Saturday, February 5, 2011

It wasn't planned, I promise!

I had to go to work on Friday but all I could think about was how is Dallin going to survive in Montana with 1 suit and short sleeve shirts??!!!

Kaitlin gave him a nice black North Face coat last year for his Bday which Blake decided he would use while Dallin was in Brasil... luckily, Blake had it and was in Provo! Derek and Brittany just happened to be down visiting Devin and Diana... Devin was at work but Derek and the girls went shopping for some "warm" things to take to Elder Bergquist in the MTC... I was at work but Derek called me several times so we could figure out what to get him. He picked up some thermals, warm socks, a scarf, a beanie, and gloves. They put these things in a bag with the coat and took them up to the MTC since Elder Bergquist would be leaving the very next morning early. Derek had never been to that MTC since he was able to go straight to the MTC in Brasil. They accidentally drove right past the entrance and had to turn around and come back. The girls sat in the car while Derek ran the bag of clothes in.

Derek walked up to the front desk and explained to the guy that his brother was supposed to go to Brasil but his visa hadn't come and he was leaving the next morning to go to Billings Montana to serve until his visa came and he needed some warm clothing. Derek said that all of a sudden he felt a hand on his shoulder and he turned and looked and there was Elder Bergquist!!! Derek said he was so shocked he didn't even know what to say! It was kind of weird/awkward for both of them so Dallin just kept talking to the lady that was getting him the info he needed and Derek just kept talking to the guy that was filling out the paperwork for the stuff he was dropping off... then Derek said, "Can I just give it to him?" And, the lady and the guy both looked at him weird.... he said, "That is my brother. We didn't plan this, it's a complete accident!" haha... they let him just take the bag of warm stuff and Derek started to walk away... then he turned and said something like... you are here and I am here... we might as well hug good bye! AND THEY DID!!! I cannot believe that they saw each other and almost didn't hug!!! Crazy boys... Derek called and told me as soon as they left! He said he came out to the car all smiles and they asked why he was smiling so big and he said he had just seen Dallin! He told them that if they pulled up they could see him, they did, and they waved to him!!! FUN!!! I am SO jealous!!! °Ü°

In Dallin's email on Friday his is what HE had to say about it... "weirdest thing just happened! i went up to the front desk to get my address in billings... i heard someone talking about their brother going to brazil that needed warm clothes and i looked over and saw derek! it was soooo weird. i felt like i was breaking every rule ever hahaah he was like oh! this is him. can he just take it?? i swear we didn't plan this its a complete accident hahaha it was so weird slash funny."

A tender mercy, if you ask me... I don't believe in accidents.
Timing is everything!

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