Monday, September 3, 2012

9/3/12 Like Elder Bednar says, follow the commandments, read the scriptures, be faithful to your covenants and you cannot go astray.

dad. why do you gotta torture me with donut stories??! hhaha just kidding, kinda... they have  bakeries all over the place here, but they dont know what a donut is, or a cookie, or brownies, or texas sheet cake hahah. dont get me wrong they know how to make some good stuff too, but its different haha. BYU won eh?? good to hear. what did you guys decide? you stayed home and watched the byu game instead of going to the angel game? (he misunderstood, we went to the Angel's game) sounds like theres all kinds of emergencies and stuff happening...its the LAST DAYS! hopefully that family will realize that and get a move on their preparation for exaltation! haha thanks for taking care of my bank card for me pops! i was in a rough time because of all the traveling, but now im starting to get reimbursed so, im alright now. thanks! love you dad. até a semana que vem! tchau! (until next week, bye)
Elder Bergquist

yeah, the time is flying by, but you dont have to keep reminding me haha. everyone always asks and i just tell them that i go home after my comp, then they focus on him and i get free haha. (We made a count down chain, but I did NOT tell him!!  I just made the comment that it is now Sept, and time is flying by) 

Larry is crazy! haha tell him Elder saturnino e Raul mandaram abraços para ele. (Dallin met one of his cousins mission companions and he sends Larry hugs) What a joke with dereks job. thats ridiculous. but the Lord´s preparing something for him. yeah i was really excited with the news from Shirlei. one of the happiest moments of my mission. and i remember that story in conference...its true, one baptism can make a huge difference. shes working on the ancestors, but i hope she finds a good returned missionary to marry and have kids for them to go on missions too, and work on the posterity too haha. thats good you guys got so much done in the temple. I cant wait to go again!! its been forever!

What was your favorite things in the package? reeses pieces, and peanut butter. and the like fun size candy bars haha. a twix bar here is like 6 reais (if you can find it) ($2.95) they have pringles too: 9 reais ($4.42). hha its kinda crazy. I went to make those blueberry muffins last week too, mixed it all up and went to turn on the oven....its i made pancakes out of it hahh

Did the battery for your camera work? yeah! thanks a ton!

Did you get the SD cards? yup! although, someone did get a little curious. (there was a hole the size of a finger in the side of the package. i think they just check sometimes to make sure its not like a xbox or something super expensive that people are lying about. hah)

Are you okay financially?  (dad is gonna call in a min. and see if they activated your card, I will let you know what they say) yeah, im fine now, i just traveled a lot the last couple weeks so i ran out...but im good now.

When Sister Costa asked you how your relationship is, what did you say?  (Talk about putting you on the spot!)  But, I am very proud of you for standing up and answering her!  I, like her, have always wished I could  be a fly on the wall and watch my boys teach on the mission!!!  I am very proud of you! yeah i know you wanted to be a fly on the wall, i remember you saying that back in the day when derek was on the mission, but i dont know how much you'd understand ;) haha i just said well, its getting better each day...

Did you have any investigators at church today? there were 6. most of them the members brought (they are having an activity with the Relief Society and quorum during 15 days. it started yesterday, they are having special meetings at church and doing visits to less active members during the week and having a few couples activities and other things during the week and on sunday everyone has to bring less active members and non members. the chapel was packed yesterday. especially the RS. the RS president here is really good, super excited and shes only got like 3 or 4 years as a member.) and one was passing in front of the church in exercise clothes like power walking but we stopped her and invited her to participate in the meeting and she did haha.

So, are transfers today or Wed? umm...well theres new missionaries coming and they get here tuesday and the ones going home go on wednesday, so the transfer has to be wednesday....but i think president will be making the calls today or tomorrow to let us know whos going where...

What are you doing to motivate your zone? we have been doing divisions with the LDs (District Leaders) and of course being an example for them, thats the most important thing, helping them make and remember and fulfill their goals.

Any baptismal dates set? yeah, weve got 3 set and were praying and fasting and doing everything we can to help Amanda. she goes to church every week shes in town, but shes just a little confused about some things. the other ones are two friends of a member and a cousin of another member.

When did you feel the Spirit the strongest this week? in sacrament meeting. i love fast and testimony meeting. its always super spiritual!

Tell me how you have learned to recognize the Spirit when He speaks to you...  well its like the scriptures and the prophets say, if its telling you to do something good (talk to someone, teach a principle, use a certain scripture) then its from God, if its not, its from the enemy. Like Elder Bednar says, follow the commandments, read the scriptures, be faithful to your covenants and you cannot go astray. you dont have to worry if its the Spirit or your own thoughts, because as you do these things, your own thought will be more like the real will of the Lord in your life.
thats the report for this week! love you mom!
Elder Bergquist

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