Friday, January 28, 2011

1/28/11 A Sprain

10:44 am
i just got on to print. so i'll read and respond later. about 4 or 4:30. but i need aimee's adress if at all possible. please. haha i wrote her a letter last week and then realized i dont know where she lives anymore hahaha. that would be greatly appreciated. thanks. love you guys! talk to you soon!

4:05 pm
Dear family,
Hows everyone doing?? I hope everyone is well...i'll answer the questions first to get them out of the way haha.

Do you want me to send you Elder Geer's journal entries via "DearElder" too? no i printed it out. thanks though

Did you go to the temple this morning? yes

Did you do a session or initiatories? we did initiatories. it was cool because i had pretty much forgotten that whole thing, since i did it the first time like 4 months ago haha

How is your friend? he seems to be doing better. he admitted to me hes having a little trouble feeling homesick/discouraged but its something every missionary goes through at the mtc and he just feels like hes the only one but we had a talk sunday about that very thing and the guy asked how many people had had the thought of going home since theyve been here and like over half the people stood up. so that made him feel better i'm trying to help him realize if you just pray thats the best way to do anythnig haha and let him know that i went through it too but you just gotta be confident, we're in the right place. theres nowhere better we could be

So, several of us wondered how it was "giving up your addition" to quoting movies this week? not that good haha i had like 2 a day still. it was hard.

What did the rest of your district have to give up? sister roy always says rude so she had to give that up sister enszer has a nervous habit of playing with her watch and sister taylor is pretty much perfect so we made something up but it was dumb haha

Are you going to send us some more pics before you leave the MTC? i'll probably send the sd card home right before i leave

Did you get to be a host again this week? yeah i hosted for a deaf elder it was interesting.

Have you guys had another General Authority come and speak? we get a general authority almost every tuesday night for devotional, this week it was elder gong of the 70

Did you get Mike and Ricky's emails that I sent you via DearElder? yes. thank you, please continue to do that. i've been giving them to elder deaton after i read them too haha so thats good.

Thank you for the journal antries, that was really cool. i cant wait to be like that for someone, and change their and their familys life forever. That will be great. I got like a week and half left and i'll be headed out there to start doing it! and thank you guys for the fast. i didnt get a chance to join but next sunday i will for sure. Thats cool what theyre saying about visas too. i'm really happy about that but at the same time im kind of excited to get to serve my mission in two different countries. so tell them to holf off for like one transfer haha. And thats really cool about scn 76 of dc. Really interesting. i kinda always wondered about that but its really that pertinent to missionary work and helping investigators come to Christ haha so i havent really studied it. but thank you for doing it for me haha. and i love that quote by president hinckley. i used it in my stake conference talk i believe. anyway, this week i sprained my ankle. gues what i was doing. playing basketball right? wrong. i was playing volleyball. so stupid! haha i was so mad, k so maybe it wasnt a sprain, maybe it was, who knows anymore with these ankles, i roll them so often i dont know the difference. so i'll probably be staying off the bball court and vball court till i get out of here which is kinda sad but oh well. also i got my haircut today haha. we're not allowed to cut our own hair in the mtc so i had to pay to get it done haha but i have like 16 bucks still on my account thing here so its no big deal. umm other than that, the mtc is great, but i've been here too long haha i'm ready to get out of here and start teaching actual people! i'm scared about the language but i know the Lord will help me. sei que o senhor nunca da ordens aos filhos dos homens sem antes preparar um caminho pelo qual suas ordens possam ser cumpridas. haha. i love you all! i love this gospel. i love my savior and i love this work already, even though i've only been practicing so far haha have a good week! i find out about my reassignment this week so that will be the first thing in the email next week haha eu amo voces! tchau,
Elder Bergquist

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