Wednesday, February 1, 2012

2/1/12 In a hurry...

im in the escritorio and com pressa desculpa mas vai ser muito curto. perguntas. (office and in a hurry sorry but will be very short. questions.)

So, how was your week? pretty good. the work is going well

Did you figure out why your companion wanted to go home? he is going home today, he feels inadequate or something.... but my new comp is elder beck. from rio grande do sul.

Is he set on staying now? no. but hes gonna come back daqui 6 meses

Are you working well together? yeah...we were. he teaches really really well....

Is he happy to be with you? :) he was. he told me these last couple days that he wants to stay now, but pres already decided....

You said that ward does a lot of baptizing but they don't stay active... are you working with them to get them back to church? thats not our job. ha thats the job of the members. we re helping a little...but were baptizing converts!! ha

So, did you guys baptize the grandson of the people that were baptized last week? How old is he? yeah. hes 14

Who else are you teaching? his mom and his brothers. and another rapaz (boy). friend of a member chamado stephan

Are any progressing? Ready for baptism? yup todos os (all) 4....hopefully...theres sometimes things crazy that happen...but theyre quase (almost) there

How many investigators were at church on sunday? 8

Do you prepare a "lesson" for district meeting? no...just look at the goals and talk about how we can do vezes (sometimes) a little spiritual thought....

Anything fun/unusual happen this week? a lot. my comp is going home. im going to governador valadares to get my comps stuff and coming back. 4 hours each way on the bus...well proabably get home like 11 oclock hoje (tonight)...

When did you feel the Spirit the strongest this week? in the 1st lesson with stephan the spirit was really strong. we looked for his house for like 2 hours and couldnt find it. so later that night we decided to go by the members house that is friends with him to ask and who answered the door was him! so we taught him na hora! que bencao!

What happened with the lady that you were so ousado with? Did she pray about it? i dont even remember who i was talking about but i did the same thing with onorina and she was baptized! :) sorry gotta go! i have pictures. ill try to send them! love you mom!
Elder Bergquist

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