Monday, January 3, 2011

Our FIRST Email

I felt soooooooooooooo bad that we had not emailed him yet!!! I had asked him in the car on the way to the MTC what his new email addy was and I miss understood him, so I had it wrong! I had tried 3 or 4 times and it would not go thru!!!! :(

As you will soon see he says haha pretty much after EVERY sentence! We tease that he and his friends use haha and a period! :)


You didn't even email me yet?? haha i figured i would have like 4 already haha. So first of all i need some immunization stuff. I need all the dates for my MMR shots or whatever. they want you to fax it i think. but i dont know where to! haha i left the card in my room and i only have 27 minutes on here! haha. so send that if you can. i'll send you a letter with the number or whatever and info. I also need a yellow card thing from my yellow fever? i have no idea what they were talking about but i hope you do! k so now about the mission. i've been here what? 3 days? haha it feels like forever and i've learned so much. we're already praying in portuguese as of the second night. dont ask how haha also we've learned how to bare testimony which is cool. those are the two main things but we've learned a lot of other stuff too. My companion is from colorado springs and is way into the army and likes history. he kinda makes me think of chad. i think he'll be a little like elder Rudolphi when he goes on a mission haha. We have class like 14 hours a day, so i'm tired pretty much all the time. mostly not physically just mentally. but thats good i guess...just exhausting. I love it though! I'm learning faster than i ever thought i could ha. oh yeah! meu distrito...i was made district leader. but before you freak out there was only two choices and i'm pretty sure we switch halfway through. haha but its cool :) there is just 5 of us. 3 sisters: sister roy, enszer and taylor. then me and my companion. so we're a really small district. but its cool because we pretty much do everything as a whole district. Also, we get a lot of like personal attention from our teachers because its just the 5 of us in class. its really fun though. we play b ball everyday for gym. well, so far i kinda wish i would have taken dads shoes haha but its cool how are things at home? i'm sure things have changed a lot in the last 3 days that i've been gone. haha did chad make the team? anyway talk to you later! love you guys! please look for that immunization stuff! and send it asap!


Elder Bergquist

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