And when i first walked in i thought i might die because its pretty unorganized and dirty and i have slight OCD as you probably know haha but after the first night i started unpacking and i think i'll be okay :) haha

Did you send the sd card home? not yet. i probably will today, i'll see if i can get a pic with comp first and then send it.

Was your luggage over 50 lbs? yup, but somehow i wasnt charged any extra for it haha. I guess the guys heart was softened by the spirit or something. packing was ridiculous, i kept thinking i was done and then finding other stuff i needed to pack. and that big coat was fun to try to fit in haha but it all worked out, and i didnt have to pay extra. but i'm pretty sure i left my hoodie at the mtc :( i'll email kyle and tell him to get it for me haha

Do you need anything?(more warm socks? anything?) no. haha thanks though

Well now that thats over with, ill tell you my stories. yesterday after stake conf we had an appointment with our main investigators, so we drove to the church, about 3 blocks from their house and walked there. of course they werent home haha so we walked back, and i was already cold enough in the 20 degree windy weather, and i left my gloves at the garage because i figured we wouldnt be outside too much and i couldnt remember where i packed them. (NOT A GOOD IDEA!!) haha but we got back to the car and it was definitely stuck in like 4 inches of snow, i dont know how that happened ha. so we got shovels from in the church and shoveled it out. my hands have never been that cold in my life, but i think what hurt worse was getting in the car with the heat on and having them thaw out haha it felt like they were on fire. So that was the first nice thing my trainer did for me haha, then we went to a sacrament meeting at the nursing home and there were about 5 elderly folks there and a couple other people to help. The lady that was there came up to us and asked would you mind leading the music, HA i'm sure you can already see where this is going, and you all know how musically talented i am haha. so my comp goes HE WOULD LOVE TO DO IT! :D and i was like but she was like ok thank you haha. so i get up there and i'm like i dont know 3/4 but i was like oh well theyre all old, nobody will actually be paying attention, well they did. The one guy in the front row was trying to show me how to do it, which i figured out the pattern it was just going the wrong direction on the wrong beat or whatever haha so the guy in the front row was trying to show me but i couldnt get it, so he finally gave up and just started laughing. i felt dumb already, but then the icing on the cake! the lady that asked me, came up after the meeting and goes, "i wont ask you to do that again" and i have nothing left to say about that. it was a funny experience haha. other than that i guess i'll talk to you next week i love you all! oh and here's my real address:

1174 Rd. 9
Powell, Wyoming

you can go ahead and put that one on fb if you want so stuff doent go to the mission home because its like 2 hours away and i dont know how i would get anything haha. but i love you all. have a good week! until next time!
Elder bergquist
and i may have lied about the 45 minute thing, the thing just popped up and asked if i wanted to extend haha but i gotta write a couple other things haha so tchau for now

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Visa Pictures...

Brad got an email this morning marked "URGENT!!!! OPEN ASAP!!" from Dallin... This is what it said..

I got a call yesterday to come down here to fill out my online visa application! So i just did it! and i'm sending them up to the travel office thingy, BUT! they need two more visa pictures as well! So please send those asap! the address is:

And then he gave us the info for email, snail mail and to call...

and i just called her, she said it was fine for you to just send the pictures, she just needs them asap. Thanks! please send them today if at all possible! love you! tchau! oh and mom i sent you an email but it is having problems sending, i tried to resend but we'll see. i hope you get it.
Elder Bergquist

Brad just sent them via email and I just called to make sure that was okay. Chelsea was very nice and said she thought it would work, she is trying to get it to print out. She said if there is a problem she would call me. I also asked her if this meant that his visa is getting closer to being processed and she said yes. I asked if she had any idea how long it might take and she said, "Unfortunately, there is no way of telling but this IS a good sign... it IS moving!" So, lets just hope and pray some more!!!

Monday, February 7, 2011


Brad got a short email from Elder Bergquist this morning, but I haven't gotten one! I am guessing he forgot to hit send or it is lost out in cyber space somewhere...

Here is his email to his dad (not much info, he doesn't even say what town he is in or his companions name - I THINK that is because he prob put it in my email that I didn't get...)

10:18 am
I didnt get a chance to go to any of the 4 wards in our area yet because we
had stake conference, but i met a few families and they seem really nice. The only thing i'm concerned about right now is that we havent taught any lessons or done any finding. we have only talked to members. And the work seems to be really focused on less actives, which is good, i'd just like to teach some non members too. I'm hoping its just because my comp was in another area the past week and it was super bowl sunday and stake conference, so hopefully it picks up, if not, i might have to take some stuff into my own hands haha but my comp seems to be a really good guy, he was inactive most of his life and i think because of that he wants to work on reactivation. i just hope he's not afraid of finding on our own. We seem to be setting goals around our plans instead of planning around our goals so far, like i said maybe just because of this weekend. Anyway, thanks for writing and updating me ha. I love you. And thats interesting what you had learned about the acceptable year of the Lord. elder Miller is i think on the opposite side of the mission haha so no none of the elders i know are in my district or zone. ate a semana que vem. tchau
Elder Bergquist

Sat. 2/5/11 NO CALL

He really meant it. He didn't call us. I am so sad. I mean, what missionary CHOOSES to NOT call home??!!!

