Wednesday, March 7, 2012

3/7/12 in interviewed a deaf lady! what a blessing!!!

first of all pops. in this mission its sem moleza (no cakewalk)!!! we teach just as much as ever. the only difference from being LD is that the baptismal interviews are a little more spread out, and we have council of LZs at the beginning of the month. other than that. its the same thing, just that we call our LDs at night instead of all the fica tranquilo (it's quiet), im not losing that much time ha. the golf standings look like trash, but it sounds like the americans are playing like trash too...sei la, i never really followed golf. i just liked tiger and like the presidents cup ha. and kobe is still the man. he always will be. i went on a division with Elder Oaks. sadly, no, not the apostle...haha but things are going really good here. loving it, just as much as ever! love you!
Elder Bergquist

oi mommy.
well, the worst news in the escritorio (office)....and my camera is in my area....we are talking to pres. so i didnt grab my camera! sorry!!! :/

Well, how are you??? extremamente animado! (extremely excited)

How hot is it? today, its nice. like 75. ha but normally its like 90-95

Are you getting tan? ha. no not really. im like the same color that i was back at home but just from the neck up and the elbows down. hahhaha

Are you breaking out? what kind of question is that?? haha im a man...haha

How do you like the pack that Derek used? Are you using it all the time now? its good. i like it. not ALL the time, but most of the time...i switch it around...

What new happened this week? i interviewed a deaf lady! que bênção (what a blessing)!!! haha it was pretty cool.

How is the teaching going? pretty good...were getting better everyday...

The tracting? good, were working a lot more with references now...president told us to and promised us that we would baptize a lot if we do. so we are haha

Are there a lot of hills in your area? no not really. this is one of the flatter areas ive had...

Baptisms? were working on it...weve got a few that we working that would for sure, but he is in a little trouble with the law from stuff the past....

How are you motivating your zone? ummm....its more counselling...they better be motivated already, if not, we send them to pres. hahah sem moleza!!

Someone on the missionary mom's list mentioned something about a "zone leaders counsel", did you go to that? yeah. it was monday...and leadership yesterday.! good stuff! we studied about faith and comp and i had already planned to study about that. it was really good

So, both you and your comp are LZ? yeah, thats how it works

What kinds of fruit do they have? Which ones do you like? all of them. haha i love fruit. guava, açaí, passionfruit, sei la. i dont remember.

Have you been sick? (Last week you said, "i was feeling terrible that night, i told my comp before going into their house that he would be the one to teach and i wouldnt be able to...but after the prayer i felt i had to talk so i did...") no i just had a huge headache. haha but im good now.

Have you read "Drawing on the Powers of Heaven"? no. its not part of the missionary library and i havent read all of it yet...

How about "Teaching of the Prophet Joseph Smith"? like half of it....

Tell me about the people you are teaching...were teaching Jackson, who has a date for this sunday, but he drinks...a lot! and were helping him stop...then Rafael, who is super excited to get baptized but we have to break the bad news to him that we cant baptize him right now...hes in trouble with the law... :( and a few other people but they are the main ones....

When did you feel the Spirit the strongest this week? in the leadership meetings. mais in the lz conference.... it was really good...

i love you all, sounds like things are going well there, bom trabalho! derek and brit are really gonna move there? legal. kinda over it...haha. NOT THE MISSION! the email! oh and tell Derek happy birthday! sorry i forgot! (2 semanas seguidas) :/ love ya'll!
Elder Bergquist

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