Wednesday, January 25, 2012

1/25/12 You can improve your life and have an eternal family!

oh pops. how are things?

sounds like the members and the missionaries are working well together there, good stuff. the members here cant keep up with the missionaries ha. we always run out of minutes on our cell phone with like 10 days left in the month so we have to conserve, and very few members have cars to be able to go on team ups with us. but this ward is doing well calling ward missionaries to teach the new member lessons and everything.
chad asked sarah pexton eh?? hahahes turning into a real bergquist! what torture! youre really gonnna give him braces right before haha jerk.
love ya pops!
até mais!
Elder Bergquist

welp, ive got some news for you guys ha but ill probably have to answer it in the questions, if not, ill share afterwards haha . here goes nothin! ha

So, how was your week? it was good. really good. but kinda crazy.

Are you going to need some long sleeve shirts for the winter since you left them all behind? ha, mom, you know im in Brasil right? just to remind you.....haha no i dont need long sleeve shirts. winter doesnt exist here. i passed the last winter in the coldest part of the mission and i think i used my sweater like 4 times....and never used a long sleeve shirt haha.

How many are in your ward? i dont know how many there are on the list...but there must be a lot...this ward always says the missionaries baptize a lot here....but very few stay active...

How many come to church on Sunday? like 100 mais ou menos (more or less)

Did you have investigators there? of course. haha what do you think i am? chopped liver haha

Did the couple and their granddaughter get baptized this weekend? yup :D sent pictures. and another grandson will be baptized this week :)

How about the couple that were trying to get married... were they able to? he went to the cartorio, but marriage demora muito aqui.... (takes a lot here) he said it will be about 60 days....he has to get a birth certificate and then get everything done with the cartorio.

Are you and your new comp a good team for teaching? well, that depends on which one youre talking about ha. I now have a new comp de novo. with elder cabral it was getting better, he was learning a lot. agora (now) with elder meura, he is a very good teacher and were doing really well

Did you find any new people to teach? sempre estamos achando os eleitos mae!! ha (we are always finding the elect mom)

Anything fun happen this week? fun...well interesting com certeza (certainly) ....some kinda crazy stuff

What day do you have district meeting? tuesday every week ha

What do you do at that meeting? (is it just for training or what?) well, first we all put our weekly goals on the board...then the LD talks about how we need to improve to reach our goals this week. but mostly its for practicing teaching and getting feedback on what we have to improve.

When did you feel the Spirit the strongest? in our lessons recently the spirit has been really strong. im being a lot more ousado in my teaching, ive changed a lot on the mission, some people dont want to accept that they are wrong and the church they follow isnt the church of God and that their pastor isnt a prophet and that their baptism wasnt really a baptism. for example last night. some lady kept saying my church is a good church. i said "yeah, we didnt say it wasnt good, but irmã, infelizmente (unfortunately), it isnt the church of God, but luckily, we are here to tell you that its here. he called a prophet and you can improve your life and have an eternal family, but only in the only true church on the face of the earth, the church of jesus christ of latter day saints...." i dont even know where it came from but depois (afterwards) she said, ill have to pray about these things to know.... she understood, the spirit testified....i just cant imagine myself ever doing that until this point in my life. i know God lives and he gave us His Son and a prophet and im really grateful for that! I love sharing this Gospel!!

alright, now you can know. so monday we went to the mission office and elder Cabral stayed there, and i left withe elder meura. hes got about
5 months on the mission. and he is a REALLY good teacher. we make a really good team. but he was in the office because hes been trying to get pres to send him home for like a week now, but pres doesnt want him to go. so now im trying to convince him to stay...its an interesting experience because he works really hard, studies hard, wakes up on time and does everything right, hes a really good missionary, but for some reason wants to go still trying to figure it it looks like president trusts me a little. he put me as LD and treinador (trainer), then put me with a missionary that wants to leave...not sure why he trusts me so much, but lets go to work! ha anyway, thats my news for this week, until the next time on Elder Bergquists Amazing Adventures, next week at the same time on the same channel i love you all!
Elder Bergquist

His pictures he sent this week....

aqui do batismo! eu batizei albata because she wanted me to, but my comp baptized the other two.

the boy there is the one that were gonna baptize this week

a pic of me on the flattest road in our area hahha jk....kinda

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