Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2/15/12 Zone Leader

Hey mommy! ill answer your questions first today ha

How was your week? it was REALLY good. im lovin it!

How is teaching with your companion going? its going well...or was...he was getting better...

You said last week he was getting better, is he just shy or what? yeah, he doesnt talk hardly at all...but he got back into it...

Any baptisms? aremita this past sunday. and this sunday we had 4! a family really really good!

When are transfers? (I know of a sister missionary that is coming home on Thurs from your mission...) hoje (today). im now here in alvorada. and my new comp is elder cruz. we are the LZs here in BH oeste.

What is the LDM? (Manual of the District Leader?? ... just a guess... am I right?? if so... what is it for?) hahahahahaha i laughed outloud at that one for real. good stuff...LIVRO DE MORMON!! BOM hahah

You said, "We already taught IT the "new way""... what is IT??? the book of mormon! ha in the conf of zona we practiced BOM! and learned a way a little different to teach it.... its not that different, just talk a little more about como ele surgiu sabe ha

Does everyone go to zone conference? theres 3. everyone goes but not everyone to the same one

Are you writing in your journal?? yeah...well de vez em quando (once in a while) ....i dont have time to do anything at night. i write like once or twice a week...most of the time ha

How is Aremita doing? shes animada de mais!! (more excited) she dreamed about us to before we got there too...

Was she baptized? YEAH!!!

When did you feel the Spirit this strongest? we found this family mom. NOSSA! they are perfect. its a dad Valdemar, mom Sandra, and son Walison. they have already read like half the book of mormon! we told them we were gonna teach the plan of salvation and walison goes. oh now im excited! thats a subject i like! they are so excited. i was really sad i left there. i really wanted to baptize them. the son is 20 years old too. the dad already changed his work schedule to not work sunday anymore and stopped drinking coffee. the son already broke up with his girlfriend to keep the law of chastity. Eleitos! (elects!) and 2 melq. priesthood holders! and a family! nossa its really good work out here in the mission field! and now im with another missionary thats got experience. im super excited! love you all! tchau!
Elder Bergquist

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