Monday, October 15, 2012

10/15/12 through her baptism and example many from her family will be baptized

hey pops. yeah, sounds like a terrible post season. good luck with that ha. i cant wait to see the christmas day game between the lakers and heat. haha :D i dont know what the deal is with byu. they seem to do that with a lot of players. theyre always so loyal...the kicker for example......but what can ya do.... they lost to washington state then im guessing? thats their 3rd loss? looks like the whole independent thing isnt working out too well for us...who are the elders in potential in the ward now? whos out me and who else? the johansen kid? i dont remember...haha i love ya pops. thanks for always being such a great example to me! tchau!
Elder Bergquist

Mom! well...i tried to get on...but now its says that applications and registration will be i cant do anything...i was talking to elder aley the other day (the ap) and he is going back to school in january too...i think were going home the same day...but he said that i am supposed to pick my own classes here on the mission...i dont know exactly how that is supposed to work out ha, but we'll see...when is it? but if you wanna look at my application just go to
are you joking with me about Kaitlin?? dont mess with me...i thought she was only gonna put in her papers later...? Rome Italy? thats sweet! she'll be there for the temple dedication!!! what a blessing!! but i dont think that will be an easy mission..ha good luck!! im gonna get home and ill be completely broke and ill have to find a job up there... what did elder oaks talk about in conference?? we baptized armezina (that had a stroke) her daughter glauciléia, and a 15 year old kid jefferson (gerson's brother, the kid we baptised the week before...). all four of them were confirmed yesterday. i had never seen so many confirmation in one sacrament meeting haha it was cool. it looks like everything is working out now with the jobs! what a blessing! passed through a little test but now their doing well it looks like and blake already got a promotion...he switched "jobs"?

So, how was your week? wonderfullll!! and yours?? ha

Were you transferred?  no, next week is transfers

Who is your new companion?  Tell us about him.... i dont know yet...ill find out today or tomorrow....

Who else was baptized last week?  (besides the lady who had the stroke with great faith and her daughter)? jefferson. Gersons brother

Do you have anyone else ready for baptism? we have 5 that have their baptismal dates marked for this sunday...some more firm than others...but theyll all get baptised im sure of it!! and we had 4 more at church is amanda...she keeps going but she cant make her decision!! haha and two arent married. the other we'll visit her today to see how it went. she went with armezina and glaucileia and her other daughter!

How is the ward with giving referrals? theyre pretty good...just for you to have an idea...everyone we have baptized here except Danielle has been a reference. either of a member, a less active, or a recent convert. of the 5 this week, one, we found through a contact that we went to visit (his sister) and 2 are members friends, one is armezinas daughter (who was a member reference) and the other is a recent converts brother. its all about referrals as you americans call them hahaha

How often do you meet with the MP? once or twice a month...

How is your zone doing? theyre doing okay. last month we had a dupla that baptized 14! but this month it slowed down a little... :/

How are YOU???? im mooore than grrrrrrrrreat!! haha

When did you feel the Spirit the strongest? i think it was in the confirmations....when the first councilor confirmed Armezina he told her that through her baptism and example that many from her family would be baptized. well this week will be one more daughter. amd we taught her sister too, she loved the message and is reading the bom, but she had to work sunday, but she'll get baptised too for sure in the future...The guy didnt know about any of this, but he blessed her with that, and i knew it was was really cool.
Anyway, i love you mom! have a good week!
Elder Bergquist
 I have no idea why he took a picture in front of this church...

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