Monday, November 5, 2012

11/5/12 we talked about eternal families

sounds like a pretty busy week there in mo val. we had stake conference this week too!!! STAKE conference! haha que bencao...  I miss the temple. do a session for me! haha   whats this new deal with the dinner on saturday?? have they always had that? i dont remember that...haha elections are tuesday?! nossa, lets hope it works out alright...go mitt! haha i cant believe steve nash already got hurt.....nossa mae!! its only 2 weeks?? and i still dont get how theyre superman playing?? sounds like kobe is still playing all alone....? well...i love ya pops! and ill call and mark an appointment with the dentist  next week...just confirm that ill have the money to pay and that i need to do it now...thanks for everything dad! tchau!
Elder Bergquist

hey mom.
how are you? absolutely wonderful

Are you still in pain from the abscess?  no....not really....once in  a while it bothers me...but its not like a huge pain just a little discomfort...its not bad at all

Can you get antibiotics over the counter there like you can in Mexico? um....i dunnoo...i took the prescription with me, but i know some places and some medications that youre supposed to have a prescription they give it to you without, but i dont know about antibiotics...why?? ha (I am just wondering coz of his infection in his tooth)

So, were there as many in church as you had hoped? there were about 25...but some of them we didnt even get to talk to before they got out..theres like 6 exits and we couldnt cover them all...:/

How did the open house go? really good. there were about 300 that visited in the 3 days...(thursday was cancelled for a funeral and we kinda fought with the leaders that they couldnt do that, president came down and everything but they already had the body there and a bunch of the family, so they just did it and we talked to the non members about the plan of salvation and the family.... and we hadnt planned to, but the spirit was so strong as we talked to the people about our beliefs and we started inviting some to be 40 groups of people accepted baptism! its was really cool

How was it set up? What did you guys do? ill send some pics, but they had each organization set up their classroom and do a 1-3 minute presentation about the organization and then we took them in the cultural hall where we had a bunch of banners set up with our beliefs (basically the 1st lesson in Preach My Gospel) and we taught them and then when they left we had a table set up with the materials from the pass along cards and let them choose which one they wanted and put down their address and phone number for us to take it to them afterward. it was really cool. we´ll have to set on up in our chapel. you could even do it with the nativity thing...just put a table with a notebook and the joy to the world dvd and let the people put down their info for the missionaries to take them a free dvd afterward...

Did you get to teach a lot? yeah a ton...we taught like 30 good lessons a day

Did you get a lot of referrals? i dont know if youd call them referrals but we have a ton of people to visit.

Did you get to meet Elder Mazzagardi? i shook his hand a few times...but i didnt really get to converse with him...

Did he do any training?  If so, what did you learn? with the missionaries no. just with the members...but he talked a ton about the family and how we need to MULTIPLY and replenish the earth not just have two kids and call it good, because thats not "multiplying" haha he was pretty funny

Did you have the 4 baptisms?  ( Marli and Gabriel and tais and tainã) Gabriel Tais and Tainá  were baptised, but Marli is still having trouble with her cigarettes... but shell be baptized this week. pray for her.

Who are you guys teaching now? we have a ton from the open house and washingtons mom went to church were gonna see if we can help her, she lost her mom son and brother all in the last 2 years and we talked about eternal families yesterday, it was really good, she started crying in the lesson, she'll be baptised we just gotta help her take the step , shes kinda prideful in that she doesnt like to do what other people want her to, she wants to do it because she decided to...and her brother's (that died) wife went with her too...were working with her...and a few other people too

When did you feel the Spirit the strongest this week? in the conference the spirit was really strong at various points. the choir was really good, when they sang oh how lovely was the morning and when we sustained the new stake presidency and the first presidency it was really strong. and when Elder Mazzagardi and President Fortunato  talked to us  it was really good. they are really spiritual.  they both talked about the family and establishing zion by establishing it first in our own home. 

tell aimee parabens for the mission call. and that i wrote her a letter like 3 months ago, but then i realized last week that i never sent shell just have to wait now hahaha. And que bencao that  weston said my name.  hes already realizing who his best uncle is! haha love ya mom. sorry that i cant send pics today. were in a different house and they dont let you upload pics here, but next week ill send a ton! love ya!
Elder BerGQuist!

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