Monday, October 1, 2012

10/1/12 ...the rich, of the poor, of the intelligent, of the unlearned, of all of his children, we just have to be humble and have real intention to act on the testimony we receive!

thanks dad! nossa. sounds like last sunday was a killer. thanks for writing anyway!! its always good to hear from you....yeah i got the call from your secretary today to mark my interview (Brad was teasing him.  He told him that he is calling in the active people that do not have recommends to see if there is anything he can do to help them and that Dallin's name came up with an expired temple recommend) ...haha i already tried to mark one with president but he told me that because we dont have a temple in the mission that he'll just do it in my last interview. BYU is trash. USA too. The angels too. im just happy that the nba starts soon!! go lakers! haha. i dont even care about the other sports haha. my legs are super weak!! and super stiff! i started stretching more and doing some leg exercises because ive found out that just walking is terrible for the legs!! haha we'll see if i can loosen them up a little. but good bishoping to you dad! love you! até a semana que vem! (until next week)
Elder Bergquist

hey mom. How are you?
wow thats sweet they got jobs! (Derek, Devin and Blake all got jobs this week.  They will all be working for Honeyville!!  Thank you Ed!!)  Chad had a fireside with the mission president!? que bênção!!! how was it? what was it about?? hes a priest now huh?? weird!!

yeah im super excited for conference!!! im just a little sad because its like impossible to watch priesthood here, its at 6 am and we have to have an investigator there at 6 am on sunday to watch it...because we arent allowed to go at 9 on saturday and stay out til 11. oh well ill tell dad to review it for me...

Well, how was your week? wonderful 

So, did you reapply to BYU?  What did you have to do?  Just fill out a form saying you want to come back to school  in Jan? well im still working on it because i dont remember my id and password...haha

Did you register for classes? NO! ta louca! i cant worry about that least i dont feel like i seems like theres a ton of time still

What is your question that you wrote in the Book of Mormon (or is it too private)?  ;) how i can have a better relationship with my Heavenly Father

How many investigators did you have at church? 8

Who are you teaching and is anyone ready for baptism? theres a few people we´'re teaching... the family of the kid that was baptized sunday and another family, well a mom and a daughter.  im tired of just teaching women!!! haha Gerson's (the kid that was baptized sunday) dad and older brother went to church too, we're teaching them! this time i have a real stat at least i think it is...some members said it came out in the news paper: in minas gerais there are 7 women to every one man!! its ridiculous! haha anyway.....thats what it will be like in the celestial kingdom too haha

Are you getting excited for conference??!!! super extremely excited!

Do you have to have investigators go with you or you can't go? on saturday yeah. on sunday we have to go, but we have to take investigators too...its the same rules as last time...

When did you feel the Spirit this strongest this week? one lady we are teaching had a stroke in february. she only 45 years old! we gave her a blessing on wednesday and she started sleeping better at night. then we kept teaching her and her daughter and they were reading The Book of Mormon, even though she doesnt know how to read, she tries anyway! and she was able to read, with the help of her 10 year old daughter, the chapter heading. and she prayed about it and felt it was true...but even with that she wasnt sure if shed go to church on sunday because shes doing a "campaign" in her other church, so we talked to her a bit about that and how it was not the true church and how she shouldnt go to church because of a campaign, but because its the true church and that she should pray about it. she said she woke up the next day and wanted to read The Book of Mormon some more, so she called her daughter in and read a little with her, then she said a prayed and asked if she "should go to the Lord's church on Sunday" and she said she felt a strong desire in that moment to go to church. she cant walk real well yet, she doing physical therapy, but we had a member take her and she loved it! they are excited to be baptized! I know the Lord answers prayers. Of the rich, of the poor, of the intelligent, of the unlearned, of all of his children, we just have to be humble and have real intention to act on the testimony we receive  He loves us and I love Him!
thats all folks!
Elder Bergquist

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