Monday, January 3, 2011

12/24/10 I talk too much!

Elder Bergquist only gets 30 minutes to email us. It was kind of cute, he immediately emailed me "hi" just to see if I was on line... and then you can see after he answered all my questions he wrote a couple more short emails...

12-24-10 @ 2:41

hi mom


Have you been in the Provo temple yet? yeah we went last p day but its closed til january now
Are you guys having reg classes this week? (I keep wondering if the employees are home with their families or if they are still there teaching you guys!) most of them are gone. but we still have classes. if theres no teacher we just have MDT(missionary determined time) and do personal, comp, or lang study. our teacher irmao brough only left last night and the
okazaki comes back monday and theres no classes today or tomorrow or sunday so we're alright. we had a couple subs for okazaki this week and will have a few for brough next week
How is the food? What kind of things do they serve? (I want you to take pics of the cafeteria! AND pics of the email and laundry room!) i cant take my camera in the cafeteria or the email room. the email room is just a computer lab where we do some of our lang study across the hall from our classroom and the food is the exact same food as the cannon center so its fine
Have you and your comp argued about anything? nothing. but he told me i talk too much in the lessons yesterday. but he talks about as much as chad so i kinda feel like i have to or it will just be quiet and awkward...idk
Have you met any missionaries that are going to Belo yet? yeah i met two this week. dont remember their names though. and i met that pilot kid haha he's in my zone.
How do you feel that the language is coming along? it ok...i feel like i'm behind but my teachers keep telling me im doing really well but i think thats just to keep my spirits up hah and i dont care if you email or call okazaki haha go for it if you want to. you can find out more about whats going on here
Is there anything that you need me to send you? no...not yet. i might need socks but i'll let you know. ask derek about socks in brasil...? like dress socks...?
Have you gotten the package from grandma yet? yeah :) it was consecrated oil from the garden of geth. and it was perfect because i accidentally left mine at home!
The one from Farryn? yes i did. lots of food haha and some homemade oreos :)
The one from Kaitlin? yeah. cupcakes from the cocoa bean or whatever. she said she thought it was from you too...? haha idk
Did you ever get the peanut butter cookies with the kisses on top that I sent? yes i did! thank you! thay were really good! obviously not as good as mine but they were good haha
What is the MTC doing for ya'll for Christmas? we have like 2 devotional/firesides and a talent show tomorrow. one devo tonight
Have there been any General Authorities there to speak to you guys? we've have had two 70's but i didnt recognize either of their names.
What has the Spirit taught you this week? i cant think of anything it taught me per say...but yesterday at the TRC it was really strong when we were teaching this guy the first lesson and i recited the first vision. it felt like the roof was about to pop off because it was so strong and after i bore my testimony he was like i feel something...i have like goosebumps, so naturally we were like thats the spirit testifying of the truthfulness of what we're teaching. it was really cool and i cant wait until we have the opportunity to teach the people of brasil like that and get o baptise them at the end of it! Haha


i only have about 3.5 minutes left


oh i went to the bookstore today to get some pictures printed. i should get them within like 5 days. so you should have them in about two weeks or less


i also got a padded envelope to send my sd card home in but i dont think its worth it. because i've only taken like 5 pictures. we're basically only allowed our cameras on p days. and we took them to the temple one week...


gotta go bye

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