Tuesday, October 23, 2012

10/22/12 the Lord works with all his children equally... if you want to know, you can.

AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! ta louco!! byu makes me crazy! im working on my legs, but the worst part is stretching, theyre so stiff!! hahaha i cant believe they still have this guy kicking...it makes me sick. but i hope they keep him in there til the end of the season ha. the lakers are losing??! how? seriously? and time warner cable? what the heck is that??! 

but okay, im done with that stuff for now haha. president kerr was set apart by elder holland que chique!! when was it? he only liked being a seminary teacher so much because i was in his class hahah jk. Brennen is already coming home?? crazy! how is bishop romney doing?? haha he was a bishop wasnt he? hes active in the church right?? my new comp came out in a magazine that they wrote an article about mitt romney and the mormons the magazine is called VOX. its brazilian, but even here their talking about the mormon president candidate. they said some good things about the church, he has the article with him so i got to read it. they defended us with the common doubts everyone has about polygamy and stuff. anyway, thanks for all the support and encouragement always and for the sports report too!! love you pops!
Elder Bergquist

Mom, okay! first thing, before i forget, thanks for applying for me! and thanks for the info. please sign me up for that portuguese class or test or whatever it is! thanks and my major.... welll...i still dont know, but im still thinking along the same lines of statistics or physics or something of the sort. i looked at some just now. what interested me: stats, physics--astronomy, biophysics...and i think thats all...theyre all super hard majors, but i think i can handle it...i think...haha ill be praying for help to know, but for now we can look at what those majors have in common and work on those things...and the general requirements like D&C and english and whatnot.

So.  Do tell.  Did you get the companion that you thought you would? no haha, i didnt even think about him...ha

Was it Elder Carneiro that you had as a comp that just went home? ummm...yeah? if i understood the question right. elder carneiro was my comp and went home on wednesday.  (it just seemed like he was with him a long time so I was just making sure I didn't miss a comp)

Are you still in the same area? yeah!!

Tell us all about your new companion... where is he from? Elder Mileski! hes from curitiba! hes got a year and 3 months on the mish and hes a lz too.he seems to be a hard worker and a good teacher and knows how to work too. im excited. hes really humble and pretty funny. he plays violin and he has to practice for the christmas conference on pdays. so im gonna have him teach me hahahah jk...kinda

You said you have 5 that had set baptismal dates, did they all work out?? :/ no. we baptized indiamara and washington was super excited to be baptized but he had drank coffee so we marked his baptism for saturday. and fiatcéu ended up getting scared. hes really scared of commitment....but well help him.

Did you have a zone conf this past week? no

Did Armezina's sister come to church? no

Have you eaten Dobradinha (cows stomach)?  (some mom on the missionary mom's list said her son has, yuck!) no. not that i know of, but when i dont know what something is, ive learned not to ask! hahah ive eated feijoada thats got like pigs ears and snout in it ha.

Your camera is not working, right?  Were you able to get pics from your comp before he left?? yeah its working. the charger is just messed up but elder tupou'ata has the same one, so i just borrow it from him once in a while. 

Are you writing in your journal? im trying hahaha

Anything funny happen this week? i found elder carneiros tie at the chapel, you can let him know ill take good care of it haha. but that i can remember, no haha

when did you feel the Spirit the strongest this week? when we taught indiamara. shes only 8 years old but she shared her testimony of The Book of Mormon with us and i saw how the Lord works with all his children equally. her mom who doesnt know how to read, indiamara who is a little kid still… and those who are rich and instructed, if you want to know, you can. i love Him, He's so perfect! boa semana!
Elder Bergquist

(I can't get the pictures to load, I will add them when I get home from work)

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