Monday, October 8, 2012

10/8/12 All of us can be faithful for one day. and then one more after that, and one more until one day we'll look up and realize we arrived in the presence of the Lord

que bênção!!!
sounds like things are going well! mitt romney is on fire then? what were they talking about when he got him stammering? they waste so much time trying to come up with excuses that they cant move forward its funny. elections were yesterday here...Dr. Ivar is the new mayor here in town haha. 

Conference was awesome! i got to see all of the sessions! except the last hour of the saturday afternoon one and the first talk on sunday morning. but i got to see priesthood!!! we woke up at 5 am on sunday morning to watch it at 6-8...president said if it didnt get in the way of teaching or picking up investigators to go to the other sessions we could go! que bênção!! the talk that elder holland gave was almost the same talk he gave to us when i was in the mtc. it was good, but the translation isnt nearly the same thing....the translator doesnt get as fired up as elder holland haha. the talks i liked most were president uchtdorf about finding happiness on the way and not complaining. it reminded me of what you always have taught me, to find joy in the work, no matter what the work is or how it is going. and president Monson about how men can change and the story of that missionary...i like elder bednars talk too, hes a really good speaker, but its even better to study his talks haha. and elder nelson that talked about "ask the missionaries, they can help" haha it was funny, i was thinking the whole time about his grandson that went home last month and how he had probably taken a few things from what he had said to him...a lot of people run from the missionaries here haha a lot of people that i have baptized confessed to us that in the past they had ran from missionaries and repented of it after accepting the gospel haha. i cant wait to see nash and kobe playing together! and to be the new byu kicker. anyway dad, thanks for all you do and all youve taught me and for never missing a week writing me. Im finding joy in the work thanks to everything youve taught me and all the many blessings of our Heavenly Father. Thank you! love you!
Elder Bergquist

Hey mom!! how're ya'll doin?? haha its funny sometimes i speak to my comp in english and he understands some stuff, but i speak to him sometimes in a texas accent and he goes crazy..."WHAT IS THAT??" haha its funny. yeah i freaked out when they talked about the new mission age...the YM here could already go at 18, so that didnt change for the guys here, but thats a huge change for the girls...i thought he was going to say 20 for the YW. but i got kinda sad, my choices will be a little slimmer at BYU hahahah, but i quickly forgot about that and got back to the mission, the Lord will provide. ha but chad thats super good! for the YM i think, a lot of them just sit at home doing nothing from the time they graduate until they go at 19 and thats dangerous. it was surely inspired!!

Did you get to go to Priesthood session? yeah we got to 6 am it started so we got up at 5 to go haha

Did you get to go to any of the sessions on Saturday? yeah the morning session and half of the afternoon one! i missed my namesakes talk...he spoke saturday afternoon i guess....?

Did any investigators go? yeah we had 3 that went and were baptised between the sessions and 4 was good :D

Which talk was your favorite and why? hmmm...i think elder uchtdofs talk saturday morning when he talked about finding happiness on the every moment instead of complain, because in whatever moment we can do whatever we want. dont complain about how small the peanut bag is! haha

How was your week? wonderful. im super excited these days. i love conference and were finding the elect children of God. what a blessing!!!

What classes should I sign you up for at the Y? (at least tell me a few...) portuguese. haha ill have to do some sort of english too i think...i dunno, give me some option of what i need to do...did you get my application in?? let me know because if not i gotta get it done from here....?

Any baptisms? yeah, pics are on the way!

Anyone ready for baptism? theres a few that are right on the edge, but they cant take that last step, we'll help them this week!

How is the lady doing that had the stroke? she got baptized and her daughter too! theyre doing great, she lives like 5 houses down from a member that has a car and they offered to take them to church on sundays! que bênção!! shes walking faster and better everyday! she is a woman of huge faith! she took The Book of Mormon in her hands the first day she got it and said a prayer to know if it was true and got an answer!

So, does your comp leave to go home next week? (Mon or Wed??) he goes home on the 17th! finally! haha jk...we'll see who my new comp is. i have a feeling its gonna be elder jara or an elder from argentina thats an lz....haha we'll see

When did you feel the Spirit the strongest this week? in the conference!!! i have been studying a lot about what president monson said to the YW in the last conference about how many people come to him with the doubt of how they can be faithful with so many weaknesses and he said that all of us can be faithful for one day. and then one more after that, and one more until one day we'll look up and realize we arrived in the presence of the Lord...i really liked the story of ann rowley the pioneer that had to feed her children and made a soup/stew out of two biscuits and water that turned out filling the whole pot and feeding them all. and the words from the hymn lead though me quero luz a fim de longe ver, somente luz em cada passo ter.
i know that as each one of us just seeks to be faithful for one day, as president told me we just have to wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and say, today i'll be faithful, and as we do that, before we know it, we'll be there in the kingdom of God with our family and loved ones, faithful each day there too! i love you mom! boa semana!
Elder Bergquist
mom!!! i dont know whats happening! its not letting me send pics anymore!! i get this email every time i try!! ill try to send it to dad! (unfortunately, no pictures came)

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