Oh, well, he knows what is best... and he is a great kid... I am very anxious to see WHERE this little adventure takes him...

I LOVE YOU ELDER BERGQUIST! Best of luck in Montana!!!

2/4/11 I'm not gonna call...

HOW did you get your "reassignment"? we are suppoosed to get them in the mailbox but we went up to the travel office as we were passing by in the morning and the lady just gave them to us.
Did it come in an envelope in your mailbox like your original call? no it was just one sheet of paper that had the flight plans on it and when to be at the travel office
How did you feel when you found out you would be going to Billings? kinda weird. i was sssooooooo excited and then i thought i know a bunch of people there so i could get trained by one of them and that would be really weird
Where did you get to call us from? a payphone by the front desk of the mtc
When did you find out that you would get to call us? when i got my reassignment they gave me a slip to call home
How do you feel about leaving the MTC? so excited!!!! i've been here way too long.
Have you been writing in your journal? yeah but probably not as much as i should. i probably have like 15 entries ha
Do you have 2 sd cards for your camera? yeah
Did you get to go to the temple this morning? yeah it was really good because today has been so hectic so it was nice to have a break
Did you get to be a host again this week? we could have but we had just gotten our reassignments so we had other things on our mind and they were sooner than we thought so we had to take care of some stuff
How is your ankle? its fine. i can still feel it but i dont like limp or anything. ask derek. hahaah
Okay, so you said that you can buy warm stuff... did you mean THERE at the MTC or when you get to Billings? i have the warm stuff derek brought in. hahahai have all the money i came with. dont worry. and i have my card but i dont know how much is left in the account now
Do you know Robert Hughes? not well but yeah i know him
I wonder if Derek, Devin and Blake could come see you at the airport? they probably could but its in the white handbook not to let people come see you haha and i saw derek today anyway hahaa
How is Kyle doing? pretty good. i think a lot better. i got his key to his room from him today and wrote him a bunch of notes that i'm going to hide in his stuff haha
Will you get to call from the airport? i dont know. i have to be there at like 7 something and then i'm not sure when my flight leaves. i'll get to call on the layover between going to brasil though. and when i get my visa. i think i'm gonna pass on this one. talking to you last night got my mind so confused. i think i'm better off not calling you so i can stay more focused for now.
What time does your flight actually leave? i'm not sure i think around 9

so crazy that i'm serving in Dirk's mission. i'll let you guys know what area im in and that would be way cool to be able to check on some of his old converts! have him let me know who i can look for! and my branch president went there too it is still the same misssion home from when he went and hes way older than dirk haha. weirdest thing just happened! i went up to the front desk to get my address in billings and i heard someone talking about their brother going to brazil that needed warm clothes and i looked over and saw derek! it was soooo weird. i felt like i was breaking every rule ever hahaah he was like oh! this is him. can he just take it?? i swear we didnt plan this its a complete accident hahaha it was so weird slash funny. anyway my address is

Elder Dallin Bergquist
1848 Rimrock Rd
Billings, MT 59102

at least for now...and you can put that on facebook for me.
anyway, tell blake thanks for the jacket. and tell him to write me! i wanna know what hes doing, even though i know he doesnt tell the rest of the family, tell him i'll keep it a secret haha. and the rest of the brothers can write me. especially derek, in portuguese, that will help me keep the little bit of the language i do have, i'll try to write back in portuguese as best i can.
thank you i love you! bye!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

It wasn't planned, I promise!

I had to go to work on Friday but all I could think about was how is Dallin going to survive in Montana with 1 suit and short sleeve shirts??!!!

Kaitlin gave him a nice black North Face coat last year for his Bday which Blake decided he would use while Dallin was in Brasil... luckily, Blake had it and was in Provo! Derek and Brittany just happened to be down visiting Devin and Diana... Devin was at work but Derek and the girls went shopping for some "warm" things to take to Elder Bergquist in the MTC... I was at work but Derek called me several times so we could figure out what to get him. He picked up some thermals, warm socks, a scarf, a beanie, and gloves. They put these things in a bag with the coat and took them up to the MTC since Elder Bergquist would be leaving the very next morning early. Derek had never been to that MTC since he was able to go straight to the MTC in Brasil. They accidentally drove right past the entrance and had to turn around and come back. The girls sat in the car while Derek ran the bag of clothes in.

