Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Well, today is the day that Elder Bergquist finds out where he will be called to serve while he waits for his visa to be approved. It is like waiting for a mission call all over again! I keep wondering where the Lord will send him!!! Dallin has a GREAT attitude, here is what he had to say about it in his last email... "im kind of excited to get to serve my mission in two different countries." So, there ya go... Dallin and his wonderful attitude, I am so proud of that kid!

I heard from one of the moms on the missionary mom's email group that he will get to call us this evening, they said around 5:30 our time! She also said that he will only get five minutes and then the phone will automatically disconnect! yikes! So, IF he does get to call and tell us I will post WHERE he will be going next Tuesday!!!

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