Sunday, January 1, 2012

12/28/11 it doesnt feel like christmas, i havent left any cookies on anyones doorstep. then he reminded me that we were offering something much better

sup daddy.
yeah i thought that too...its three days later. not too much new going on here haha. same old marvelous work weve been at for the last year or so...i didnt really feel too home sick, dont worry. mostly just because of krew and weston, but its all good, ill get to see them soon enough. and im trying to take advantage of this work as best i can and really put in practice president eyerings talk to just do a little more work than you thought you could. that way we dont have regrets right? and not just on the mission but in every moment of life. oh and dont worry about the pipe, we already called, theres a guy coming to fix it either this week or next. and sounds like the lakers are doing well good to hear. bynum got suspension?? that a boy! haha anyway, love ya pops. and thanks for the card slash ensign. i really enjoyed it :)
um abraço
Elder Bergquist

theres not much to tell, i just talked to you guys...haha... but ill answer your questions

So, how is the teaching going? wonderful, counselor....oh wait, just wonderful...haha

Any new investigators? weve got a couple but nobody super firm to be baptised yet, we'll see...

Did you talk to the sec. at the office about getting you a new place to live? we talked to them, it will be taken care of real soon. he already talked to the home owner...

Anyone ready to be baptized? not quite...

Did you have Christmas dinner at the house where you were when we called? nope, we ate at the pres da soc soc.

What did you eat? we had rice, beans, farofa, pork, beef, and fresh from the vine grapes with like you know that banana pudding with nilla wafers? kinda like that but with strawberry. it was good. i ate a grip hah

Did you get any gifts from ward members? umm...nope haha alem do apoio

Did you get any packages in the mail? i got one, but i havent recieved it here yet, i just know i have a package waiting at the escritorio.

So, tell us some stories of Christmas there in Brasil... the best story i have was christmas eve, we were walking home at about 9 oclock and i said to my comp, it doesnt even feel like christmas, i havent left any cookies or anything on anyones doorstep. then quickly he reminded me that we were offering something much better to these people. salvation and an eternal family. then i realized it, that this really is the best gift to give to our brothers and sisters, the restored gospel. i love this work. and love you guys. Ate semana que vem!
um abraço,
elder bergquist

Here are a few pictures that he sent us...

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