Wednesday, March 28, 2012

3/28/12 She prayed for the Blondies :)

hey pops
well sounds like grandpa and grandma are going to have a great time. (They are leaving for a mission in Nauvoo) i cant even imagine him with an ipad haha. good stuff. that will be a good day, going to priesthood all together with the wives at home making dinner, enough rejoicing, haha back to reality. im super excited too for this weekend i love conference weekend!! well i just got transferred but ill talk about that in the email to mom, but thats crazy about the dodgers thing. what a deal. tiger won!? wow. crazy! well sounds like the sports world is boring. but i cant believe you. you didnt say one word about the are they doing?? anyway gotta run! tchau!
Elder Bergquist

hey mom!!
no, i havent gotten any pictures....well thats interesting about tawilly chatting with kaitlin... how exactly did they have a conversation?? haha thats cool though, good to hear, except that last i heard she hasnt been to church in a while, tell kaitlin to fix that haha. thanks.

I THINK this week is transfers, are you and your comp staying there together?? nope!! i am here in 7 lagoas. i am training a new elder from rio grande do sul and living with the other LZ and his trainee...ha its going to be kinda crazy
Here is a picture of 7 lagoas I found on wickipedia...

How was this past week? it was really good. wonderful

Did you guys baptize Kenya? no :( she went to church, but like i told you she was sick, so she passou mal at church and the bishop took her home. but shes going to be baptized saturday after conference

What about Josenilto? his family didnt let him continue :(

How about Jo? shes SUPER excited! and her two younger daughters too. but shes not married. her other older daughter went to church too and the three of them can get baptized this week.

How many people are in your teaching pool? well i dont really know anymore....we got here today and came straight to the house....

Any ready for baptism? it looks like it. they said they have 5 here....we'll see!! :)

How many investigators were at church this week? 6 ha mostly jos family and friends ha

Are you getting excited for conference?? Extremely!

Will you get to go to all 5 sessions this time? doubt it. priesthood is tough...weve gotta have a investigator there and its at 6 hes gotta wake up at 5. but ive got faith we'll find someone willing and ready to go!!

Did you buy some new shoes? not yet

well i wanted to tell you one story, well maybe two...well see.
jo and her family were super happy, every time we went there they would thank us because she stopped drinking. her daughters pray everyday thanking heavenly father for that. and they all love the church. anyway, so, because of pres, almost all of the missionaries say Que bênção (what a blessing) all the time. and joice (jos daughter) started saying it too haha. but when we told them we were going to be transferred they all started crying and joice goes "sem bencao" haha it was soo funny the way she said it. but i showed the our family pic too and depois (after) the lesson that day rayane (the other daughter) prayed for every one of you guys. "the blondies" as she said haha. my dad, and mom and brothers and sisters in law haha it was great. i love that family! anyway, thats all for this week! love you all! figure out the problem with the pics please and i promise ill send some next week!
um abraço!
Elder Bergquist

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