Monday, January 3, 2011


We had NO idea when his Pday was... all of the new missionaries email on Saturday to let the family know they are doing well... but he either didn't know when his Pday was (the day he gets to email) or he forgot to tell us... so I emailed him several times... for 2 reasons, I was feeling REALLY bad that he didn't have a letter to read when he got on the computer on Saturday and just because I wasn't really sure when he would be getting on line again...

Anyway, we found out that his Pday (Preparation Day) is on Friday's... here is his 2nd email home! (I type up questions for him to answer... he cuts and pastes them onto a new email so, some of what you will read will be my questions - obviously!)

12-17-10 @1:08

Where are the sisters in your district from? sister roy is from san diego. sister enszer is from wisconsin...? i think haha. and sister taylor is from georgia

Do you want us to bring up dad's bball shoes when we come next week? no i'm doing fine with my indoors. its only half court anyway

Are you taking lots of pics? i took a few at the temple on sunday but i left my camera in my room! hopefully i can get back on a little later and send some to you.

When do you have gym? its in the mornings on mon, tue, thurs, and sat, and then in the afternoon on wednesday.

Do you exercise in the morning? i exercise in gym only. haha even in our afternoon period when we cant go to the gym because of the incoming missionaries i did like maybe 100 push ups in the whole 50 minutes and thats it haha i dont like working out just for the sake of working out. you know that haha

Do you happen to have Br. Okazaki for a teacher? (my roommate from BYU ~ her daughter is dating him.... he teaches Portuguese at the MTC so... she just wondered) weirdest thing ever when i read that. i was like how in the world did she know that!? yes i do. thats weird. tell me her name and stuff about her in a dear elder so i can freak him out this week

Since the only guys in your district are you and your comp, do you have 2 other Elders in your room or not?? no we dont. we both have bottom bunks on opposite sides haha. he reminds me so much of chad its crazy. he doesnt talk, he wears glasses, he's literal about everything haha

Who do you play Bball with? Are they in your zone or just random guys? some are in my zone but usually not. just whoever is on the court at the time haha theres like 6 courts and you just shoot for teams so whoever makes it plays and whoever doesnt goes to the next court and tries again haha

Is everyone in your district going to Brasil? yeah. my comp is going to terazina or something, then one to brasilia and two to somewhere else i cant remember haha

Did you get a preach my gospel in English or Portuguese? i got both. they normally only give it in port. but i left mine in the car so they gave me an english one too

I am guessing you got your scriptures in Portuguese, right? yes. haha

How many teachers do you have? just two. the other one is irmao (brother) brough. and he kinda reminds me of derek haha. but way shorter

Are they all young? i think brough is 23 or so and i'm not sure about okazaki you probably know better than i do

How big is your branch? probably like 60 or 70 but it changes every week with everyone coming and going

Was church in English? the missionaries give talks in their language(like 3 of them) either Portuguese or Italian. its about half and half. and then the president spoke in english

Are there a lot in the MTC that are going to Brasil? yeah but i dont really know haha i havent like talked to everyone but i havent met anyone going to my mission

So, how does it feel to have that name tag on??!!! :) it feels great! i love this thing haha it makes me so happy. especially that its in another language that i can understand now! and i was going to try to get on later to send pics but i cant now because i spent too much time answering your questions! haha so you'll have to wait. and the reason my email was so short last week is because i didnt have you interrogating me! but its 30 minutes 27 is just how much i had left after i wrote you haha. i love you guys. keep telling me more about stuff going on there i only have 3 minutes left now. tell me about okazaki and keep me updated. tell dad thanks for the email but he'll just have to read this one because i dont have time left. i love you! friday is my pday by the way haha and i'll probably email between like 1 and 3 most of the time but it depends. dear elders i can read ahead of time though so you can just send me both so i can respond quicker...idk. oh and music isnt allowed in the mtc! haha! sucks. oh well. well. bye now

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