Monday, February 7, 2011

2/4/11 I'm not gonna call...

HOW did you get your "reassignment"? we are suppoosed to get them in the mailbox but we went up to the travel office as we were passing by in the morning and the lady just gave them to us.
Did it come in an envelope in your mailbox like your original call? no it was just one sheet of paper that had the flight plans on it and when to be at the travel office
How did you feel when you found out you would be going to Billings? kinda weird. i was sssooooooo excited and then i thought i know a bunch of people there so i could get trained by one of them and that would be really weird
Where did you get to call us from? a payphone by the front desk of the mtc
When did you find out that you would get to call us? when i got my reassignment they gave me a slip to call home
How do you feel about leaving the MTC? so excited!!!! i've been here way too long.
Have you been writing in your journal? yeah but probably not as much as i should. i probably have like 15 entries ha
Do you have 2 sd cards for your camera? yeah
Did you get to go to the temple this morning? yeah it was really good because today has been so hectic so it was nice to have a break
Did you get to be a host again this week? we could have but we had just gotten our reassignments so we had other things on our mind and they were sooner than we thought so we had to take care of some stuff
How is your ankle? its fine. i can still feel it but i dont like limp or anything. ask derek. hahaah
Okay, so you said that you can buy warm stuff... did you mean THERE at the MTC or when you get to Billings? i have the warm stuff derek brought in. hahahai have all the money i came with. dont worry. and i have my card but i dont know how much is left in the account now
Do you know Robert Hughes? not well but yeah i know him
I wonder if Derek, Devin and Blake could come see you at the airport? they probably could but its in the white handbook not to let people come see you haha and i saw derek today anyway hahaa
How is Kyle doing? pretty good. i think a lot better. i got his key to his room from him today and wrote him a bunch of notes that i'm going to hide in his stuff haha
Will you get to call from the airport? i dont know. i have to be there at like 7 something and then i'm not sure when my flight leaves. i'll get to call on the layover between going to brasil though. and when i get my visa. i think i'm gonna pass on this one. talking to you last night got my mind so confused. i think i'm better off not calling you so i can stay more focused for now.
What time does your flight actually leave? i'm not sure i think around 9

so crazy that i'm serving in Dirk's mission. i'll let you guys know what area im in and that would be way cool to be able to check on some of his old converts! have him let me know who i can look for! and my branch president went there too it is still the same misssion home from when he went and hes way older than dirk haha. weirdest thing just happened! i went up to the front desk to get my address in billings and i heard someone talking about their brother going to brazil that needed warm clothes and i looked over and saw derek! it was soooo weird. i felt like i was breaking every rule ever hahaah he was like oh! this is him. can he just take it?? i swear we didnt plan this its a complete accident hahaha it was so weird slash funny. anyway my address is

Elder Dallin Bergquist
1848 Rimrock Rd
Billings, MT 59102

at least for now...and you can put that on facebook for me.
anyway, tell blake thanks for the jacket. and tell him to write me! i wanna know what hes doing, even though i know he doesnt tell the rest of the family, tell him i'll keep it a secret haha. and the rest of the brothers can write me. especially derek, in portuguese, that will help me keep the little bit of the language i do have, i'll try to write back in portuguese as best i can.
thank you i love you! bye!

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