Monday, September 10, 2012

9/10/12 I know that "obedience is the first law or heaven. Scratch that! the first law of EVERYTHING!" as Elder Holland taught

hey pops. how are things??
sounds like in the sports world theyre going pretty good!! ha. did mr m ask about how the bishopping is going?? haha thats good chad is participating. ha. ill have to visit that old man afterward. maybe ill take him a coffee mug from brasil. he collects them...he had one from was his favorite to drink coffee from. crazy! haha. hows the office? theres a new orthodontist? im flossing pretty well here on the mission. like twice a month hahaha. way more than i did before the mission. diana would be proud ha. i think it get way hotter there than here. here is just way more humid. 49ers are doing well. good to hear. and the angels are picking it up...that kid is ridiculous... two lead off homers in a row ha. and BYU is good?? weird. i thought theyd be terrible this year. id have to agree with you on the thanksgiving conference thing..i like the christmas season better, but i like how our family does its a tough call. but conference is that i understand a little better the importance of it! we spend the whole year studying the scriptures from the old days...but we have a prophet and apostles that are alive that talk to us almost makes the old scriptures useless haha not really. not even close. but its directed to us. today. Que bênção!! it seems like yesterday was the last conference. the time is flying!!!
anyway love you pops! BOA SEMANA!! tchau! (Have a good week!!)
Elder Bergquist

seriously?  You did not even send me ONE picture last week!!!  Thanks. :( well....i dont think it was my battery in my camera...i think it was the charger...because this battery isnt charging either!! sorry! save the packaging from the battery and we can return it after! haha ill have to get a new charger...sorry we didnt take any pics last week...this week either! ha

So, did you get transferred? still here

Did everyone transfer on Wed? yeah i think so...only one sister in our zone got transferred.

Do you have a new companion? nope. same old elder Carneiro. this is now the area i will stay in the longest and the comp i will have for the longest on my mission haha. que bençao! at least its a good area. some of my areas i got tired of after one transfer, but i havent gotten the least bit tired of this one yet.
If so, tell us about him... (he is a nut, I don't know why he is answering this since he is with the same companion!  LOL) hes from bahia. and hes the only member in his family....for now...his parents are going to church now and just need to get married to be able to be baptized...

If not, is this your comps last transfer? yup. hes super trunky haha. he called the secretary last week and the secretary told him he already bought his plane ticket and told him the date and everything haha. que moleza!!

Did you have 3 baptisms this week? no :/ one went to visit her family and the other got mole...ha but his brother and cousin went to church this week so were gonna see if we can baptize all 3 this week ha.

How is Amanda doing? shes alright...they seem to always be busy so we didnt get to teach her this week....

Did you have any investigators at church this week? just 6 in sacrament and there was another couple that left after the first hour (our meeting is inverted here...sacrament is at the end...)

What happened with the lady who came into the church with exercise clothes on?  Did you guys teach her this week? she disappeared...we dont know where she lived. when we came out of elders quorum she was already gone so we didnt get to teach her....

Anything new or exciting happen this week? everything is new and exciting on the mission! hahaha every moment is unique...but lets really crazy...not really haha

When did you feel the Spirit the strongest this week? as i studied and discussed with my comp a talk by Pres. Uchtdorf from the last conference in the priesthood session about the why of the priesthood. its a super good one! that one and the talk Converted to His Gospel through His church...(or something like that...?) haha 

thats good that everyone is learning more about "the mormons" haha ive heard some of the craziest things here...a lot of other churches say that mormon is the same thing as mammon (when Christ said we cannot serve God and mammon) and a lot of them say that is means death (death is morte in portuguese) i heard one guy say that it is death or dead in Japanese..haha its kinda ridiculous. so hopefully Mitt Romney can help a little with that.

where is this place they went and swam with sharks and sea lions!!? i wanna go too the next time! haha im still praying for all of them to find a job. Mr Chapmann...haha hes a good guy... one of the best student he ever had? wow. thanks haha. i did more math in my math classes to not have to do homework haha. i would calculate how much of my homework i could miss to still end up with an A if i aced all my tests, then i would do just a little bit more than i had to to give me a little bit of space on my tests just in case... hahahaha. dont tell that to chad! haha hes taking ap psych? crazy. ask him how his teacher is.

I get like that in my lessons here too... well most of them haha i havent really lost my shyness i just fight through it haha. but it works out when i follow the spirit!  ...about the birth of Christ... Elder Talmage says some interesting things in Jesus the Christ. i remember one thing is that he wasnt born with any extraordinary knowledge or power but as he studied and saw the prophecies he received personal revelation that those prophecies were talking about him...thats not really about the birth...haha but did you know that Gabriel (the angel that appeared to Mary) is Noah from the old testament? im sure you did haha. some things that dont really help in our salvation haha. anyway...thats my update slash book for this week. i wrote a ton! i hope your happy with it and that it can edify you guys in some way. I know the Savior lives and loves us too! I know that "obedience is the first law or heaven. Scratch that! the first law of EVERYTHING!" as elder Holland taught. i love this work! love you all! tchau!
Elder Bergquist

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