Monday, November 19, 2012

11/19/12 i wish i had realized how much you can learn during the sacrament when i was younger.

hey pops. sounds like half the world is going on a mission, but thats good, because from the family and from the ward there have been few out lately. good to hear. what TWO girls are going to italy? (obviously he had not read my email yet) i only know of one...? how sad brennen couldnt even make it to church. (he was sick) ha... everyone was there and who ended up speaking then? yeah i know im out of luck at byu with all the girls going on dont have to rub it in...i may as well just stay on the mission for another year and a half for them to all get home haha. but i dont think thats possible with the problems my visa already is having haha. lucky i got it renewed. president said he was worried i'd never make it home...haaha i dont get the byu coach... but whatever, we'll see if he wants to wake up when i get there and try out haha. good to hear that a few from the family are gonna get out on the mish. kinda crazy they all seemed so young when i left and theyre all leaving. que bençao!! devin is in the young mens presidencey? legal...anyway, love ya pops. keeps on serving with joy! i sure am here! haha
Elder Bergquist

mom. you must have forgotten the deal. i said i wouldnt send you pics unless i got some from're lucky this week, but that rule still'll be out of luck next week. haha. but im serious ha.

How's our missionary??!!! just as great as ever! ha

Seriously, how is your tooth/abscess?  its just fine. got it all taken care of good :) dont worry your pretty little head.

Did you get it taken care of? yeah ha

Are you on antibiotics? no. im done i just took one round that first time...

how much did your root canal cost? did you have enough $?? it was R$ 250. and i think i had enough because when i went to pay with the card it was approved....

what all did he do? he opened it a bit last week and put some medication, then this week opened it more and put in more medication. he said it was perfect and then he wanted dad to see how perfect it was so he gave me the two xrays; before and after and his card for dad to be able to talk to him later haha. he was super proud of his work. 

do you need more $? and more money i dont think will be necessary. im doing just fine here. thanks!

So, you finally get to play a little soccer on Pday?  nice. yeah. it was good. i didnt completely lose it, but my legs were dead the next day...walking just isnt the same as running and kicking haha

How is the work coming along? its going well. the ward is super excited with us. the rs president stopped us in her car the other day when we were on the street and said "elders, im worried there wont be enough jumpsuits for your baptisms sunday because we have 4 at home that i have to wash and bring back but i wont be there on sunday, if you need them you can pass by my house and get them. or ill run them to the church during the week, but with all the baptisms you guys are having i dont know how it will work out" hahah the ward is excited, not just with us, but theres been some changes. the elders quorum president changed, the bishopric, the stake presidency. and the ym will change soon too. the president is moving to get married in the beginning of dec.

Any baptisms this weekend? no. infelizmente. (unfortunately)

Any planned for next weekend? weve got a few people were working with, but nobody thats super sure about it yet...

Who are you teaching? a ton of people. we still havent contacted everyone from the open house we had. its been great.

Anything fun or funny this week? i showed you the pics of our new "puppy" haha hes cute, but super annoying at night because his owner leaves him alone outside all day and all night so he just cries all the time because he has no friends ha. thats why we went to play with him a bit. and we did a contact with a guy on a horse the other day. hahaha it was funny. he was drinking and riding but he stopped to talk to us because we waved him down hahah. then he got on the horse and peed on the wall haha things you only see in Minas Gerais, or in texas ;) hahaha. (brad, the boys are ALWAYS teasing me about SOMETHING!)

When did you feel the Spirit the strongest? honestly, i feel the spirit so much that it has almost become a normal thing...theres times when i look around in sacrament meeting or in other meetings and everyone is crying and im there with my weekly planner writing stuff down.
but, i think this week was during the sacrament. it really is a super special moment, sometimes i wish theyd pass it a little slower... i wish i had realized how much you can learn during the sacrament when i was younger.  its a great moment to reflect and contemplate the future as elder bednar said in that talk learning by faith that i told you to read a few months ago...anyway. i love you mom. sorry i didnt send a happy birthday last week, i only realized it was your birthday when i opened up my planner on the day of and saw Nov 14. i was like crap, i forgot to tel mom happy birthday. so even though its late. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
parabéns pra você,
nessa data querida,
muitas felicidades,
muitos anos de vida.
parabéns pra você,
nessa data querida,
muitas felicidades,
muitos anos de vida!!!
Elder Bergquist

i didnt take many pics this week...sorry. but this is our neighbors dog. we live on the 3rd story of an apartment and the "balcony" is just separated by a little gate, hes a little puppy so he come on our side when we went out there, he always wants to play hahah.

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