Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Birthday Wishes on Elder Bergquist's FB Wall

Elder Bergquist! I thought I would just copy your “Happy Birthday” wishes from everyone from your FB wall and let you see how many posted!!! I love you! MOM

Darwin Anthony Miguel Go Happy Birthday bro!

Ashley Karen Jorgensen happy happy birthday best friend! I am so proud of you for serving a mission. I know you are doing so amazing. time will fly! see you so soon :]

Long Beach Breezy Happy B'day Elder Bergquist!! Miss our laugh sessions! Proud of you!

Patrick Ortiz Happy bday Dallin Have a good one!

Kelly Orgill wished a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ** Tristan Hemphill wished a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ** Donnie Bonelli wished a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ** Kenzi Crompton wished a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ** Kimberly McKinley wished a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ** Kelsey Kay wished a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! ** Kelsey Kay sent a GIFT!

Michael Spaleta Happy bday dal pal!

Kelsey Anne O'Connor happy birthday dobby!!!!

Robert Horspool Happy Birthday!

Andre Martin Happy Birthday dallin

Carissa Gossard Happy Birthday Elder! :)


Rebekah Brambila Happy Birthday Elder!!! We love you!!

Joshua Villa Happy Birthday Dallin!

Cherie Argyle Hardy Happy Birthday Elder

Shaila Measles Bergquist Happy Birthday Elder Bergquist, I love you! We are still praying for your visa!!!

Tahni Bruno happy birthday! :)

Quentin Washington happy bday man

Kristen Skye Bibbee Happy Birthday!

Samuel Kim happy birthday!

Adrianna Spaleta Happy Birthday !!

Farryn Nichols no better way to celebrate Elder Dallin Bergquist's birthday than with a letter :) Happy Birthday to my Best Friend!

Luve Adams Hall happy birthday dallin!

Tiffany Joy Lane Happy Birthday Dallin...hope u have a great day!

Matthew Bo Perez Happy Birthday

Melody Sabooki happppybirfffday dalllin!

Vince Perez happy bday dalpal

Rose Hennessy Happy Birthday Dal. Proud of you! ♥

Heather Christine happy birthday:)

Tristan Hemphill Happy Birthday Dallin! I hope that you had a great day!

Amber Baker McLaughlin Happy Birthday Dallin!!

Marilu Bustamante Happy Birthday Dallin :)

Blake Bergquist oh oh oh... and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my baby bro Dall Pal

Jessica Jenson Happy Belated Birthday Dallin! (: Hope you had a great birthday and I wish you the best of luck on your mission.

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