Derek walked up to the front desk and explained to the guy that his brother was supposed to go to Brasil but his visa hadn't come and he was leaving the next morning to go to Billings Montana to serve until his visa came and he needed some warm clothing. Derek said that all of a sudden he felt a hand on his shoulder and he turned and looked and there was Elder Bergquist!!! Derek said he was so shocked he didn't even know what to say! It was kind of weird/awkward for both of them so Dallin just kept talking to the lady that was getting him the info he needed and Derek just kept talking to the guy that was filling out the paperwork for the stuff he was dropping off... then Derek said, "Can I just give it to him?" And, the lady and the guy both looked at him weird.... he said, "That is my brother. We didn't plan this, it's a complete accident!" haha... they let him just take the bag of warm stuff and Derek started to walk away... then he turned and said something like... you are here and I am here... we might as well hug good bye! AND THEY DID!!! I cannot believe that they saw each other and almost didn't hug!!! Crazy boys... Derek called and told me as soon as they left! He said he came out to the car all smiles and they asked why he was smiling so big and he said he had just seen Dallin! He told them that if they pulled up they could see him, they did, and they waved to him!!! FUN!!! I am SO jealous!!! °Ü°

In Dallin's email on Friday his is what HE had to say about it... "weirdest thing just happened! i went up to the front desk to get my address in billings... i heard someone talking about their brother going to brazil that needed warm clothes and i looked over and saw derek! it was soooo weird. i felt like i was breaking every rule ever hahaah he was like oh! this is him. can he just take it?? i swear we didn't plan this its a complete accident hahaha it was so weird slash funny."

A tender mercy, if you ask me... I don't believe in accidents.
Timing is everything!

a FIVE minute phone call...

Dallin found out where he would be going to serve Wednesday! I was told by one of the missionary mom's from the email list that he would get a 5 minute phone call that evening telling us where he was going.... no call came.

BUT, Thursday evening the call came!!! We were SO excited to hear from him! He sounded great, very happy, but ready to get out of the MTC and get to teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ!

After telling him we loved him and was so very proud of him we asked where he was called to serve and he told us.... BILLINGS MONTANA!!!!

I was TOTALLY shocked. I thought since he was packed and ready for WARM weather he would go somewhere in the nation that was relatively warm. Not the case... not where the Lord needs him.

His companion was sent to Tempe, AZ. 2 of the sister missionaries were sent to San Jose, CA and the other sister was sent to Houston, TX.

The phone call was um... short. He called from the lobby of the MTC and there is a timer on the phone, so all of a sudden you heard beepbeepbeep and he said, "Mom, I have 30 seconds left" and then just a couple of seconds later we again heard, beepbeepbeep and he said, "10 seconds" and we all said, "I love you" and then I QUICKLY asked, "Will you get to call from the airport?" CLICK.

That was the end of the phone call! No answer, haha...

Where oh, where...

Dallin's visa hasn't come yet and it is time to leave the MTC so... Where oh, where will Dallin be "called to serve" will waiting for his visa?

I posted that of Facebook and here were the responses...

Melissa Peel Swainston, Brad, Derek & Devin - Texas
Tristan Hemphill - Salt Lake
Amanda Joie Biggart - Arizona!
Cara Batchkoff - NC with Brennen!
Tami Goodman Reyes - Washington.
Lawrence McGriff - ATL GEORGIA !!!
Nora - Pennsilvania!
Vivian Rawdon-Perkins San Antonio Texas
Nancy Allbee Texas would be really a fun connection for him.
David Norman - NYC
Doug Grover - ft. worth
Farryn Nichols - oregon
Linda Kowallis - riverside calif.
Rachel Lynn Schwartz - masachusettes
Becky Teague-Fowler - somewhere in texas
Laurie Rose McKnight - Kentucky or Nebraska
Wendy Church Birmingham - Las Vegas
Cami Peterson Snyder ALABAMA!!!!!!!!! Maybe Spokane WA...???
Rick Schwartz - New York City
Gina Batchkoff - california. hahahah! :)
Carla Pack Laney - Cicero, Illinois
Patty Sprunt - I wish for Portugal!!... :) but probably Tucson!!
Deana Allbee - Missouri
Ingrid Gonzalez - St. Louis Missouri with my bro!
Cherie Argyle Hardy - Arizona, Spanish speaking
Lori Heade - Vegas
Dorian Harden Lucas - Colorado or Texas
Pam Jones McEwen - Oklahoma! But if he ends up in Denver, I can go stock him for you! LOL
Kimberly Olson Hopkins - Oregon . . . Portland
Wende Deaton Ashley - Washington D.C.
mom - Florida

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Well, today is the day that Elder Bergquist finds out where he will be called to serve while he waits for his visa to be approved. It is like waiting for a mission call all over again! I keep wondering where the Lord will send him!!! Dallin has a GREAT attitude, here is what he had to say about it in his last email... "im kind of excited to get to serve my mission in two different countries." So, there ya go... Dallin and his wonderful attitude, I am so proud of that kid!

I heard from one of the moms on the missionary mom's email group that he will get to call us this evening, they said around 5:30 our time! She also said that he will only get five minutes and then the phone will automatically disconnect! yikes! So, IF he does get to call and tell us I will post WHERE he will be going next Tuesday!!!