Saturday, February 5, 2011

Where oh, where...

Dallin's visa hasn't come yet and it is time to leave the MTC so... Where oh, where will Dallin be "called to serve" will waiting for his visa?

I posted that of Facebook and here were the responses...

Melissa Peel Swainston, Brad, Derek & Devin - Texas
Tristan Hemphill - Salt Lake
Amanda Joie Biggart - Arizona!
Cara Batchkoff - NC with Brennen!
Tami Goodman Reyes - Washington.
Lawrence McGriff - ATL GEORGIA !!!
Nora - Pennsilvania!
Vivian Rawdon-Perkins San Antonio Texas
Nancy Allbee Texas would be really a fun connection for him.
David Norman - NYC
Doug Grover - ft. worth
Farryn Nichols - oregon
Linda Kowallis - riverside calif.
Rachel Lynn Schwartz - masachusettes
Becky Teague-Fowler - somewhere in texas
Laurie Rose McKnight - Kentucky or Nebraska
Wendy Church Birmingham - Las Vegas
Cami Peterson Snyder ALABAMA!!!!!!!!! Maybe Spokane WA...???
Rick Schwartz - New York City
Gina Batchkoff - california. hahahah! :)
Carla Pack Laney - Cicero, Illinois
Patty Sprunt - I wish for Portugal!!... :) but probably Tucson!!
Deana Allbee - Missouri
Ingrid Gonzalez - St. Louis Missouri with my bro!
Cherie Argyle Hardy - Arizona, Spanish speaking
Lori Heade - Vegas
Dorian Harden Lucas - Colorado or Texas
Pam Jones McEwen - Oklahoma! But if he ends up in Denver, I can go stock him for you! LOL
Kimberly Olson Hopkins - Oregon . . . Portland
Wende Deaton Ashley - Washington D.C.
mom - Florida

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