Monday, January 3, 2011

12/31/10 How can the children learn to read if they can't even fit inside the building?"

12-31-10 @ 1:57

Thats crazy about sal. dad said the same thing in his email. Grandma got a puppy?! haha that seems weird. but thats good for her. im sure she gets lonely and that way the grand kids probably will come over more often haha.

How is the language coming along? the language...ummm its coming...slowly but its coming.

Have you met more guys going to Belo? i think i told you last week. i only know of two others here that are going there but im sure theres more...sei la

Do you hear of any of the missionaries getting their visas and leaving? or does it seem like they are all going stateside and waiting? (I pray for your visa to come EVERY day!!!) we have had two from our branch get their visas and leave since ive been here. one in like the week before christmas and one like 3 days ago (a sister)

So, is 1/2 your ward Portuguese and the other 1/2 Italian? about that...well probably more italian now since we had one Portugal district leave and we've had one italian one come in and i dont think were getting anymore portuguese because they stopped calling them from the states ya know...i dunno i guess we'll see

How many in your ward? (approx) probably like 40 or so

Do you meet with your Bishop often? branch president...every week as leadership, but not like personal interviews. one of the counselors said he'd be interviewing with us this saturday

Do you meet with your Mission Pres often? never

Did you get the "yellow card" I mailed you (for the yellow fever)? yes. thanks for the "letter" you sent with it ha dumb blank piece of paper

What was the funniest thing that happened this week? we were talking about dear johns at dinner and seeing if anyone had a gf or bf at home or whatever and someone asked me and i said no and they were like are you sure? i was like yeah...they were like so you wont get a dear john and i said how could i get a dear john if theres no john to dear. then sister roy followed that up with "how can the children learn to read if they cant even fit inside the building?" (from zoolander) yes, we're missionaries. we're already going crazy and really dumb things are funny haha

Tell me of a time this week when you felt the Spirit? its hard to think when im on the spot especially when theres a timer on! but i'll think of something

I loved the story you told last week of feeling the Spirit when you were teaching!!! Is it hard teaching in Portuguese or do you feel that you are getting the hang of it? we havent started teaching in portuguese yet. we can bare testimony and like talk to people i guess but we dont start teaching in it til i think next week.


i have 10 more minutes so let me know if you have anymore questions haha


Hey there son! I forgot to ask you what you guys did for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day??!!! Did you have a general authority speak??? And, grandma wanted to know if you got the $ she sent you? i sent you a letter all about'll see :) and i sent grandma a response. yes i got it.


also happy new years everyone! and tell chad good job on scandia. hahaha


probably felt the spirit most this week in a lesson okazaki taught about the priesthood. and we talked about joseph smith and read the verse about his calling and election being made sure. it was really cool. well and of course when elder nelson spoke to us. his talk about the Abrahamic covenant was really good. my letter talks about it more


big gulps huh? welp, see ya later. haha love you guys! talk to you next week!

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