Saturday, February 5, 2011

a FIVE minute phone call...

Dallin found out where he would be going to serve Wednesday! I was told by one of the missionary mom's from the email list that he would get a 5 minute phone call that evening telling us where he was going.... no call came.

BUT, Thursday evening the call came!!! We were SO excited to hear from him! He sounded great, very happy, but ready to get out of the MTC and get to teaching the gospel of Jesus Christ!

After telling him we loved him and was so very proud of him we asked where he was called to serve and he told us.... BILLINGS MONTANA!!!!

I was TOTALLY shocked. I thought since he was packed and ready for WARM weather he would go somewhere in the nation that was relatively warm. Not the case... not where the Lord needs him.

His companion was sent to Tempe, AZ. 2 of the sister missionaries were sent to San Jose, CA and the other sister was sent to Houston, TX.

The phone call was um... short. He called from the lobby of the MTC and there is a timer on the phone, so all of a sudden you heard beepbeepbeep and he said, "Mom, I have 30 seconds left" and then just a couple of seconds later we again heard, beepbeepbeep and he said, "10 seconds" and we all said, "I love you" and then I QUICKLY asked, "Will you get to call from the airport?" CLICK.

That was the end of the phone call! No answer, haha...

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