Monday, January 3, 2011

Snail Mail AND Pictures!!!

He wrote on the back of the pics... the pics are not very good because I can't get our scanner to work so I took a picture of the pictures, haha...

My district, left to right:
Sister Enszer, Sister Taylor, sister Roy Elder Bergquist, Elder Rudolphi
Not sure why we decided to take a picture here, ha oh well, thats all the pictures I have so far really.
Sister Enszer Sister Roy, Sister Taylor, Elder Rudolphi, Elder Bergquist

Men Companeiro Elder Rudolphi

This was mailed out on 12-29-10, we received it on 12-31-1


Here’s the thing about my so called “short” emails that I send, I only have 30 minutes! AND, I have to read the emails you guys send and by the time I get started writing you I have like 10-15 minutes left and then, as you know I type REALLY slow haha. But, I always spend right up to the last minute writing you. 30 minutes just isn’t very long. Christmas sounds like it was a lot of fun. I can’t imagine dad in Sperry’s, haha but that’s cool. What “new” phone did Chad get? And, I feel bad for Devin, I swear he just brought 4 new tires? I knew that’s what they wanted to get, that’s why I was looking at one at Cabela’s haha but that one seemed over priced. I am glad you enjoyed it. (He is referring to the gift that the kids all pitched in and got Brad and I for Christmas, they got us a portable fire pit!) And it’s okay about the package, I’m just happy you sent one. So thank you! (his Christmas package was late due to downloading all the music on his shuffle) And we sang Come Thou Fount tonight as a district and it reminded me of the package and my music! I’m so excited slash not, because now I’ll be so tempted to listen to it haha. (That is his favorite song, and Kaitlin and Janae sang it with Sam accompanying them on the piano and we were able to tape it and put it on the shuffle for him!) I have some Christmas presents in here for you, that’s the main reason for this letter, so Merry Christmas/my birthday! (the pictures he sent!) haha I love you. Thank you for everything!

Elder Bergquist

Oh! P.S.

Elder Nelson came for Christmas! I’ll share a bit of what he said: He told us to talk about our language, the people, the gospel and our testimony in our letters home. He gave us examples of questions he has been asked and some answers: about polygamy: it’s the quickest way to get excommunicated… the others sins take longer… about our beliefs in the bible: of course we believe in it, our members wrote it! I thought those were really funny. He talked a lot about places and names and their origins, that was interesting. Then he left us with a blessing to be safe, show our love to our family and be a tool in Christ’s hand. This was all Sat. afternoon, then that night (Christmas) he talked about “A Christmas Carol” because we had just seen a sort of “play” performed by 2. And, said our missions are not only to (Bras!l) but to their ancestors also. Then Sunday morning in Priesthood he spoke about the Abrahamic Covenant and its application to us. He said add DC 86:8-11 to our Patriarchal blessings and how we are fulfilling that covenant made to Abraham. Then one more blessing J (I thought those were cool) to be strong in the faith, eloquent in example, blessed you! (Families) for my service, obedience will protect us, health & strength, this will be a time of great joy, and we will be able to withstand rejections and have the Lord on our side! We also had a talent show on Christmas and watched Mr. Krueger’s Christmas on the ‘Eve. It was hard getting back into it after a “3 day weekend” But its good now. Love you!

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