Monday, February 21, 2011

2/21/11 Call it a coincidence if you want, but i think the Lord's hand was in that.

Dallin's email to his dad...

Sounds like a sweet all star game! Kobe's the man! i hope you save that one on the dvr for me for when i get home! hahaha. I'm so happy he dunked on lebron! good stuff! sounds like a good time for dereks birthday! tell Kobe i said hi haha and the ranch haha. Hows the weather down there? just curious, i cant really remember when "winter" ends down there and whatnot, because we still have like 2 months of it up here ha. And i dont care if its a boy or a girl! i just want to meet him/her! haha we were with a family the other night and their kid wanted me to hold him so bad haha he loved me! (he's like 6 months old) but i couldn't! it kinda sucked i hope Derek and Brit's loves me that much also i hope he decides to not be born until like december of next year hahahah, that would be fun for brittany! haha anyway, thanks for the letter and the updates! i love you
pops! tchau!
Love, your son,
Elder Bergquist

And his other email...

Dear Family!
How is everybody doing?? Before i forget, happy birthday Derek! Other than that, i'll answer your questions first.

Have you heard all the songs on your ipod? Did you find the one with Kaitlin and Janae singing? How about the one with Barry? I sure hope we got both of them on there! i have gone through them all, not necessarily listened to them all carefully or anything haha and no i didnt find the one of kaitlin and janae, but i did hear the one with Uncle Barry. it was good. i love that song.

Did you get your car back? yes. it was crazy. Sunday it broke down, ( it was cold and snow on the ground) we pushed it into a parking lot, then found a ride home that night, got a ride into town the next morning by some random non member that drove past us on the way into town (we live like 4 or 5 miles out of town) and walked that whole day because our bikes had a couple of flats so we got some new tubes and fixed them after realizing we had no pump so we had to ask everyone we visited if they had one, then by the end of the night we finally found one so we rode home. (that day was probably 35, which is super warm for february!) then we rode bikes everyday pretty much, but it was crazy because they told us they wouldnt even be able to look at it til the end of the week so we thought we wouldnt get it back tile like this wednesday or something. And so tuesday and thursday it was like 45 both days! it was crazy! and then friday it was supposed to snow, but it didnt and it stayed pretty warm and we got a call in the afternoon that our car was done so we went and got it and were very thankful, then saturday morning we walk outside and theres like 2 inches of snow on the ground. and its been snowing ever since. Call it a coincidence if you want, but i think the Lord's hand was in that. I'm very thankful we had the car back for yesterday. we got a couple (or a couple 3 as they say here) inches of snow and it was like 15 degrees for the high i think.

Where is Elder Short going? I cant remember haha somewhere up more northern than me i think but not like in the amazon...idk haha

Have you met him? yeah, we go hang out with them every p-day pretty much. we stayed the night out there last week because we had no car and district meeting is on tuesdays and we went on exchanges on monday night for a couple hours. it was cool. i went with his comp though, elder hancock

Is he the only other Elder there going to Brasil? in our district yes, but there are like 6 in the mission i guess, and one that has been here like 3 months longer than me, the rumor is that his visa is estimated to come within the next month. ha idk how but thats what i hear.

Which wards did you go to this week? we went to 1 and 3 ha, as if that means anything to you.....

Did you have any investigators come to church? nope :( its frustrating

Did you have any investigators come to institute this week? (did you go?) we went two days, there werent any that we were aware of

Did you get to teach any lessons this week? yeah haha like 15 or something

Did you meet with the "former investigator" you met while out tracting? yeah, she was crazy, she just wanted to tell us what was wrong with the church and what we should improve. she kept bringing up "article 11 as written by joseph smith" (article of faith 11) and how people are forcing her to get baptized and she doesnt want to she just wants to learn and we told her basically that she would understand everything better if she read the book of mormon because she said she hadnt yet but she doesnt want to meet with us, thats what the main thing was i think, that she didnt want us to come back

How about the guy whose best friend is on a mission?? ummmmm.....not sure, we're going to call him back tomorrow and see if he read or anything...the lesson went alright, but they werent very talkative so it was hard to tell. he brought a friend too, she seemed a little more interested, but we'll see...

And, how about the lady that you left a card on her door and she called you?? that was the same lady the "former investigator"

Any thing funny happen this week? just that meeting with her really. she was kinda crazy haha

When did you feel the Spirit the strongest? probably in our lesson with Kelda (one of our investigators) and kevin (her husband and a less active member) we basically just like laid down the law with him and kinda told him that he knows what he needs to do and if he does it will set an example for her and committed him to coming to church this week, but just baring testimony to him about the importance of going to church and whatnot was really good. also we had another guy, less active, named Jake (he kinda reminds me of Blake, not sure why ha) but we ran into him in the store a couple weeks ago and he told us he wanted to come back to church, so we have been meeting with him and we found out he wants to get active because his 6 year old niece wants him to be in the circle when she gets the holy ghost and he promised her he would, so we had a similar experience with him, but he doesnt have a desire to go to church really yet, so we bore testimony that he could get that desire back if he does the little things, so we bore testimony of the importance of prayer and regaining that relationship with his father in heaven first and thats where it all starts, and then we had him say the prayer before we left, and the spirit was just really strong.
Other than that, this weeek wasn't too exciting, i pretty much expanded on your questions to tell you all the the things i wanted to say haha. so, amo todos voces keep doin what you're doing! you're all great. Chad! get your spanish grade up! other than that, good job!
Elder BerGQuist
ps i sent you the sd card...just send back the music on that. and the pics ha...and paul cardall just plays piano. he's on our computer...remember the playlist i made before i left on itunes...? haha just add that to the card when you send it back. no i dont need the cd's, and no i cant find the recording or whatever... oh, and while my comp is working on fb and his blog i do language study! i listen to a lot of talks in portuguese

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