Monday, November 12, 2012

11/12/12 All present wept and rejoiced.

hey pops. thanks for everything… all the encouragement and the money to take care of my teeth. who are the yw and ym presidents that spoke at stake conf? thats crazy that that happened with president kerr… live sessions! i still want to go to the salt lake temple to see how that is. im super excited to go to the temple, its one of the first things i want to do when i get home! sounds like the sports world is looking up too. good to hear. but i heard the politics side isnt looking too good..... kinda sad...but its gotta get much worse before the second coming....well good to hear that the lakers woke up. and that byu might have a chance of getting into a bowl game....? whos in the top five in college football? i always love to hear about your bishoping too. sounds super busy, but it sounds like the ward is having growth.... how is it there? is there more people with current recommends now? keep serving with joy! haha love you dad.
Elder Bergquist

Hey mom.
Tell Layton i said hi too. but i cant send email to him. but ill see if i can get a letter out to him before i get home haha. and tell aimee sorry i wasnt real surprised. when i heard that announcement i already thought of all of them and thought they would go, theyre all  so strong in the gospel!

So, how was your week? WONDERFUL

Did you have any baptisms?  (the pics from the open house looked awesome, there were buses of people!!) yeah. see pics and story. (good luck translating! haha)

How about Washingtons mom? and her sister in law? theyre kinda tough...haha but theyll be baptised

How many people are looking good for baptism?  (you said about 40 GROUPS of people accepted baptism, explain... !!!) theres a few. not a ton. but a few....well when they did the tour and wrote down their names it was only one person per group/family that wrote down their there was 40 groups....some of only one person but some of like 5 or 6, but there was no way to count how many "people" accepted, just groups.

How many lessons did you teach this week? i think it was like 30-35

How is your abscess? Does it still hurt? no not really

Did you make an apt to get it taken care of? yeah

When is your appointment? today. 1:30. im in BH. i renewed my visa (it was expired since april and i was worried i wouldnt be able to come home...all the other missionaries renewed a while back, but they couldnt mark mine for a while, president got worried and he went down there himself and worked it out for me. im legal again!

Where do you email from? ln a house...wherever were at. theres one close to our house that we normally go to but we went to one in the center of the city last week because we played some soccer! hahaa

 Are you sending pictures this week?  (I want pics of YOU!  Sister F. posted pics of the meeting and the buses outside and the room where you guys had stuff set up, it was great!!!) you'll see...haha

Did you do anything funny this week? just played soccer...and we ate some fermented jabuticaba! hahaha it was super funny. rosana and eloisa gave us some jabuticabas on tuesday and when the assistants came to do a division with us on wednesday night we ate them. (they had sat the whole two days in water and when you ate them it kinda stung your tongue....the next day elder Aley got sick (he had eaten the most) and when we talked to resana and eloisa they told us that they ferment really fast and you have to eat them on the same day. hahahah elder aley got a little drunk...hahaha jk...kinda...
(I googled "jabuticabas" and they are Brazilian Grapes that grow on a tree.  Here is a picture of what they look like.)

When did you feel the Spirit the strongest? in the story i sent to you with the pics! i know the book of mormon is true and has great power as Joseph Smith said it get us closer to God than any other book! love you mom!
Elder Bergquist

os batismo dessa semana! aqui o email que mandei para o presidente para vocês ler e traduzir! haha

Bom dia Presidente Fortunato!
Foi uma ótima semana para a ALA Queluz. As bênçãos prometidas do Elder Mazzagardi estão vindo! Tivemos um grande milagre com a família de um membro. Ele é membro da igreja há mais ou menos 15 anos e desde que ele entrou na igreja está incentivando a mãe e irmã a ouvir os missionários e ir na igreja. Uns meses atrás fizemos uma noite familiar onde fizemos uma "barra de ferro" e levava as pessoas pela "vida mortal" no quintal dele e a mãe dele estava lá. No final pedimos o endereço dela, mas ela falou agora não, pega o endereço com Beto (o filho) depois. Só que ela proibia ele de dar o endereço então ela nunca aceitou os missionários na casa dela. Até um dia de manhã nos sentimos que precisávamos falar com Beto e pedir o endereço da mãe. O senhor preparou o caminho e quando chegamos ela estava na casa dele. Ensinamos e Eloisa (a mãe) e ela aceitou ler o Livro de Mórmon. Oramos com ela e ela soube que é verdade, mas não queria agir. Umas semanas depois fomos na casa da Rosana (irmã do Beto) e ela começou a se preparar pelo batismo. Ensinamos a maioria das lições com a mãe presente e convidava ela frequentemente a ler e perguntar a Deus sobre o Livro de Mórmon e seguir essa resposta que teve sendo batizado. Ela sempre recusou até o dia da entrevista da Rosana quando ela levou ela de carro até a capela. Quando elas entraram eu cumprimentei elas e falei "bom dia irmã" para s Eloisa e ela respondeu "agora eu posso te chamar de irmão, eu vou ser batizada também. Não agora, mas eu vou, um dia no futuro." Ela tinha lido na noite anterior sobre o sonho de Leí e decidiu que não queria ser como Lamã e Lemuel e queria apegar-se a barra de ferro como tinha aprendido meses antes na noite familiar. Durante a entrevista da Rosana conversamos com ela e ela decidiu que ela podia ser entrevistada também daí veria quando seria batizada. Foi um ótimo batismo das duas no Sábado a noite onde Beto realizou o batismo e todos presentes choraram e regozijaram. Eu sei que O Livro De Mórmon Muda vidas e muda corações! Muito obrigado por nos ajudar a ver a importância dele em nosso trabalho!
Elder Bergquist

(Translation of the above - it is a copy of the letter Dallin sent to his mission president, they write their president each week.)
the baptism this week! here the email I sent to the president for you to read and translate! haha

Good morning Chairman Fortunato!
It was a great weekend for ALA Queluz. The promised blessings of Elder Mazzagardi are coming! We had a great miracle with a family member. He is a member of the church for about 15 years and since he entered the church is encouraging mother and sister to go and listen to the missionaries in the church. A few months ago we had a family night where we did a "rod of iron" and led people through "mortal life" in his backyard and his mother was there. In the end we asked her address, but she said not now, gets the address with Beto (the son) later. But she forbade him to give the address so she never accepted the missionaries in her home. Until one morning we felt we needed to talk to Bob and ask for the address of the mother. You paved the way and when we arrived she was at his house. We teach and Eloisa (the mother) and she agreed to read the Book of Mormon. We prayed with her and she knew that's true, but did not want to act. A few weeks later we were in the house of Rosana (Bob's sister) and she began to prepare for baptism. We teach most lessons with his mother this and she often invited to read and ask God about the Book of Mormon and following that response had been baptized. She always refused until the day of the interview Rosana when she took her car to the chapel. Whenthey came I greeted them and said "Good morning sister" s to Eloisa and she replied "I can now call you brother, I'm going to be baptized too. Not now, but I will one day in the future." She had read the night before about Lehi's dream and decided he did not want to be like Laman and Lemuel and wanted to cling to the iron bar as he had learned months earlier in family home evening. During the interview Rosana talked to her and she decided that she could also be interviewed when there would be baptized. It was a great baptism of the two on Saturday night where Bob performed the baptism and all present wept and rejoiced. I know that the Book of Mormon changes lives and changes hearts! Thank you for helping us see the importance of it in our work!
Elder Bergquist
This is not the best picture, it is blurry, but I LOVE Dallin's big smile! 

And, this is my favorite!!!

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