Tuesday, September 25, 2012

9/24/12 just about everyone that hears about it is a little interested, but some get scared to act on it

hey mom! tell diana shes a freak. thats the mormonest joke ive ever heard hahaha.
(Diana's joke:  What do you call an alligator wearing a vest?  (An investigator!))

Okay, 1st of all, why do you think you have to reapply to BYU?   (we called and they told us they have you ready to go for Jan.  We just have to register for classes in Oct) my mission president said so, and the secretary forwarded me an email that byu sent to the mission about my reapplication

We heard that the postal service there went on strike, do you know if that is true? yeah. why?

What is GEE? Bible Dictionary, Topical Guide, and index all together

How is everything going? wonderfully!

How is the working going? absolutely amazing ha

How many investigators were at Sac. Mtg? we had two this week

Have you found anyone that is interested in hearing about the restoration? Eternal families? a lot of people that are interested. just about everyone that hears about it is a little interested, but some get scared to act on it, to change their lives, they get scared to offend their family or to stop sinning. but the ones that are ready, dont worry about any of that and just go! 

What have you been reading/studying lately? i started the BOM again from the start, like elder bednar says to do. i took an old copy that we had in our house that was blank and wrote a question in the front that i want an answer to and as im reading im looking for answers. its really interesting..

Tell us a story from this past week... alright, so this week we went to do a division in ponte nova with the dupla from there. ponte nove is the home town of angelica and joão that we baptized last week. so we went there and i went with the address of her son and ex husband, we went there and nobody answered. the division and everything went really well (ill send some pics of the division) but something interesting happened too...when we got back home, angelica asked where we stayed and we described where the elders live there, and she got really interested and started asking more details about where it was, then she said, "i lived there" and we talked about how the house was and everything, she lived in the house where the elders live now! we just had a stronger testimony about how the Lord has been preparing her for a loooong time...

When did you feel the Spirit the strongest this past week? in the zone conference and in sacrament meeting. the two times i heard president speak. every time he opens his mouth i feel the spirit! but seriously, hes super spiritual and really in tune. he announced to us missionaries on friday about the STAKE thats going to be organized here in november! then announced it to the members on Sunday. elder Mazzagardi will be here and president too. and the district (soon to be stake) made a goal to have 1,200 people in the conference on the 4th of November! president already promised me that id be here to see the conference! im super excited! Que BÊNÇÃO!! the organization of a stake only happens one time in each place right? and im gonna be here for it! the members have been waiting and hoping for this day for over 5 years, and now its here!! Sei que ESTA é a igreja do Senhor na terra! Amo Ele, e sei que Ele vive! (I know that THIS is the Lord's church on earth! I love Him and know that He lives!)
Elder Bergquist

Info on ElderMazzagardi:

Elder Jairo Mazzagardi, 62, had been serving as a sealer in the Campinas Brazil Temple when called to serve in the Second Quorum of the Seventy.
Elder Mazzagardi is an entrepreneur and retired owner of a real estate company. He has served in numerous Church callings, including bishop's counselor, high councilor, stake president's counselor, stake president, Regional Representative, president of the Brazil Salvador Mission, Area Seventy and president of the Sao Paulo Brazil Temple.
Jairo Mazzargardi was born Itú, Brazil, on April 10, 1947. He married Elizabeth Ienne in July 1970. They are the parents of three children. Elder and Sister Mazzargardi reside in Vinhedo, Brazil.

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