Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2/22/12 every woman wants an eternal family

Dallin got on line EARLY today and we had not sent our emails yet... luckily I was on writing him when his came across... he got ours but after he sent his 1st one! (Yikes, we almost missed him!!!)
Anyway, here is his 1st email...

well you didnt write to me this week. i feel very unloved....i havent gotten any letters in like a month and now not even my family likes me....hahahah jkjkj...but i really didnt get any im sending a picture and ill let you know that the work is going well...weve got a baptism of a man on sunday, a priesthood holder... his wife has been a member for like 10 years, went inactive married him and came back to the church like 2 years ago....a lot of missionaries have gone and tried to baptize him but we got here at the right time, we did everything we could during last week to help people but nobody firm to be baptized this week....until sunday night at 8 oclock, we went to visit this members mom who went to church sunday....found out she wasnt married and thats the only thing thats holding her back from getting we taught them and Flavio wants to baptized finally! i almost started crying when he accepted because i know how crazy his wife is going alone and trying and trying. every woman wants an eternal family! she was in the other room putting the baby to sleep (the same age as Weston) and she heard and she came practically running in and goes, "what did he say?!" haha it was really cool. i love being able to help people that dont know what else to do. we took a lady to church sunday too, that we hadnt really taught yet too...just invited her to church and after the meeting she goes "nossa! gostei muito! quero ser batizado! vou casar e batizar logo logo!" (Wow, I really liked! I want to be baptized! I will marry and baptize very soon!) haha it was really cool, were getting things ready for their wedding and her daughter and husband are going to go to church this sunday! que bencao!! amo a missao! amo voces! obrigado por tudo!! até mais! (What a blessing! I love the mission! Love you guys! Thanks for everything!)
Elder Bergquist

Here is his 2nd one...

What are your assignments as LZ? im the mission mascot. hahaha jk take care of the zone. if the zone doesnt baptize its my fault...ha

How big is your zone? theres 3 districts. its the BH west stake...

New area... are you still in the city of BH? yeah. were in alvorada. its close to progresso. its where my lz was when i was there in progresso...

Tell us about your new comp... where is he from? hes from sao paulo. not dereks mission haha but he lives pretty close to the temple. ha

Is he a hard worker? yeah. hes an LZ haha he know what hes doing. probably better than me haha

Is he fun? yeah. i like him. hes a good guy...teaches well. but hes not super serious, so it balances out because im more serious haha

Is he friendly or shy? hes not shy, he likes talking to people and sempre animado haha (always excited)

How is the work going in your new area? pretty well...i told you a bit about it in my 1st email

Are you teaching lots? not a ton yet, weve only got a week here. but its going well. were staring to get the hang of the area. ha

Any baptisms? weve got a good one this week to complete a family so they can go to the temple and get sealed!! que bencao! (what a blessing!)

Does the ward help you out? yeah...well they are ate agora (so far)

Is the ward a big ward? not really. but this week is carnival so i think there was a lot of people travelling sabe (you know)

When did you feel the Spirit the strongest? when flavio accepted baptism! sorry! you waited too long i dont have any more time!

AND, the picture he sent this week...

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