Friday, January 21, 2011

1/21/11 de repente! there he was! (Elder Deaton)

12:09 pm
just got on to print my emails to save some time on reading. i'll write you back later. hopefully i'll be able to write a little more this time. haha love you guys!

4:56 pm
Did you get the package Diana sent you? yes it was a charger for the ipod. i already have one but this one is better so it will be more reliable haha the other one i have is kinda crappy. so tell her thanks if you can because i may or may not get to write them back soon

Did you do initiatories this week? no we went to a session again. we for sure are going to before we go out to the field but idk when

What day do you go to the temple? Today/Friday? yeah. usually around 10 am

Did anything funny happen this week? yeah probably but i dont remember much haha all i remember is that i'm not allowed to quote movies for a week because we had a lesson on addictions so they took that away from me so i can see how in vestigators feel trying to quit an addiction. we all got a "habit" taken away

Are you taking lots of pics? (I am sad that I only have 3 of you!!!) not lots in your opinion probably haha but i feel like im taking a lot

How are you feeling the language is coming?? its comin alright. i love it! but i'm not that good at it. our lesson this week at the trc was pretty good though in all portuguese. we had to contact a guy in his "store" and share a little about the church based on what we found out about him and then ask to come by his house later to teach him more. it went pretty well i thought except he was old so had a hard time hearing us especially my comp because hes really quiet even compared to me

Tell us all about your experience as a "greeter"!!! HOW did you get to do that? i was going to ask if i could because i really wanted to host to see if i could find elder deaton but then i was just like oh well i'll see him around anyway...but then in the mail on tuesday we had an invitaion for our district to host so we did. and i was watching for him the whole time and i would like give the other new missionaries to other elders hoping that kyle would show up and then de repente! there he was! and they were supposed to be pulling in the curb space one down from where i was so i just walked over and said " can i take this one elders?" haah it wasnt too hard to pull off. it just kinda happened. maybe because i was praying for it but idk because thats something that i dont even know if it mattered haha but we just show them their bedroom, which kyles is in my building on my floor so we get to see each other every night ha. then we get their supplies, then we take them to their class room and leave them haha

How long did you do it? the "whole day" haha there are elders coming from like 12-2ish so i did it then

How was Kyle?! he seemes really excited and not to sad to be leaving home ha so thats good

Did you get Mike's email and I sent you via "dearelder"? (sorry but I didn't get one from Ricky this week) yes! and tell the brambilas that ricky can email me if he wants because i can print them, but i might not have time to write back

Tell us more about the spiritual experiences you had THIS week!!!! the only big one i can think of was that i was thinking and praying about some people and how i could help them and then opened my scriptures and it happened to be to 3 nephi 18 it talks about ministering to them and praying for them and holding up the light (our Savior) so that was really cool, it was like an instant answer. I know God hears our prayers and he knows us each individually and if we pray with intent, it works.

Have you heard anything on the visa? nope. we are kept in the dark unless we get it then they tell us what time our flight is at the next day.

other than that, thanks for the garments by the way, not sure why you sent me a pair that was 34 or 36 or something though, im not gaining that much weight! haha and thats a pretty good name for the new sobrinho haha i like it. oh and about the coat, yeah its pretty cold, its the middle of winter in utah haha but that day i was just outside a lot and it was raining that morning so i was wearing it. Tell JON TO WRITE ME!!!!! but its cool if you tell me about his call too i guess....tell him its free on dearelder. i dont need a real letter haha.
Dad: thanks for the updates and as always Charlie's job sounds fun haha. what does the lakers are doing fine mean? haha i talked about the language already and i'll tell you more about my comp in chads haha because he is chad.
Chad: sounds like you're doing a good job with pole vaulting, and sounds like you might be becoming an actual bergquist. better break that record, i dont really like the kid taht has it now hahah jk but seriously. and do better in spanish BOII!! haha anyway, i dont miss you too much becasue i'm still with you 24/7 haha my comp is just like you. i told him a story today and he goes, cool. i ask him what he wants to do, i dunno doesnt matter. what do you want to teach our investigator. i dunno...what do want to study i dont care haha its funny.
love you all! write you next week! tchau!

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