Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Visa Pictures...

Brad got an email this morning marked "URGENT!!!! OPEN ASAP!!" from Dallin... This is what it said..

I got a call yesterday to come down here to fill out my online visa application! So i just did it! and i'm sending them up to the travel office thingy, BUT! they need two more visa pictures as well! So please send those asap! the address is:

And then he gave us the info for email, snail mail and to call...

and i just called her, she said it was fine for you to just send the pictures, she just needs them asap. Thanks! please send them today if at all possible! love you! tchau! oh and mom i sent you an email but it is having problems sending, i tried to resend but we'll see. i hope you get it.
Elder Bergquist

Brad just sent them via email and I just called to make sure that was okay. Chelsea was very nice and said she thought it would work, she is trying to get it to print out. She said if there is a problem she would call me. I also asked her if this meant that his visa is getting closer to being processed and she said yes. I asked if she had any idea how long it might take and she said, "Unfortunately, there is no way of telling but this IS a good sign... it IS moving!" So, lets just hope and pray some more!!!

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