Friday, January 7, 2011

1/7/11 Big Gulps?

Here is Elder Bergquist's email I got this morning at 6:55!

Did you get your Birthday package? yes! thank you so much! and i didnt really say much about the Christmas package either. so here it goes...i didnt mean for you guys to send the nice new clippers! and i'm so excited for my ipod! but i cant use it yet. Dont send me anymore food. not that i'm not grateful for it i just have soooo much its ridiculous! i'll never eat it all. i got a package from Farryn, two from you, those cookies and those cupcakes, and then sister ashley sent me one too! i have way too much food for the 45 minutes i have in my room per day haha. especially when every meal is a "buffet" and they have like 5 desserts to choose from there too haha.

Did your district/zone know it was your Bday? yeah they did. the sisters made me another big gulp card haha. okazaki and i always quote that line from dumb and dumber because we love awkward moments. so they made me a card for christmas and a bigger one, with 20 straws for my birthday haha.
Did your teachers? yeah the district sang happy birthday in portuguese
Did they do anything fun for you??? ^ haha

Why is your district so small? (don't most districts have 8 or 10 in them?) yeah usually but probably some got their visas or are brasileiros so they are at the other mtc like theyre supposed to be.

Do you do much with your zone?umm...not really...we get like 45 minutes at the residence hall at night and we'll usuall chill for like 15 or 20. we just got 9 new brailian elders on our floor! and a bunch of the italian missionaries are leaving like this week or next so thats good! but our other brasilian distrisct is leaving the same time as them.

Do you think you will be able to help the new missionaries coming in on the 19th when Kyle comes? (How long do you have to have in the MTC in order to get to go out and help the new guys??) i think you only do it the last week were here so i dont think so...

Have any more missionaries gotten their visas this week that you know of? no. still just the 2 from our zone

Did you have your interview with the councilor in your bishopric this past week? nope. we were supposed to but the president wasnt here so he had to take on his responsibilities too

When did you feel the Spirit the strongest? last night we had a testimony meeting thing as a district and when i got up it was crazy how the words just flowed. i didnt have one time when i couldnt think of a word or a conjugation or anything. it was really cool. the spirit does help especially when your declaring the wrod of God!

When and how often do you teach? we have two progressing investigators (our teachers) and just started with the 3rd that will be in all portuguese. roberto (brough) has a baptismal date for the 12th and the other is a little slower because hes mozambiquan but hes set for the 23rd. then we teach once a weeek at the trc this week was the last week of english there.

can you get the pics that I email? yes. i got those rain ones. i cant send any though i guess...? sei la thank you guys so much for everything! I love you all! and tell kyle or wendi i'll be writing him a letter. in about 20 minutes probably haha. i only have 6 minutes left on here but i'm gonna save it in case i can gget on later and i think of anything else i wanna say. BYe! LOveYOU! and i love this work!

welp i guess you didnt wanna write back haha. oh well. the only other thing i could think of is thanks for the pictures too! i kinda wish there would have been more of the family, but most of them were really good. thanks for everything! i love you guys! i wish i had the time or the stomach to eat all that food though. i've already gained like 10 lbs hahaha. well i gotta go! hope evrything is going well at home!
Love Elder Bergquist

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