Monday, September 17, 2012

9/17/12 I felt that wasnt what they needed, so by the Spirit i changed my prayer

hey dad hows it going? things here are great! our zone is alright. some of them are having a tough time, but some are tearing it up! theres a dupla that baptized 8 in the last 3 weeks. their on fire. ha but theres a few that have more than a month dry. there are 3 districts. 3 duplas in each one. including us. so we take care of 12 elders and 4 sisters. our area is half of Lafaiete. theres a dupla of sisters in the other branch and they have the other half. its one of the smallest areas ive been in on my mission. but iu havent gotten tired of it yet. haha. theres a ton of people and a ton of houses and a ton of bairros even though the area is small. 

the zone leaders are from where? are they in moval too? im kinda sad we have sisters. i wont be able to help as much...haha. I already made a goal to exercise everyday until the end of the mission haha but ill have to work more on my legs. all they get as work out is walking this hilly city haha. its kinda sad that byu is so blind to the kicking...theyve got like 4 years that their kicker is terrible....this trout kid, i gotta see him play...when do the playoffs start? go 9ers!! haha anyway...foooodd...ummm chimichangas! haha i dunno. make them beans and rice and boiled chicken hahaa thats what i eat everyday. spiced with onions and a ton of garlic and salt haha tell mom to make some of her famous mashed potatoes and sei lá! haha chicken alfredo! thats the one! haha im sure theyll be happy with whatever you guys make. (Brad had asked Dallin for his suggestion for dinner tonight, we are having the missionaries over) its funny because in the states the thing the members always make (lasagna) is what missionarios always ask for and hope for the members to make here ha. anyway. love ya pops! keep serving well and finding joy in your service...ill tell you a little more about the week in the email to mom. about angelica and joão´s baptisms. boa semana! tchau!
Elder Bergquist

Mommy! your son in Brasil is absolutely wonderfully, amazing! haha yeah, my charger crapped out. i dont know how, but i borrowed one from an elder in the zone and charged my im good for gonna see if i can find a universal charger for cheap...oh btw, my debit card never got activated...? what do i do? haha my a good guy. hes just getting kinda crazy coming to the end of his 2 years...

So, when your comp called the office did they also tell you when you are coming home? (his comp goes home next transfer, then Dallin comes home the one after that. His comp called the office a couple of weeks ago to get his flight info so I asked Dallin if he got his... haha... we THINK he will be home on Nov. 29th) no!!! they tried to but i told them i didnt want to know haha.

Did you guys have a baptism this week? we had two. Angelica, and her 10 year old son, João Pedro. (see pictures.)

How is the work going? its going great. im loving every second of it! even the ones when doors get slammed in the face, they throw rocks at us or threaten to give us a beating with their belt...its all great! hahaha

How many people are you teaching? all of them that let us!!! haha we working with another lady (this city is full of women!!! i dont know if its true, but i heard a stat that its 3 to one women to men, and as we all know, the women are more receptive to the gospel) she is a friend of a member and shes catholic but likes the church. shes just gotta get a testimony of The Book of Mormon and shell get baptized....

How many investigators were at church? just her...and Amanda...AGAIN! haha

Anyone super interested? just those, for now.

Did you ever get a letter from Ariel (his cousin serving in Japan)? nope :(

Tell us some stories from this week... night i went to pray...i asked that He would bless Angelica and João. First i asked that he would protect them from obstacles and hardships for them to be baptized....then i stopped, and felt that wasnt what they needed, so by the Spirit i changed my prayer, so that they could withstand the obstacles that will come and overcome the hardships...because thats how they would get stronger and grow in the gospel. needless to say, the hardships came. the family told her she was going against the family and her beliefs since she was a kid. she got headaches from not drinking coffee, she got sick on saturday night from something she ate. but what happened? the Lord answered my prayers. she stood firm in her testimony of the truth, and is going to send her saints to her sister thats still catholic (for now) when she woke up in the middle of the night before the baptism thinking shes have to go to the hospital, she asked her son jon (10 years old) to kneel and say a prayer for her. He did, and before she saw him lay back down in bed, she felt the pains leave and she slept in peace until the alarm to get up for church. Que bênção!!! and on saturday for them to go to the interview, she was thinking about not going because of the stuff that was happening and she wasnt feeling well, but when it was 10 to 5 and jon had already taken a shower and gotten ready to go, so she went with him..and they both took out their piercings (jon from his ears and angelica from her nose) and were baptized on sunday!!! QUE BÊNÇÃO!!!

When did you feel the Spirit the strongest this week? we had conselho de lzs. as you saw in the pictures...i think it was the strongest as we ate taco stacks hahaha was for sure as we ate cake and ice cream...or maybe the cookies that we ate for breakfast. jk. but we talked a lot about unity. and in the GEE (topical guide/dictionary) it says to be one, first with God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ, then with all others. and we talked a lot about that and how we can have more companionship unity...we talked about the conversion of the people too. and how we should teach always thinking about where they are in their conversion and how Doctrine and Covenants 20:37 should be applied in each moment of our teaching...i learned a lot about that...the spirit helped me to comprehend so we could put it in practice this week.

love you all. i know the church is true!
Elder Bergquist

In São João del rey for an interview.
Our baptisms, Angelica, and her 10 year old son, João Pedro.

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