Wednesday, March 21, 2012

3/21/12 small and simple things

hey everybody!!

What a rip off of an email!! no pictures, and its like three lines long. i dont even feel like writing back....hahah jk...kinda... alright ill go straight to the questions entao...
(He is totally exaggerating and I sent him 2 emails with pictures, I guess he didn't get them)

How was your week? extremamente boa. (extremely good)

How many investigators did you have at church on Sunday? 7...things are looking up a bit here haha

Anyone ready for baptism? yeah. Kenya! shes super excited for her baptism! and we have another too but his families trying to talk him out of it...well no, not scream and kick and cry him out of it haha. we cant go to his house anymore...and the church is like 40 minutes by foot from his house so its gonna be kinda tough to teach him...we'll see what happens...were praying a ton to figure out a way to get him baptized into the true church...his mom dad aunts uncles grandparents, everyone (they all live in the same house) are Methodists...his grandma is the one that wont let us go there anymore because its her house and they live there just because she lets them live there for free...

Did you guys have a time change? What time is there there RIGHT now? yeah. i forgot to ask you guys about that. it was in the end of february. its 1:53.... (so we are only 4 hours different now, not 6!)

How are your shoes holding up? terribly haha im gonna buy some new ones either today or next week haha (I feel bad, he took 3 new pair with him when he went! But, they DO walk a lot!)

Are you able to see all the referrals you get each week? no! haha were getting so many now its kinda ridiculous, but almost all of them...

Tell me about how you and your companion taught "differently"??? he is super happy and teaches like that showing them how happy you can be living the gospel...i teach more serious like teaching people how serious it is because its their salvation...not that im not happy but..haha idk thats the best i can do to describe it...

What did you learn from him? (I am sure he learned from you too!!) how to be more excited...haha i dunno....

Do you still have 2 baptisms set for the 25th? yeah but...we'll see about josenilto....

Do you dream in Portuguese? yeah...i think so...its been a while since ive remembered a dream, and when i do i usually dont remember anyone talking, but last night it was...haha

What all do you guys do on Pday? clean, sleep, email, eat, study, shop. ha só

When did you feel the Spirit the strongest this past week? two times that i can remember real clearly. with Kenia, since the first day she has been talking about how she wants to get along better with her sisters and forgive them....she talks about it like when we got there last night she goes "consegui. minha irma esta falando comingo de novo. Consegui perdoar ela." (I did. My sister is talking to me again, I was able to forgive her) it was really cool, because we had thought about teaching her about forgiveness after the plan of salvation...but we didnt even have to teach her, just learning about the gospel of Jesus Cristo and living it and the simple things she learned what she needed through revelation from the holy ghost. My testimony of the first principles of the gospel grew a lot. sometimes we complicate things way too much in the church. (especially in the states haha) and we forget to do the small and simple things like grow our faith each day reading the scriptures and praying, repent daily, and take the sacrament. Thats all we need.
the other one was with the same lady i talked about last week. Jô. she has a pretty screwed up family and home but it started to get better when she started to cumprir compromissos
(meet commitments). but the her 'pastora" went to her house and told her she didnt need to change churches and she told us she didnt want to get baptized anymore but she had already promised to go to church so she went. we went back and she told us that that was the church she wanted to go to, forever (a lds) she hads a really good experience. love this church! love the Gospel love Christ! times up! tchau!
Elder Bergquist

ps sorry dad!

pss tell Ricky and Jake that i can't read or write them emails, tell them to write me and send me their addresses!

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