Wednesday, January 11, 2012


olá gente!
first of all, before i forget. parabens pra voçês, nessa data querida, muitas felicidades, muitos anos da vida! para Blake, Di, and Elder Marchetti, and whoever else i may have forgotten that had or will have a birthday at some point in time. hahaa.

i dont have a lot of time, so ill go straight to the questions since theres like 50 haha

SO, you got transferred, huh? Tell us about your new area... is it pretty? it is almost i the center of BH. theres like the center that you can see was all planned and the ave do contorno that is like the boundary of center, it is also the boundary of our area. it has a TON of favelas. i feel like im in Rio. tell tanner im getting a taste of his mission haha

What is it like compared to where you were? a lot more favelas. and more hills haha

How is the weather? rainy most of the time. and when its not, its super hot, or at least super humid haha

Still raining there? yup

Was Sunday Fast Sunday there? yeah

Did you bear your testimony? lógico

Tell us about your new companion... where is he from? hes from rio grande do sul. and hes got about 2 weeks on the mission. ha hes a good kid.

Does he speak English? nope. well like 5 words haha

What is his personality like? hes pretty quiet, and kinda shy and loves to sleep haha i dont know him real well yet because we get home, plan, and then he goes to bed haha.

Is he a hard worker? hes learning to be haha, were breaking in his shoes still, giving him a few blisters haha

Does the ward there feed you? of course haha

Have they given you any references? uhh yeah a couple

How many people are you teaching? were teaching a lot but not a whole lot of people are progressing

What is your house like there? really small, but i like it. its clean. and simple. and theres a bench press thing there! que bencao!! ha

Is this ward bigger or smaller than the one you came from? bigger, but not by a whole lot. the chapel is huge though!

How far away is your LZ? our lz is in centro. like 10 minutes by bus.

How far away is the mission office? like 15 minutes by bus. its pretty close

How far away from your last area? i dunno, probably like 40 minutes by bus.

Is it hard taking your luggage every transfer? yeah. ridiculously. both of my big bags broke. one wheel on each of them. its super annoying. i have to push them on the other 3 wheels instead of pull them. so i left one in my last area and im just bringing two with me. i think im gonna see if i can get it fixed. it sucks because they have a warranty but i cant do anything about it haha

Anything funny happen this week? not too much, this comp is a lot more serious. im sarcastic with him sometimes but he always just thinks hes serious. he'll get the swing of things here pretty quick haha

When did you feel the Spirit the strongest this week? church was realy really good. and district meeting was really good too ha. i dunno its close. i think at church. sacrament meeting was super spiritual!

Just curious what clothes you gave to Rogerio? i gave him my jeans. a couple tshirts, some socks, shoes....and i think thats it. i think i gave him deodorant and a toothbrush too, i dont remember haha

Do you need anything new? (shirts? pants? ties? socks? Pday clothes?) nope. im chillin. i still have a bunch of stuff i havent even used and some im just starting to use. p.s. pday clothes are the same as my other clothes haha. its like the cartoons where they look into their closet and just have like 10 of the same thing haha. except i switch my ties :) haha.
well, the mission is passing so flippin fast its ridiculous. and im absolutely loving it. i love seeing people change their lives for this gospel, and Christ helping them do so. theres no greater happiness on earth. i love you all, and am so grateful to know that we can be an eternal family, and with that knowledge i dont have to worry about being away from you for 2 years. i love my Savior Jesus Christ, and i love Missionary work. I know he lives and is the head of this church! Um abraço pra voçes!
Elder Bergquist

Here are a couple of pics that he sent... he is such a nut, WHY does he send us pics that he is NOT in??!!!
These are pictures of his home in his last area... (he would not send them to us when he was there because of the leak) There was a leak in the upstairs house... and it leaked down into theirs...

Here is there bedroom... again, from their LAST area...

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