Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2/28/12 always running in the mission

Hi mommy! ha hows it goin there in the states? i dont have a whole lot of time... super corrida sempre na missao! haha (always running in the mission)

How are you??? just wonderful! as always!

How is it going with your new companion? really good. i like him a lot. he teaches really well and is sempre super animado! (always super excited)

How is the new area? pretty good. were still settling in kinda, but its getting better everyday

How is your zone doing? not so great, but every week is getting a little better. the first week was terrible, then last week was bad, this week looks like it will be alright ha by the end of the month, theyll be doing well haha

How many lessons did you teach this week? i dont remember. like 40 i think. we had one day we taught 17!!! haha we went on a division with the assistants, and all four of us worked in our area because they dont really have one haha.

How often do you meet with your zone? with the zone? umm....once every 3 months. zone conf... but we go to the district meetings every week, switching districts each week...

Any baptisms?? Were you guys able to baptize Flabio?? FLAVIO! yeah! it went really well. nossa he is bom demais! (wow, he is too good!) His family will be an eternal one in a year. hes super excited to go to the temple and get sealed! his son Gabriel is the same age as Weston. every time i go there i think of Weston haha. but i think thats what made him get baptized...we were talking sunday night after the baptism and they said it was something "I" said (it wasnt me, com certeza (with certainty) it was the spirit). i was feeling terrible that night, i told my comp before going into their house that he would be the one to teach and i wouldnt be able to...but after the prayer i felt i had to talk so i did...and said something about his family and gabriel and i think it was that and a question my comp fez (made) that made him decide. it was really cool. and Agata, a esposa dele (his wife) gave the message in the baptism. it was really good! she said "today God and Jesus are happy because that sacrifice is working in the life of one more child of God today. it was a really good thought. i never looked at it that way before.

How about the lady that went to church and her hubby and daughter? she went again and is super excited, but they have to get the stuff (especially money) together to get married, so its kinda tough. she said after the baptizm that she doesnt want to get baptized anymore because shes scared. (my comp baptized Flavio like 5 times. neither of them know how to swim and i think Flavio was kinda scared of the water so he kept like lifting a leg or an arm or flailing in the water haha and my comp had to kinda force him down. as Flavio said "I was baptized very well!" haha hes such a good guy and will be a great priesthood holder.

Do you know an Elder Matson that is serving in Progresso? (His mom is on the missionary mom's email group) he must be in progresso in contagem. this is progresso BH. no i dont know him...

Is Progresso in your zone? theres two. BH is but contagem no...

Are you and your comp both new to this area? yeah

Do you guys feel the Spirit directing you where to go to teach/tract? of course! haha its getting better every day. the first few days you have to get he hang of how your comp teaches sabe? (you know?)

When did you feel the Spirit the strongest this past week? in the message Agata gave in the baptism, or in the message we gave to gente and ontem... we taught two guys that are like 21 and 24 and they loved it and are super excited for baptism! one of them just walked in here. hes excited to see us tonight haha.

What book are you studying right now? a lot ha. depende no dia (depends on the day) ...jacob, jesus the christ, D&C, PMG, Liahona....haha a little bit of tudo (everything)...

Have you read Jesus the Christ? i think youve asked me that like 10 times...yes. haha i finished when i was still in the states...but i started it again...
that would be sweet if devin got that internship
Anyway. love you all! ate o proximo!
Elder Bergquist!!

Hey pops! i dont have a lot of time and whats worse is theres a bunch of teenagers in here listening to brazilian funk. its terrible! i gotta get out of here! but sounds like a pretty cool story of that point guard. and keep me updated on the trades in the NBA. and the golf. what number is phil? and tiger? i was talking to the assistant the other day about tiger. hes a golfer too...tell me more about mitt when you hear more... love you pops!
Elder Bergquist

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