Monday, October 29, 2012

10/29/12 start to have the vision God has of us and our potential

hey dad. i dont really like halloween either ha. but its always good to have a party! chili dogs and root beer sounds good. i dont get byu...or the lakers for that matter. byu has lost a ton of games but they have the top defense in the country?? how did the lakers pull that off, losing all their preseason games? when does the season start? que bênção that the lakers made a deal with verizon. how crazy about the mission applications! theyre gonna have to build a new mtc haha. what a blessing!! sounds like things are going well then...with the missionaries. sports are kind of a let down but thats serving with all my heart might mind and strength! dont even worry about it. let me know about my i said dr dias said hed take care of the tooth and seal the two broken ones for no more than 300 reais....but whatever you tell me ill do. thanks for the support always! love ya pops!
Elder Bergquist

thanks for registering me!! que bênção!! i thought id have to stay on the computer all day today figuring this out. you saved my life! haha thats two lifes i owe you now because you gave it to me in the first place haha. i think ill just leave it how it is for now...and if when i get home i feel like i need to ill change some things...are my teachers good? did you look them up? im sure you did...thanks so much!! ill have to find a job i can work mon wed fri and sat...haha im sure it will all work out. thanks mom!

Are you in pain (tooth)? i was dying...i wasnt able to sleep and my leg would start like twitching at night because of the pain, but now that i took the antibiotic its not hurting much....

Is there an abscess? i dont know...he just said i had to do a root canal....?

Are you still on antibiotics? was just 3 days worth

Did they drain it? no...? i didnt even know you could...oh there was a little like opening in my mouth, he said it was draining through there if not my face would be all swollen...i dont know haha

Did you get the emails about what the Dr. told dad?  (She said she would not do a root canal yet, it needs to be drained and you need a round of antibiotics... in fact, she said you might have to do both of those things twice.  Dad would really like for you to wait till you get home to have the root canal done if you can since they can do it for free at his office... please keep us posted on what you have done and what the Dr. says!!!!) sounds good to me as long as it doesnt start hurting again like it was...para mim tanto faz...

What do you want to do for a living (when you grow up, LOL)? i have no dream is still a lakers stats man haha...but i honestly dont have a clue....

Do you want to teach? i always hated that idea...but ive thought about it a few times on the mission...i dont hate the idea as much anymore...but it still doesnt sound good...haha

Are you not interested at all in becoming a dentist?? ive thought about it...but i dunno...INTERESTED, not a whole lot....but i dont think it would be a bad thing either...

Are you glad you stayed in the same area? yeah. i love it here. and this week is gonna be district conference...or should i say stake conference. elder mazzagardi will be here and were gonna have an open house from tuesday to friday in the chapel...we'll see how it goes...they say theyve never had more than 800 people in the chapel at once but the goal for attendance is 1220! and theyre saying that just from the city of cons. lafaiete they are going to bring 1000...and the 220 will be from the other cities: congonhas, barbacena, ouro branco, sao joao del rei, and ponte nova.

Have you guys had success this week in finding the elect? yeah...well weve got 4 baptisms marked for sunday. Marli and Gabriel (mom and son) and tais and tainã (a less active members daughters.)

Anyone ready for baptism? ready today, not yet, but they will be.

Did you guys baptize Washington? yeah. see fotos

Anyone else? yeah. janice (armezina and leia's friend/neighbor.)

How about Fiatceu? no. his mom told him it was too fast. shes studying with the TJ for like 14 years and they take at least one year to let someone be he got scared and gave up...but we'll see if we can work that out...

Did you have zone conf?  (I think there were new pics from the ZC on FB???) no....well we did like a month ago...but hes doing zone conferences by zone and so hes always doing them...but we had lz council...

If so, how was it?  What did you learn? we learned about setting goals and reaching them...

When did you feel the Spirit the strongest this week? after we talked about goals in the council president showed us a video..its kinda dumb that it was in this moment, but when we watched this video i thought about the mission and my goals and stuff and it helped me to see how i need to give everything i have always, everyday. its from a movie called "desafiando gigantes" (im not sure what its called in english, but its about football) and the coach took the quarterback(?) and had him do bear walks with another kid on his back, but instead on having him do it for a certain distance he blindfolded him and said just give your all...give everything youve got....the kid didnt think hed make it 50 yards....but he did the whole 100 because he didnt know where he was kind of an eye a lot of times we limit ourselves because of what weve done in the past or what others do, but if we just give it all, and stop comparing ourselves to others we can do a lot more! we can start to have the vision God has of us and our potential which is a lot greater than sometimes we thing it is.
Elder Bergquist
p.s. happy birthday chad!!!
and yeah i usually only take pics of baptisms haha then you recognize them when i introduce you to them in the kingdom of God...haha but ill take a few pics around here for you. Tchau!

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