Thursday, January 19, 2012

1/18/12 i cried a little and the Lord reminded me a little of why im here.

wow. sounds like all good news this week. the sports world is looking up haha. que bencao! kobe is the man! so is he still on that run of over 40 per game? or was it just 4 games? haha what a freak man. i love him haha. i wanna see the 9ers win it over the patriots. just for Gabe haha. (Gabe is Dallin's dear friend that passed away... this picture was of them at EFY in 2007. Gabe, Tanner, Dallin, and Michael)
do you think in the spirit world they know about the sports world here? ha theyre having a bball season in the church then? were they real crappy before? ha whos on the team? and does chad play? is he getting better? yeah, you definitely got way ahead of yourself there with that one.
(Brad mentioned to him in his letter that he is having to figure out when RM's speak all year and he mentioned which week he would have Dallin speak, teasing him that he would have him speak the week after the world ends by the Mayan calender) haha ive barely got a year haha. who all is coming home? brennen, collin, hayden, mike, ricky, lia....? are there people im forgetting? ill give a real good talk about the end of the world. do you have my topic yet? hahahaha jkjkjk. ricky has always been a bit of a hippy. (I have NO idea what he means by that, do you Alanna???) haha is he LZ or something? why did he go? (Brad told him that Ricky had to go with the AP to break up a fight between missionaries this past week...and YES, Ricky is LZ!!)
(here are a couple of pictures of Dallin and Ricky. I think this was the morning that Ricky was set apart as a missionary! Ricky left to go on his mission in May, Dallin didn't leave until December. I have a picture of them hugging but it was blurry, do you have one Alanna? Ricky and Dallin are very close, Ricky lives just across the street!)
anyway gotta go.
love ya pops! ate o próximo!
Um abraço.
Elder Bergquist

hola madre! todo bien? haha thought id switch it up.
anyway. how are things? things here are just wonderful! thanks for the pics. man, i want to just squeeze those kids haha. and ring derek and devins necks! i dont think the timing could have been worse! jerks haaha. so for the questions....
(Dallin LOVES babies and he is always teasing his brothers about waiting till he LEAVES to have his 1st nephews! Here are the pics that I sent him this week)

Anyway... how are you?? fantastic

How is your new area? its pretty good, lots of hills and favelas ha, but thats a good thing, i think, mais humildade, só casamento que falta um pouco.... (more humility, only marriage that lacks a bit)

Your new companion? hes doing well, he has hard days sometimes, but hes improving a lot.

Your new ward? its good, they have a lot of like membros antigos (older members). more like the wards in the states...but they have a lot of primary kids too, its different ha. but i like it.

I am trying to get this straight in my head... so, you were serving in the city of BH and you are still in the city of BH, right? Just different areas? yeah. exactly. different stakes too. i was in bh oeste, now im in bh

How are things going with your companion? going pretty well, hes really humble, and willing to learn and listen

Is he getting the hang of things? yeah

Is he still wanting to sleep a lot? yeah, he goes to bed at like 10 every night while im on the phone haha

Is he figuring out your joking around? no, not really haha

Are his parents members? yeah, but he said like everyone was inactive when he left, but it looks like theyre coming back now

How is the work coming along? its going pretty well, were doing our best ha

How many people are you teaching? umm, not a whole lot, weve got one thats going to the cartorio tomorrow to see about when they can get married so he can get baptized, hes gone to church two weeks now and is loving it. he went the second time completely on his own.

Anyone ready for baptism? weve got a couple and their granddaughter that are getting ready to be baptized this weekend :) theyve got a grandson too thats special, he talks a little to us and all he says is domingo quero ir na escolinha. (Sunday I go to the kindergarten) haha he loved church!

I feel sooooooooooooo bad about your luggage!!! So, explain, you left one of the BIG pieces of luggage in your last area? yeah

does that mean you left clothes too? yeah some. i told you about the stuff i gave to rogerio and i left a few other things too, like my long sleeve shirts and a pair of slacks.

Will you be able to get it back? i dont think so, why?

Are you exercising? yeah, i made a plan this week to motivate me a little more to actually be effective haha

When did you feel the Spirit the strongest? (and don't just say at church.) i reached for my book of mormon one morning to study, and a bunch of papers fell off my desk (talks and things ive accumulated throughout the mission) the one paper that stood out was the email you send me in the ctm from the elders journal that baptized your parents. I started thinking about sometime in the future when there would be a family strong in the church with kids going on missions and one day when maybe that missionary would read an email from his mom or his dad that talks about theyre conversion, and one "elder Bergquist" that was there to help them be converted. needless to say, i cried a little and the Lord reminded me a little of why im here. because i have to help my brothers and sister change their lives and have peace in this life and eternal life in the world to come. i love this work! i love the Lord! I love you guys! I love life and all the blessings he gives us!

You said last week at district meeting it was good... tell us about it! i dont remember now, its been to long, we just talked about the spirit and the importance of creating an environment where he can testify...

How often do you have district meeting? every week

Do you have zone meetings? yeah every three months.
love ya all! tchau

Here are the pictures we got this week...
Elder Bergquist and his companion
And, inside their new "home"...
And, of all the pictures he could have sent... don't ask me WHY he sent this one! LOL

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