Wednesday, March 14, 2012

3/14/12 the restored gospel can shape us into somethine we never imagined!

sounds like you guys are having a good time. did they already go back to utah? (Devin, Diana and Krew are here visiting) what ever happened to layton? is he still there in cali? is jeffs gun real? like is it really a .223 or is it like a 22 or something? haha just work on the plane of your stroke (golf) hahaha jk...kinda. its kinda hard to give pointers without seeing. i dont even remember what makes a person hook the ball haha. devin is the man. i was kinda mad when his record got broken.... (Devin held the school record for pole vaulting and he was up coaching the kids yesterday) ideas for you to speak on? youre the bishop! haha missionary work! on this side of the veil or the other (aka temple frequency). the BYU game sounds like it went well...and the Laker game too. and dont worry i know its not for lack of interest...your probably more interested in the work que ela, shes just more interested in me. hahah but its going well... (Brad was telling him that he is not asking questions because he knows I do, that it was not because he is not interested) Im loving every minute of it. love you guys. Tchau!
Elder Bergquist

Hey momma. well. i sent you some pics his week. sorry i forgot my camera the last couple weeks things have been crazy. i have so many things to think about haha. well ill answer your question first....

How are you? extremamente animado (extremely excited) as pres parrella always says haha

We didn't get any pics the last few weeks... ;( You said you were at the mission home talking to the MP... what about? i didnt talk to him...well a little, but it was more my comp that had scheduled to talk to him...ha

Have you had lots of headaches on the mission? no...normal. de vez em quando (once in a while) ...just when i dont drink enough water...

Tell us about how you interviewed the deaf lady... did you write down the questions and did she write her answers? (you never give us any details!!l) well, she didnt know how to yeah i wrote, she read, and signed to was interesting, but i got the jest of it...haha and this week i interviewed another. i think it was her sister. she knew how to write a little...but not very was still mostly signing haha. but the Lord helps us with the gift of "tongues" haha

How are the referrals coming a long? pretty good, were knocking a lot less doors. we received 25 references last week and this week already like 20. its crazy how much a little thing like that can change the whole mission ha

How often do you have zone leaders conference? the beginning of every month to talk about the past month, goals and how we can improve for the next one....and set goals for each zone for each month

How is the teaching going? pretty good. were getting the hang of it. it was a little different because were both used to being senior comp and have very different ways to teach, but were starting to get the hang of each other haha

How many are you working with for baptism? well weve got two more husbands of members that we'll be visiting this week and two more that have a date for day 25 and a bounch of others that weve got metas (goals) for them to get married and baptized...

How did it go with Jackson? Did he get baptized? no...he decided he didnt want to stop drinking... :(

Who else are you working with? lots of children of God, but Ill let you know when theyre closer to getting baptized ha

Does the ward mission leader help you guys out much? not a whole lot. ha but yeah
When did you feel the Spirit the strongest this week? well last night we talked to a lady that lives in a house about as big as our front room, she invited us in without saying a word, she has 3 daughters and her husband beats her and she drinks everyday and her kids always tell her, you wont even get to see us grow up if you keep going like this, so she decided she needed to look for a church, and we showed up. but even with all these problems she has shes always smiling and happy. i realized that a lot of times we take things for granted and complain about little problems we have and dont think about all the other people that would be stoked if they had what we have. my mission has changed a lot of people. I am really grateful for being able to help so many people and for the Lord always guiding me to their homes. i love this work and seeing so many lives being changed. Including my own. I havent just changed the language that i speak, but the one i think too. and not just the language, but the way i think, each person i see i think of how the restored gospel of Jesus Christ could help them. we are very blessed to be members of the body of Christ in his only true Church. I love my brothers and sisters, whether they be here in Brasil, there in the States or whatever other place in the universe. I know that Jesus is the Christ and that he atoned for each and every one of them. I know that God the Father lives and loves us and wants to shape each and every one of us into something we never imagined we could be, that each of us can seek to become that something greater that he wants us to be and always look to share this marvellous gospel! love you all! tchau!
Um abraço!
Elder Bergquist

this is Flávio, Ágata, e Gabriel. Flávio is super excited. they will be going to the temple in a year.

Gabriel always wants me to hold him everytime we go there, and sometimes he starts crying because i dont take him from his mom or his grandma haha. And Pedro is the kid thats holding him in the picture. hes a good kid. he reminds me a lot of layton, his sense of humor and stuff haha. and then i put a picture of the scripture cover i made for my bible thats falling apart. made of a cereal box tape and liahonas haha i havent found anyone to make one of those cool leather ones for me yet haha

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