Friday, January 21, 2011

Elder Deaton arrives... and Elder Bergquist hosts!

Look at all the cars lined up to bring missionaries to the Missionary Training Center!

Elder Deaton arrives! AND, Elder Berguist just happens to be a host!

Unloading the luggage...

Waving good bye... good bye for 2 years!

It was so exciting to get the phone call from Wende telling me that when they took Elder Deaton to the MTC they looked up and there was Elder Bergquist!
I got an email from him today and he said that he WANTED to ask to be a host, hoping to see his buddy, Kyle, but he thought, oh, well... I will see him eventually. So, he didn't ask. But Tuesday there was a note in their mailbox asking their district to be hosts on Wed!
And, so... there was Elder Bergquist standing at the curb welcoming the new missionaries to the MTC when Elder Deaton and his family pulled up!

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