Wednesday, January 4, 2012

1/4/12 Happy Birthday, gave him a bunch of my clothes, and Transferred!

sup pops. how you been home dogg? haha just playing... no but how are things there? the mish is pretty good. and sounds like the voting stuff is interesting...haha even though i never was into that stuff, but i probably should get into it at some point..byu eh? well if you think its worthy of saving for me then save it...voçê que sabe...any game you see worthy of saving for a year for me to see, ill be happy to watch. and kobe is the man. all know that, especially when hes hurt and people are talking trash. isnt it great getting up at 530 every sunday for meetings! que bêncão!! haha anyway, love ya pops. oh, by the way i was transferred....but im sure moom will ask all about that, so ill save some time by not repeating to you both haha. love ya pops!
Elder Bergquist

sup mommy! :D
Did anyone know it was your Birthday? yeah, a few people

Did anyone bake you a cake? yeah, Shirlei, and Pauliene slash Tawilly ha it was good, but i got a little sick i ate so much haha

Did you get any gifts? umm...Andreas made a little video clip for me and a couple of people like wrote me letters ha, but nothing de mais, but it was a really good birthday :) i loved it.

Did you get any more packages since we talked at Christmas? i got one last week from devin and di. Gracias!! and from Kelli Obrigado. and today from Brent and the fam! Valeu!

Is it flooding there? as we speak. haha its great.

Has the electricity gone out? yeah a few times, but not really bad like it did in my first area..

hey, are you using bottled water? HA! hahaha i drink water, dont worry mom, i only drink dirty water when im dying of dehydration. nao tenho como tomar so garrafa. but ill be okay. promise. i have promises from the Lord! :)

How was New Year's? new years? whats that? i didnt know about that one haha

Lots of fireworks? yeah, mais ou menos....i woke up at midnight because of them, so yeah i guess haha

When is transfers? today. haha im here in Paraíso. no mundo espiritual! haha jk but im in my new area, with my new comp. i start training tomorrow. Elder Cabral

Did the leak get fixed yet? yup, the day before me left. ha

How is the teaching going? i guess we'll see huh haha

Anyone ready to be baptized? we had one in that area that we left, here it looks like theyre teaching a few but nobody thats ready to be baptized this week

Are you teaching a lot? yeah. quite a bit, but well see if this areas different or what...

Anything funny happy this week? yeah a few things, well not really funny but kinda interesting. rogerio dormiu na rua uma noite (Rogerio slept one night on the street) and the next day we found out and went and talked to shirlei, he slept in her house the next day and i gave him a bunch of my clothes and the shoes that i cant even use in this mission haha. but it was because he told the truth. he worked for a company and lived in their house, with theyre furniture, his boss stared stealing stuff from their house (from the company) and he went and told the boss above him, and then he stopped delivering food to him, and then they moved houses and nobody told rogerio so when he got there nobody was home. but hes doing great! firme e forte! he has a member girlfriend as of Sunday hahah and he will be getting the priesthood this week(that was his biggest concern when he slept on the street, that he didnt have anywhere to study sobre aarão, like bishop told him to haha. then he was talking to a guy about a job offer, and the only thing he asked was "will i have to work on sunday? because if so i cant accept" hes the man. O CARA!! haha

When did you feel the Spirit the strongest? i think that story covered it, seeing recent converts willing to help each other, strengthening their testimonies together and PRACTICING what they had learned with us. wow. i love the MISSION!!! and love you guys!

sounds like you girls had a pretty good time together! i got the freshs christmas card today, and from grandma too! thank you! love you all! boa tarde! tchau!
Um abraço!
Elder Bergquist

Here are the pictures I got this week...
um pouco of my old house. (the pipe was fixed by the way, no worries)
and my "birthday party" at shirlei's house! QUE BÊNÇÃO!!!

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