Monday, November 26, 2012

11/26/12 We just have to apply mosiah 3:19 in our lives and we'll be able to live with Him again.

Hey dad youre making me sooo trunky! haha jk... but sounds like thanksgiving was good. i want some of those gingerbread cookies!! haha but im glad i missed bringing the boxes down from the attic and taking them back up. haha i dont know if mom said anything about it. but the creche festival could give a ton of referrals for the missionaries. just put a notebook out with a few of the pass along materials and let people put down their name and address and phone number with what material (dvd, bom, etc.) they want delivered to their house. Just tell them we dont have enough in stock and theyll have to deliver it afterward... 

the christmas program. que benção!! im kinda sad that ill be missing the mission conference for Natal (Christmas). but ill be at home to have real christmas so its all good haha. did they tell you what day im coming home. moms kinda bugging me about it and i was thinking about joking with her but i think shed get really mad. but i was thinking about telling her that ill only get home on christmas eve. hahah its up to you...but if they didnt tell you, i'll be getting home on the 18th. at like 11am. but thats the first and last i'll talk about that haha. please and thank you.

good to hear that the cougars got into some bowl game. but theyll probably lose haha. and that the lakers got a new coach and kobe sill tearing it up even as an old man. anyway, love ya dad. until next week!
Elder Dallin Bergquist

hey mommy.
well first off. i think you already know that its better to ask questions because if not i write almost nothing haha. so you can keep asking and ill try to write more. theres refreshments at the creche festival?? and greeters? i dont remember that haha. weston liked the tigers and gorillas. i never like the gorillas, they always just sit there on their big buts haha and do nothing...was it the san diego zoo?

How was this past week? really good. we didnt work a ton because we had to travel quite a bit, but it was good

How is your abscess? Is it all healed?  (the sore in the gum line) yeah. its as good as new. 

So, were transfers this week? no...well kinda. two missionaries in our zone got moved this week. but transfers are supposed to be this week right now...we'll see if anything else changes...

Did you get moved? nope! i dont think president would do that with me haha i hope not.

New companion? nope. também eu acho que não com pres. fortunato. haha

Did you get everyone contacted from the open house? not everyone, but just about everyone.

Why is that taking so long? because there were like 100 people we had to contact. and some are on one end of town and others on the other end...some dont ever answer the phone or arent at home when we mark appointments, so its hard, but were finishing up this week.

How many lessons did you teach this past week? just 21....we had two days when we didnt teach any in our area because of travelling...

Tell us about the people you are teaching... well were teaching a lady called conceição, she went to church this week. shes a members grandma and friends of a couple other members. she went to the funeral that we had during the week of the open house and we talked to her there. and were teaching some others too, but its always changing so i dont know what else to tell you. shes the one thats going strong. were teaching another girl, isabella, that went to church yesterday. it was funny because all the guys came up to greet her after sacrament meeting. they thought she was cute hahah. shes an english teacher her mom paints super good. i asked her for a painting, but i dont think she liked that... and she said she doesnt like to sell them she does it just to pass the time...ill see if i can take some pics there for you. their house looks like an art museum 

Did you have any baptisms? this past week no :/ but we have conceição for sure this week and a few other people were working with.

Any set for the future? haha just told ya that. im a step ahead of you! 

You live on the 3rd story?  Is it an apartment complex that you live in? yeah. but its a really small one theres only 6 apartments.

How often do you meet with the MP? whenever he tell us to haha but normally its like once a month or a little less...

How often do you meet with your zone/district? zone, whenever we meet with president we mark a meeting with the zone the next day to teach them what we learned. we have to split our zone in two halfs because some of the areas are like 8 hours away by bus so we split it.... and distrist meeting we have every tuesday and we switch off going in each one...theres 3 districts here in our zone....

Do you teach your zone? yup. one step ahead again hahaha. and we call them almost every night to help them out with their difficulties and problems and see how their day was....

Anything fun or funny happen this week? that i remember no.... just the normal little stuff everyday... my comp is pretty laid back and we joke a lot...but i only remember a story that elder aley told us about how he got sick when he slept at our house two weeks ago and ate jabuticaba. well it was bad and he ate a lot. afterward he took milk of magnesia and it didnt work so he took another thing and it didnt work so he doubled the dose and it still didnt work. he went to the doctor and took an xray of his abdomen and the doctor told him that he was full of crap.......hahahaa...anyway in the end he had like 6 different medications in his system and he just about exploded.that was a pretty funny story. especially considering its the second time that happened to him on the mission haha. i dont know if you'll think thats real funny but the way he told us it was really funny haha.

When did you feel the Spirit the strongest this week?  (I love that you are feeling it so much, don't get too used/immune to it ;)) i wont get immune dont worry haha. but probably in sacrament meeting. it was the primary presentation and afterward douglas spoke a bit and the spirit was really strong isabella looked at me after the meeting and goes, wow, you feel such a nice peace here in this church. i liked it a lot. Its really cool how simplicity brings out the spirit in everything. the kids are so simple that everyone understands and is uplifted together. the kingdom of God really is made up of the children and those that are like them. We just have to apply mosiah 3:19 in our lives and we'll be able to live with Him again. love you!
Elder Dallin Bergquist
this was our experience when they cut our energy because the secretaries didnt pay the bill. sorry i didnt take any pics this week. but ill take some of our christmas decorations and some pic on the street for you next week!! :) ha

(He sent a weird pitch dark picture of some candles.... the nut!)

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